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Try These 7 Magical Tools and Techniques for Creative Writers

Tarot, astrology, and their elemental correspondences make for incredible magical tools and techniques for aspiring writers. One of the reasons I love tarot and astrology is because I also love to read and write. Tarot is a story told through imagery and symbolism. Astrology is a story told through math and mythology. Each have deep roots in history, religion, and cultures all over the world. Becoming a master at either, or even an enthusiast, requires one to read and research the many aspects and correspondences tied to these esoteric tools.

As a writer, the mystical and magical are frequently an integral part of my plots and characters. Whether it's the art of dream interpretation, the use of oracle cards, or teen psychics, I love exploring the ways the mystical can overlap with the contemporary.

But I also use tarot and astrology to help myself explore character dynamics, get inspired when I'm feeling stuck, or develop plots for writing prompts.

Here are 7 different resources you can use in your own creative writing practice.

As Seen On DIY MFA

Throughout 2022, I wrote five articles for DIY MFA, an incredible podcast, website, and set of courses for writers.

  1. Tarot Cards for Storytellers, Part 1: Beat Writer’s Block and Plot Your Novel. In this article, I get more specific about the varied ways you can use tarot cards as a writer, and provide 5 quick sample tarot spreads for developing a simple plot or answering simple writing conundrums.

  2. Tarot Cards for Storytellers, Part 2: From Tarot Spread to Novel Outline. In this article, I put some of my tips to use, and illustrate with a completed, DIVINE sample spread for you can turn six cards into a quick sketch of a protagonist, antagonist, and story arc.

  3. #5onFri: Five Ways Astrology Can Help You Write Your Novel. For those of you who love astrology, here are some ways you can use it in your writing. It's especially great for character development and giving your protagonist, antagonist, or even supporting characters more depth and specific attributes and traits.

  4. #5onFri: Five Meditations to Help You Find Your Writing Confidence. If you're not so much into doing extra research for your books, or you have a great plot and know what you need to do and are struggling more with confidence or overwhelm, meditation may be more your jam. I curated a selection of meditations to help you through whatever writing crisis you may find yourself in.

  5. Chakras for Storytellers, Part 1: Exploring the Souls of Your Characters. If you're into the Hindu chakra system, this is a great resource for understanding the deeper dynamics within your character(s). And, honestly, it's been a key tool for helping me understand my own inner dynamics and shadows...and diagnosing others in my life.

Right Here On The Novel Mystic

As a bonus, especially for all your tarot card lovers, here are two other articles I've written here on The Novel Mystic for writers.

  1. Tarot for Storytellers: The Acorn Spread. If you like starting from a specific, even complex spread, this will be a great tool for you. It's a spread I adapted from one of my trusty tarot spread books and put to use for writing, instead of reading cards for myself or for a querent. Use this when you want to explore some plot ideas.

  2. Tarot for Storytellers: Character Development. If you've got a plot locked down and are looking to understand your characters a little bit better, this is the resource for you. In this article, I adapt one of Biddy Tarot's spreads to be about a character. It helps you explore backstory, motivation, beliefs, and more.


I hope these 7 Magical Tools and Techniques for Creative Writers spark some inspiration, help you beat writer's block, or are just plain fun.

If you're interested in more custom tarot spreads, check out this spread designed to reflect the channeled, fertile wisdom of Aquarius.


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