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Ashley has loved the tarot since a transformative experience in New Orleans in 2015. Since then, she's taken multiple tarot courses (shout out to Biddy Tarot!) and explored several different tarot decks. She's also become a freelance horoscope writer and even written a tarot-heavy novel (see her blog to learn more). Crystals, chakras, meditation, yoga, and more are what keeps Ashley's mind interested and her heart happy.

About your spread

Every digital tarot reading comes with a photo of your spread and an in-depth PDF that outlines the overall themes in your reading and a card-by-card analysis.


Simply select your preferred reading below and fill out the associated form. Ashley will get back to you ASAP with payment details and an expected reading date.

Image by Jen Theodore

3-Card Spread

A simple spread: the past, present, and future themes of your query.



Image by Soulful Stock

Celtic Cross

10 cards for big questions, life themes, and more! A classic tarot spread.




Year Ahead

A card for every month, and your overall outlook for the next twelve months.



Resource: Astrology Through Osmosis

Wondering what the heck that means? Get a free, 40-page guide for getting to know the 12 zodiac signs in a more creative, fun way.

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