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The Mountain Spread: Setting Intentions at the Winter Solstice

Welcome to Capricorn season 2021-22! It's been a long year of never-ending challenges.

But lucky for us, Capricorn LOVES a good challenge. The Sea Goat is a master (or mistress) of climbing mountains. From the depths of the darkest days of winter, Capricorn teaches us of the ambition and ingenuity needed to reach our goals and thrive through adversity.

In honor of the beginning of Capricorn season and the Winter Solstice, I've created a special spread for us: The Mountain Spread. This spread is designed to give us clarity and encouragement in climbing the mountain of 2022. What do we need to begin our climb? What challenges might we face? Why are we even climbing? What divine guidance might we seek as we pursue this climb?

The Mountain Spread

At the bottom of the spread are our needs. These cards represent the foundation of our mountain, and the skills, people, or emotions we'll need before we can begin our climb.

The middle layer represents the challenges we'll face. No mountain is without a few obstacles.

The top card is our "why" for this climb. What is our purpose? What are we climbing towards.

And the card on the right is our Goddess card. This card represents some guiding influences and encouragement we'll lean into when we most need it over the course of the next 6 months or so.

Our Mountain for 2022


Extra Insights in the Audio Edition!


What We'll Need To Climb the Mountain

  • Two of Swords: We'll need more information before we head out. Something feels unclear right now. Journaling may help, or a frank conversation with a friend. Or you may just need time, rest, and meditation to find the clarity you need.

  • Father of Pentacles: You need a mentor, benefactor, or patron to help you get started. Somebody who is visionary. Perhaps a goat that's climbed this mountain before you and can sherpa you along the way?

  • Son of Wands: You need energy. And a lot of it. It's a mountain, after all! The Son of Wands may be hidden reserves of enthusiasm and charisma within you. He may also be a cheerleader or champion who will root for you as you climb.

Obstacles We'll Face on Our Climb

  • Nine of Wands: This card is literally obstacles along the way of the climb. We may be tripped up by little nuisances and hindrances constantly. These may lead to a loss of confidence, self-doubt, and a resurgence of insecurity. Good thing we'll have that Son of Wands cheering us on!

  • The Moon: This Major Arcana card likely represents some larger, life long fear or insecurity that has plagued us. Something about this climb will be resurfacing or triggering this old fear. It may be hopes dashed rearing their head. Turn to your mentor or guide for help when you face an emotional crisis of this magnitude. You don't have to go it alone.

Why We're Climbing

  • Ace of Cups: We're climbing for love. What better "why" could there possibly be? Climb for your friends, your pets, your spouse, your family. Climb toward any love you want to welcome into your life, romantic or otherwise. The climb will be hard. It will bring up hard things. But we must face those shadows, those fears, and those obstacles to claim the love we deserve as healthy, whole humans.

Divine Guidance for Our Climb

  • Artemis: Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, of chastity, and of the moon. She is divine purity, and her purity of intent will help us focus on our dreams and our purpose. Which, of course, is love. So when you get off track, when you feel doubt, when it feels like all is lost and you'll never find that love that you seek, turn to Artemis. Return to the sacred, wild places. Gaze at the moon. Purify yourself in a candlelit bath. She will be with you, her bow and arrow fixated on your goal, helping you find your focus when you're ready to climb again.


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