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Life Gets Overwhelming in Gemini Season 2022. Here's what's coming.

Updated: May 20, 2022

Back at the end of April, I briefly mentioned the vibes I was getting when feeling ahed to mid-May and the beginning of Gemini season. Well, now we’re here! The season of The Twins is upon us in all its curious, intelligent, fast-moving, fickle glory. And I’m still getting the same vibes: Your mind is being activated, but in a potentially anxiety-inducing way (depending on who you are).

Basically, Gemini season brings with it a sense of over-stimulation. Let’s break this down a little bit more before you get distracted. (Hehe, made an astrology joke there!).

Gemini Season 2022 begins on May 20th at 6:23 PM PDT (that’s 9:23 PM in NYC). Gemini is a mutable Air Sign ruled by Mercury. Air signs are characterized by ideas, intelligence or intellectualism, and the changing currents of the wind. As a Mutable sign, Gemini is extra changeable and adaptable, which is where the stereotypical “two faced” or “fickle” descriptions of this curious sign come from. But the sign is more than that, of course. It’s incredibly flexible from a mental perspective, making them open-minded and clever. They’re an amazing conversationalist (I know many of Gemini sun who could talk your ear off), which is a nod to their ruling planet, the messenger god Mercury.

So with that in mind, turn that energy up about 100 degrees. You’ll get the rapid communication and processing of ideas, perhaps in the form or gossip or endless doom scrolling. You’ll get an inability to focus. You’ll get cleverness that may come off as cruel to those who can’t keep. And open-mindedness could instead come off as an inability to commit.

Why is the energy of this sign so heightened right now? First, we have Jupiter in Aries, bringing a fiery energy to the collective right now. It’s leading many of us to act first, think later, which isn’t necessarily a situation Gemini thrives in. Second, as the sun enters Gemini, it will quickly become conjunct Mercury in Gemini, which really amplifies both the mercurialness of the sign, but also gives the conversation a very public outlet…which could be for the benefit or detriment of the message giver/receiver. Third, in early June, the Gemini Sun will be moving into a sextile with Chiron, creating a small and subtle moment of healing that feels like a communication breakthrough, and the end of a long stalemate. But healing often hurts, or drain us of energy as our attention flows to the most acute pain. In a world that never stops moving and changing, that shift in attention may not always be available to us. Hence, overstimulation and overwhelm.

Here’s where you may be the most susceptible to overwhelm and overstimulation in your own life.

  • Aries: Something about this month feels very dominant for you. You’re not worried about overwhelm, since you know you can ram right through any obstacles or inconvenient emotions that get in your way. Just look out for offending a friend…or three…along the way.

  • Taurus: Your dreams feel especially vivid…and unclear. There are messages and moments of healing should you be able to still your racing subconscious enough to bring the messages to the surface.

  • Gemini: You may be taking things quite personally this month. Your ego is likely to feel both inflated and very fragile. Some moments you’ll be on top of the world. Others, the butt of a joke you didn’t get.

  • Cancer: This feels like some “get-rich-quick” kind of scheming. Like maybe you’ll be tempted to take advantage of the down stock market, or explore cryptocurrency, or go digging for gold. Not sure if you’ll win…but you’ll certainly be tempted to try to do something to bulk up your resources.

  • Leo: Your mind is a-flurry right now. But wind + fire can be a very dangerous combo. I’d recommend a good day at the pool or beach every now and then to balance out the potential wild-fire thoughts that might burn through you in May/June.

  • Virgo: You are uniquely designed to process this abundance of information. Just be gentle with those around you who are not! And be extra vigilant when it comes to your family, your ancestry, or your home. There will be no shortage of things to do…but you can’t do them all at once, no matter how hard you try.

  • Libra: This feels like a truly generative and creative time for you. You will be channeling something(s) through for sure. Poetry, prose, song lyrics, novellas, really well-written emails, maybe all of the above will be gracing your mind throughout Gemini season.

  • Scorpio: Your health could benefit from some consistency…which is probably won’t get this season. But if anybody could bring some intense concentration and force to the mix, it’s you Scorpio. Your willpower will be your greatest gift this season.

  • Sagittarius: Your long-term relationships feel extremely fun but also a tad confusing right now? Like things are clearly going well…but then you have a thought or a moment of doubt that sends you off in a new direction. Beware of distraction as a tool to not confront reality.

  • Capricorn: This feels like being pulled in too many directions by things that are all equally important to you. Your boss is demanding perfection on minute and then changing things up on you the next. Your partner can’t make up their damn minds about your life together. And your mentor keeps cancelling and rescheduling calls. Where in all of this is there time for building what you’ve set out to build?

  • Aquarius: I feel you really expanding into the esoteric arts this month, putting feelers out in a million different directions. Anything and everything between astrology, plant medicine, lucid dreaming, tarot, and clairvoyance will be waving at you non-stop all season.

  • Pisces: Your career feels very extra right now, like there is SO much to do and SO many opportunities but who has the time and seriously do you even care? Hopefully you find clarity by the end of this chaotic moment.

So that’s a bit of a preview of Gemini season. It’ll be powerful, and if you can harness the collective energy, it can be powerfully good! Just be wary of distractions like social media and gossip this month, or the call of the 24/7 news cycle. There will be endless amounts of content to consume. But do you NEED to consume it endlessly? I think not.


For anybody interested in learning more about what the planets and signs stand for, check out my new Astrology 101 guide. It’s free to download!


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