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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Below you'll find my original interpretation and explanation of Saturn in Aquarius! We're now over a year into this transit, with Saturn retrograding through Aquarius for the last time before it moves into Pisces in 2023. This is a chance to integrate and/or question what you've been experiencing over the past couple of years in the house of your chart in which Aquarius lives.

Get more clues to this particular moment in time through this sign-by-sign, video tarot reading! I go into how Saturn in Aquarius has manifested in my life in a very literal way. How has it shown up for you, looking back with the perspective you now have? Hint: read below for additional context into Saturn in Aquarius.


The below was originally published in March 2020.

2020 has already been a dramatic year full of tragedy and transformation. We've given witness to an impeachment "trial," the Australian bush fires, and now the rapid spread of COVID-19. And it's only March.

But the universe asks us to prepare for another major shift. On March 21, Saturn moves into Aquarius, where it will live until July 1st, 2020. It will retrograde back into Capricorn at that point, before stationing direct later this year and moving forward into Aquarius from December 17, 2020, until March 7, 2023.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries. Restrictions. Structures. Obligations. Saturn gives shape to our ambitions. Saturn acts almost as shrinkwrap around any area it touches.

Aquarius is the most forward-thinking of the signs. This visionary sign also rules the airwaves, which are busier and more crowded than ever as we turn to digital forms of communication and collaboration in the wake of the physical distancing needed to "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

So this transit of the planet of structure moving through the futurist sign of Aquarius gets us planning the new shape of our ambitions. Things will change. Ambitions may grow smaller. Our lives and focuses may narrow. But we'll be building new ways to innovate in the face of what feels like total destruction.

What may be taking shape for you? Read both your sun and rising sign to get a glimpse of what's in store.

  • Aries: As Saturn moves through your 11th House, you're examining the people and communities in your life. By the end of this transit, there may be fewer of them. Who will you bring with you in the future you're working to build for yourself? Who no longer fits your life or your dreams? Who raises you up? Who weighs you down? You may need to rethink the way you build and maintain these connections, turning more toward digital outlets and virtual networking. Get innovative as you determine the people who'll help you give shape to your ambitions.

  • Taurus: With Saturn moving through your 10th house, you're getting disciplined about how you tackle your goals and go after your dreams. Are your old, Capricorn-influenced methods weighing you down with too much structure? Do you need more Aquarian freedom to make room for innovation? Do you need to dial back your ambitions? Discipline doesn't have to mean routine. Find new ways to get stuff done that feels more natural. That spirit of experimentation based on clear goals and desired outcomes will take you far.

  • Gemini: Saturn moves through your 9th house of higher learning and spirituality, re-focusing on the obligations you have to your intellect and your spiritual growth. You're planning for a new future, and know that means deepening your knowledge base and learning from the world around you. This may take the form of new kinds of digital learning, virtual masterclasses, or online degree. Let this quest for knowledge and faith be the base of your ambitions for the future. Without this base, your goals might not get off the ground.

  • Cancer: With Saturn in your 8th house, you're creating structure and developing discipline when it comes to the way you share resources with others. You may share finances, goals, or even intimacy with a partner or series of partners. Are those partnerships based on equality? Are they unbalanced in favor of you or the other party? Aquarius is the most egalitarian of signs and brings recognition of where things may no longer be in sync. Take this time to realign so both parties can move into the future unencumbered, whether you're still together or on separate journeys.

  • Leo: Saturn in your 7th house has you getting serious about getting serious with somebody. You're building new ways to create or find a longterm partnership. This might come in the form of long-distance love, rethinking what really is important to you in a relationship, or even redefining what a longterm relationship is and entails for you. Being in partnership, whether romantically or in business, brings a certain level of responsibility with it. Aquarius helps find innovative ways to meet your obligations to each other, and to yourselves.

  • Virgo: Saturn moving through your 6th house finds you being more responsible for your mental and physical health. You're craving lightness and freeness and wanting to shrug off the heaviness in your life, whether that be mental, physical, or within your routine. Aquarian energy may find you turning more toward virtual fitness classes, online therapy solutions, or digital planners that help you create a structure around your goals and track your progress toward meeting them. Don't be afraid to experiment. Your first attempt at something is just that: the first.

  • Libra: As Saturn moves through your 5th house of creativity and self-expression, you discover an obligation to creatively express yourself. Perhaps you'll take to the airwaves with a new podcast about love in the time of coronavirus, build a new blog or Instagram account, or play with new mediums beginning to emerge in a world seeking to communicate while physically isolated. 2020 finds you experimenting so you can truly begin to build and shape your dreams and amplify your voice further in 2021.

  • Scorpio: With Saturn moving through your 4th house, you're recognizing the responsibilities you have to your family and foundations. Who you come where you call home from affects where you're going, after all. This transit might have you placing boundaries between you and your family if your relationships aren't healthy, recognizing where you could take more responsibility in your familial relationships, or even using your home as a base for social justice or another cause dear to your heart.

  • Sagittarius: As Saturn transits through your 3rd house, your ambitions for the future are at the forefront of your thoughts. Visions and ideas are spinning through your mind, helping you create goals and structures out of what may feel like unrealistic thoughts. Recognize the power of your mind and find ways to leverage and communicate your ideas in new ways. Do you need to create clearer ways to keep track of what inspires you?

  • Capricorn: Saturn moves through your 2nd house and has you finding new ways to make your money work for you. Perhaps this means investing it or saving it differently. Perhaps this means taking on a side gig to grow your finances by working harder. Or maybe you just need to have more discipline around your spending patterns. Whatever the case, you're re-evaluating the structures and boundaries you've placed around your finances and changing things up for the future. But Saturn is a planet that wary of splurging. Keep track of what you spend.

  • Aquarius: With Saturn in your 1st house, you're honoring your obligations to yourself. Sometimes we feel like we need to put others first. But this transit reminds you that sometimes you need to put yourself and the responsibilities you have to yourself first instead. This might mean your world shrinks inward over the course of these three years. Use this time to outline what your ambitions are, and what structures or responsibilities to others are limiting your ability to work on yourself. How can you create more freedom and space in your life for you?

  • Pisces: Saturn in your 12th house sees your recognizing the healing you still need to do within and creating structures and routines in your life to help support that healing. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Where do you need closure? What scars have you let fester in your psyche? What is your relation to solitude and your subconscious? Mesh some Saturnian discipline with Aquarian innovation to stay on track while you seek inner peace and freedom. Because in healing yourself, you can help heal others. And prepare for Saturn entering your sign in just three years time...


See what else that year has in store for us with my Year Ahead Tarot spread for 2022. And get a custom reading for yourself to really get specific about what's coming up for YOU over the next twelve months.


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