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March 2023 Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign: Powerful Plot Twists Ahead

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

March 2023 is set up to be an incredibly powerful month from an astrological perspective. Some of the slowest moving planets are making big moves, connecting to each other, and changing the story as we know it in real time. March holds many opportunities for us to learn, to feel, to need, and to want. We’ll embody the expansive emotions of Pisces, the fiery bravery of Aries, challenge the innovative eccentricity of Aquarius, and face up against our biggest triggers. All in one month!

That’s a lot. If you’re curious about all of the transits happening in March, add my Astrology Calendar to your G Cal! I’ve covered some of the major transits of March 2023 there, and will continue to add more transits for the rest of the year, as well. For a quick preview, here are four of the biggest moments of March that will extend into April and beyond:

  • Saturn Enters Pisces on March 7, 2023: After spending the past three years (ahem, the entirety of the pandemic) in Aquarius, the planet of time and boundaries is finally rolling into Pisces. This ushers in a new area we're all being asked to mature into. Saturn is not a Yes Man. Saturn puts up guardrails, enacts laws, and holds us all accountable for our sh!t. Saturn in Pisces wants us to wise up and slow down. This transit happens the same day as the Virgo Full Moon, adding an extra does of release and catharsis to this progression into Pisces.

  • Jupiter Conjunct Chiron in Aries on March 11, 2023: The universe is giving us all a big push to figure out the drama around our trauma(s). There is not a lot of gentleness to this powerful transit, though it does have the potential to be hugely healing. This is one of the major transits of the year. Take note of what comes up for you, how you're called to act out your past, and how it shapes the choices you make for your future.

  • Pluto Enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023: Pluto is changing signs for the first time since 2008. It'll only be here for a shortish time, but it's a first taste of what's to come for years to come starting in 2024. Pluto in Aquarius will have us confront our societal use of and reliance on technology. As tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E crop up, it's very clear that we as a society are not ready to address the many benefits and challenges and violations that come with this new advances. And the change is only just now starting. Humans cannot process change at the speed in which it is happening. Be okay with questioning change. Be okay with not jumping on the bandwagon or going all in on the next big change. Pluto reminds us that there is a shadow side to advancement.

  • Mars Enters Cancer on March 25, 2022: Mars in Cancer is aggressively passive aggressive. Indirectness reigns supreme as the planet of courage and anger breaststrokes through heart-centered Cancer. After spending SO MUCH TIME gossiping and back-talking in Gemini, this change of circumstances that, while not ideal, are at least different, may be welcomed.

So as the story of your life shifts in both subtle and in-your-face ways, I’ve pulled a tarot card for each sign to assist the navigation of life’s plots twists. We’re all in this together, even if we experience and process these changes in different ways.

A Tarot Card for Each Sign

Aries Tarot Card: The Emperor Reversed

March, which encompasses the start of Aries season, finds you feeling uncertain of your power and authority. You may be questioning your own confidence, your right and ability to make autonomous decisions over your own life and path. And with all the changes happening within you and around you, it will likely be really challenging to know for sure that your choices are the right choices. That’s a valid concern. But as I reflect on this card, the image of the lion is not one pacing or fighting or roaring its sovereignty. It’s power is in its stillness. So when life is chaos around you, when you’re drowning in the Piscean ocean of emotion, find stillness. Once still, it’ll become easier to find your center, to navigate toward your True North, and to make decisions out of confidence instead of fear. Good luck, Aries.

Taurus Tarot Card: The Chariot

March is a chariot, making you its charioteer. There is a “full-steam-ahead” energy to this card. What I love the most about this card for you in this month is how much agency it seems to connote. Yes, there is a lot happening that is out of your control. But that doesn’t have to stop you from changing what you can, from controlling what you can, and leaving behind that which no longer serves you or is too heavy for the journey ahead. Your sign has been undergoing big changes for the past several years. It may be that the introduction of new energy and new stories is something you’re well adapted to at this point, even if your inherent tendency is toward slow, steady progress. You hold the reins, Taurus. Drive your life.

Gemini Tarot Card: The Hierophant Reversed

Your relationship to leadership, authority, mentorship, and the powerful institutions of your life is in question. Something has, or will, damage your faith and manipulate your trust in March. With Pluto—the planet of life’s most profound transformation—moving into fellow air sign of Aquarius, you might be more sensitive to the early gravitational shifts happening in the sign of technology and innovation. Instead of ignoring the problems you’re noticing, investigate them. That might help you come to terms with your own changing circumstances and shifts in belief. Trust the process, Gemini.

Cancer Tarot Card: Two of Cups

You’re feeling pretty energized and ready to mingle, Cancer. This might be because energetic and bold Mars is dolphin kicking through your sign. The Two of Cups brings with it a beautiful level of magnetism and charisma. Sure, life is changing. Sure, there is shit going down. But you can still bring your warmth, your empathy, and your natural compassion to the table. And see it returned by your fellow human beings. Because while we are capable of great evil, we are also capable of profound good. And your’e determined to prove the truth of that in March. Be a lover, Cancer!

