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The Astrological Topography of 2022

We’re a few weeks into 2022 and I'm getting the sense that it’s pretty much just more of the same. COVID-19 is here to stay, extreme weather is commonplace, and the country seems as divided as ever ahead of the Mid Term elections.

So while our world is on a rollercoaster and every choice feels fraught with meaning, what guidance do the stars have for us in 2022?

The general topography of 2022

This image is a very non-scientific guesstimate based on my own intuition of the astrological highs and lows by month for the next year. We’ve got some majors peeks and valleys, often mirror images of each other. For example, April is a real doozy with Mars acting out and the Moon giving us a helping hand. June looks pretty chill. And then November is a real shit-show of energies.

Now let’s take a look, from the beautiful, the passive, and the damned.

Life is Beautiful!

Jupiter really has our back this year! The planet of expansion, opportunity and optimism will be splitting his time between Pisces and Aries. As an added bonus, Jupiter won’t be sharing space with the boundary-loving Saturn at all in 2022. That really gives the planet room to expand without running into barriers, rules, or restrictions.

Jupiter in Pisces opens us up to profoundly healing and creative energies, a vibe we could all seriously benefit from. Think of this energy as a muse we can get to know and work with in our day-to-day lives to create more abundance in all forms of the word. And Jupiter in Aries (which we’ll experience between about May and October) gives us a huge dose of motivating energy. It’s a moment of moving from integration (in Pisces) to action (Aries) in a way that feels sustainable for the exact amount of time these transits happen. And this is the boost of energy and inspiration we’re all going to need to keep our heads above water as other planets spread more malefic tones everywhere they go.

We’ll also be getting some healing, cathartic vibes from the Moon this year. In 2022, we’ll be experiencing a series of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, which bring a beautiful polarity of comfort (Taurus) and catharsis (Scorpio). Each eclipse will push us further than we thought possible, but also teach us more about ourselves than we ever knew before. It’s this inner understanding and care that we can then apply externally to the world and those in need of our support. It might not feel good as it happens, but it'll feel necessary once it's over.

We’ll also get a dose of love and romance in late October as Venus makes her way into the heart of the sun for a purifying swim in its cleansing rays. This will be a moment of revitalization in our relationships to ourselves, our communities, and the collective.

The Passive

There is also a lot of the same in 2022.

Saturn is still in Aquarius, helping to hone in on a more mature and realistic vision of our collective future. Saturn creates boundaries, pushes for rules, and places firewalls between us and the things that we want (even if they are bad for us). Aquarius is idealist and future-looking, which Saturn appreciates, but needs help bringing that vision into fruition. Saturn gets down to business with plans and procedures and process out the wazoo.

Neptune has been in Pisces for some time, pulling us toward our dreams and fantasies and helping us dissociate when things get tough. You can kind of think of this energy like the Metaverse, a literal escape for our minds when we don’t want to deal with the real world. Pluto is also still in Capricorn, which many astrologers consider a death knell for Late Stage capitalism. But Pluto has been in Capricorn for some time now, so this energy is starting to feel endemic. It is a slow change that will happen through extreme pressure. But we get used to pressure as humans, don’t we?

Mercury will flit around like normal, back and forth, direct and retrograde. He’s got no big agendas. And after her early 2022 retrograde, Venus has little extra to say for 2022. Except for her moment of pure light and love in October, which I for one am looking forward to!

The Damned

Okay, yes, this heading is dramatic. But forewarned is forearmed, as they say. And two planets in particular will be beaming some war-like vibes our way throughout 2022.

First, we’ve got Uranus. Uranus is the planet of upheaval and disruption. He’s been making his way through Taurus for some time now, and many astrologers believe this transit to be an astrological symbol of climate change. Taurus represents the earth and the earth’s fecundity. Uranus is here to fuck shit up. So this really means the earth is getting messed up, in layman’s terms.

And that energy on its own is a lot. But of course, Uranus isn’t just hanging around by himself in the sky. He’s meeting up with other planets and making tsunami-sized waves for us mere mortals.

And his prime co-conspirator for 2022 is Mars. Mean old Mars, the planet of aggression, energy, passion, and war. Mars is often pushing, racing, competing, and raring for a fight. And he’s picking fights in some pretty heavy signs this year, and at some very inopportune moments.

First, we’ve got Mars Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius in April. This also happened in March 2020, if that’s any indicator of the potential ways this transit could influence us all.

Then Mars will be Conjunct Uranus on August 1st, adding fuel to the fire. And if we think of Uranus in Taurus as climate change, I think you can paint your own picture of some potential heat waves and flare-ups this transit might kickstart over the the summer. A few days later, Mars will be Square Saturn, and a desire to race ahead will be challenged by new boundaries or regulations. This feels like a moment of collective fixation, potentially a distraction we don’t need.

After that, Mars enters Gemini and will remain here from late August until partway through March 2023. In Gemini, Mars is a verbal sparrer. He is misinformation run rampant, opinions on steroids, social media at its most harmful, a war of words, and a clash of ideas.

Lastly, in late November, Mars in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. This is basically gaslighting on a cosmic level. We may feel like we thought we knew what was going on, but have actually had no clue all along. Manipulation may be revealed, but too late for us to adjust our choices.

In Conclusion

This is a doozy of a year. But there are good forces there to help us counteract our most negative impulses. And remember, astrology does not dictate life. It is a tool to help us understand and interpret what is going on around us. It is a sounding board off of which we can bounce our ideas and plans.

But it’s up to us to decide the direction we want our lives to go. And to move in that direction, regardless of where Pluto is or what Mars is fucking up.

So onward, my friends. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.



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