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A Yoga Pose for Every Sign

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Every once in a while, I get inspired to write something while doing yoga. Getting the blood flowing and my muscles moving and my breath even helps my brain open up. And my hips, too, of course.

So as I was doing my Yin yoga class today (using my Mirror, which I LOVE), we twisted into Scorpion pose. And it HIT me: a Yoga pose for every sign.

Aries: Supported Headstand

You would go head first, Aries. Which is why this pose suits you Rams, of course. And it doesn't hurt that the Headstand (or "salamba sirsasana" if you want to get technical) is a more advanced pose, which also gives a nod to your fiery ego.

If you're a yoga newbie, don't try this at home! But for you more advanced yogis, this pose is good for a whole host of things, including calming the mind, stimulating digestion, and strengthening the upper body.

Taurus: Plough Pose

This one looks worse than it feels, I swear! As an Earth sign represented by a Bull, what is more fitting for you beasts of burden than the agricultural symbol of the plow?

This pose (called "halasana" officially) boosts circulation, stretches your back, improves posture, and more!

Gemini: Flying Splits Pose

Hello, Air sign anybody? This balance pose perfectly symmetrical, with legs flying in opposite directions as if they can't decide which direction to go in. Kind of like you, hmmm?

Good luck getting into this one (also called Kaundinyasana) though. You'll probably get bored before you accomplish it. JK. But for real...

Cancer: Half Moon

Watery Cancer, the sign of the crab, you're ruled by the Moon and so Half Moon pose (also called Ardha Chandrasana) is the perfect pose for you!

Cancer is also known for scuttling toward things in a sideways, less direct fashion, so this side balance adds a little extra symbolism for you, too.

Leo: Crow Pose

While there is a Lion Pose, it didn't feel right for you, Leo. It looked way too silly and I just didn't think you'd be caught dead with your tongue hanging out like that in public.

That's why I picked the more show-offy Crow Pose (Bakasana) for you.

Virgo: Sphinx

Stable, earthy, feminine. That's Virgo, and that's Sphinx pose (a.k.a Salamba Bhujangasana). Sphinxes were known for their riddles, which is perfect for intuitively intelligent Virgos. Plus, in medical astrology, Virgo is represented by the gut, and this pose is great for stretching that abdominal wall!

Libra: Dancer Pose

Lovely, lithe, and perfectly balanced. That's you, Libra, and that's the embodiment of the Dancer pose, too! This is the pose you want for your Instas or TikToks or whatever newfangled app we'll be using next.

Dancer pose of course improves balance, but it also opens the hips and requires intense concentration. Plus, it's fun to do in front of the mirror and really stare your beautiful self down.

Scorpio: Scorpion

The pose that inspired this whole post, Scorpio! And this is actually the easy one that I did (kind of), but there are actually more intense (of course, it's you) versions of this.

I love how visual it is, the stinger there at the end.

Sagittarius: Warrior Two

Sagittarius, the fiery archer paving a clear path forward for the rest of us. Just like Warrior Two, which looks remarkably like your Centaruian symbol, right?

This is one of the most classical asanas you'll do in a Vinyasa Yoga Flow class. And as the sign of higher learning, faith, and culture, what is more you than something "classical?"

Capricorn: Mountain Pose

Capricorn, you goat, you are of course at home on a mountain, that most solid of all the poses. It might look basic, but that does not mean it is beneath you. Many things start from mountain pose. Tadasana is the root of ambitious poses and balancing acts. Own your mountain-ness!

Aquarius: Eight-Angle Pose

Aquarius, the water bearer, the innovative eccentric. You are the unique snowflake who knows they are not special.

You are an enigma. Just like this crazy yoga pose.

Pisces: Fish Pose

Watery, intuitive, emotional Pisces you are represented by the Fishes, so of course, your pose is the Fish pose. And doesn't this just look cozy?

Fish Pose, also called Matsyasana, stretches the front of the body, opens up the lungs, and might even stir up some feelings as you hold it. That's so Pisces.


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