Leo Tarot Card: The Universe

March has you dealing with life, the universe, and everything. While there is always the chance that all the shifts and change-ups happening in the sky only have subtle effects on each of us on an individual level, with the major arcana card of The Universe at play for you, subtle does not feel like the appropriate prediction. The Universe is the last card in the traditional Major Arcana series, and it represents the end of the story. Not the end of the chapter, or a cliff-hanger before a sequel. It is a full revolution around the sun. It is ending a series you loved, setting it down, and reflecting on all you learned and how you grew and what it means for that part of our life to be over. This is big, Leo. Don’t rush it.

Virgo Tarot Card: Nine of Crystals

March has you feeling particularly abundant, Virgo. It starts out with a pretty messy full moon in your sign on March 7th. But that mess and chance to reflect might be just what you need to see, recognize, or claim the abundance all around you. There is an ease to the nine of crystals. The woman reaches her hands out with an almost lazy grace to her gesture as an arc of light connects one palm to the next. There is no striving here. Only claiming. Only worthiness. Own it, Virgo. Because with Saturn in your opposite sign for the next few years, you’ll be in a long-term state of awareness toward the ways in which you are accountable for the pitfalls of your inherent need to sort, seperate and organize. Pisces wants us to embrace the whole. You love to organize the parts. You’ll need to find a both/and approach. The Nine of Crystals is a great place to start.

Libra Tarot Card: Seven of Crystals Reversed

March has you confused about what you actually want. There are an overwhelming number of decisions to be made, paths you could take, tasks to be done, ways in which to live your life. How can we plan for our future when we’re not even sure about our present? It’s all quite distracting and highly pressurized, making it hard for you to find equanimity or even hope to achieve the balance you are always striving for. Upright, the seven of crystals is a focused collector. She is slowly but surely adding individual skillsets or resource or experience into her repertoire. Perhaps in that lies the solution. The plethora of choices and decisions and tasks and paths are not just a mess. In the mess is the opportunity, Libra. Release the pressure to make progress, and instead enjoy the process for what it is.

Scorpio Tarot Card: Two of Crystals

Progress is your theme for March. Which feels especially welcome after the cross-roads you faced in February. The steps you take don’t have to be big, they don’t have to be public, they don’t have to be obvious. But each tiny step adds up to something major. A novel gets written one word at a time, after all (and with a lot of deleted words, let me tell you). As Mars and Saturn make waves in your fellow water signs of Cancer and Pisces, your natural intensity may be able to harness this month’s chaos for your own benefit. Get it, Scorpio.

Sagittarius Tarot Card: Justice

As I looked at this card, I heard the sound of a hammer dropping. This feels like some kind of final decision and final judgement being made. Whether it’s in your favor or not is hard to tell, and may be different for each Sag reading this paragraph. Pay attention to what’s happening around March 11th. There will be a hugely powerful (and potentially triggering) Jupiter/Chiron conjunction that may expose old wounds in a big way. Is this where Justice is needed and felt? This lesson and ruling has been a long-time coming. May the odd be in your favor, Sag.

Capricorn Tarot Card: Ten of Cups, Reversed

March has you feeling a bit out of sorts, with a big dose of FOMO in the mix. Upright, the ten of cups is big party energy, it’s loved one’s surrounding you, it’s speeches at weddings, it’s celebrating big wins with big smiles in a big group. Reversed, you’re missing this. But it’s unclear if you’re being excluded or excluding yourself, if it’s intentional or unintentional or situational. Your feelings don’t really care about the details. And with Mars swimming through your opposite sign, your feelings towards those you’re in relationship with are definitely activated. Plus, Pluto is leaving your sign after breaking your dignity down piece-by-tiny-piece since 2008. You might feel a little empty or hollow as this dense planet gives your ego a break, almost like how much we notice the lack of electrical buzz when the power goes out. Don’t worry, Cap. Pluto will be back in your sign later this year…

Aquarius Tarot Card: Five of Swords Reversed

You’re struggling to let go in March. You know you need to let go of something. You might even know exactly what or who or how. But it’s the actual process of letting go and the timing of it all that’s got you stuck. Investigate your emotional resistance and your attachment to life as you know it. What are you afraid will happen if you make changes? Are you afraid to fail? Afraid to succeed? Afraid of how others will react to your failure, success, or transformation? With Saturn exiting your sign and Pluto entering it, change isn’t a choice. It’s a mandate. It may be slow, but it is a comin’. You’ve got this, Aquarius.

Pisces Tarot Card: Eight of Swords

After a good-vibes-only card in February, March’s Eight of Swords is a little more…intense. There is a strange mix of containment and confusion within the eight of swords that feels like the visual representation of anxiety. You can see the path ahead (or from whence you’ve come) but there is so much that is still obscured. It’s like you can see the ceiling, but you can’t see how many obstacles and booby traps you’ll have to pass to get to the top floor. Hang in there, Pisces. Saturn is entering your sign, bringing a level of seriousness and rigor that might take some getting used to.


I hope this March 2023 Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign helps you navigate life’s plot twists! For those of you writing literal plot twists of your own, take a look at my 7 Magical Tools for Creative Writers to put tarot and astrology to practical use.


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