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Peak Metamorphosis? Astrology to Look Out For in May 2022

After reaching a personal low point in March, April felt like a month to advocate for myself and what I needed on many levels. It felt SO worth it. But writing this now, I feel incredibly drained. And looking forward to May, in which I will pack up my East Coast life and move across the country to Los Angeles, I’m already feeling *yawn* tired.

But also THRILLED.

And I think that’s the vibe for May: overwhelm meets powerful potential. From the heights of May 1st in which everything feels just right to the depths of Mid May when life is at peak metamorphosis and uncertainty, here’s a quick rundown of what to be on the lookout for in this primordial-goo-feeling month.

May 2022 Astrological Topography

Here’s the visual for this month.

Visual graph for May astrology

While April felt like a slow unraveling and a wild ride of highs and lows, May is going to feel significantly less tumultuous. The energy will feel more stable, even if the overall vibe is less exciting or creative. You gotta take what you can get, people!!

And here’s a look planet by planet.

Visual graph for May astrology, planet by planet

Things look pretty consolidated, as if no planet is stepping too far out of their comfort zone this month. With the exception of Venus…she was high as a kite in April, and May has her feeling quite perturbed.

And now, for the play-by-play.

What to Expect in May 2022 - The Big Stuff

  • May 1st, May 20th, Sun in Taurus: A focus on what is essential and sacred in your life. Read my Taurus season horoscope to learn more.

  • May 2nd, Venus Enters Aries: Feels like a month of confrontations and hard conversations, but with the purpose of making a relationship stronger. Don’t shy away from conflict if it has a purpose. It’s the pointless arguments you have to look out for.

  • May 10th, Mercury Stations Retrograde in Gemini: Uh oh! An idea is going to need to be revisited or rethought. This feels like going through old emails to try and figure out who made the decision about what and why.

  • May 10th, Jupiter Enters Aries: A preview of what’s to come next year! This feels wonderfully energetic, but could verge on unhealthy and over-ambitious, especially when Mars moves into Aries, too. You are taking charge and acting in a proactive way.

  • May 15th, Full Moon in Scorpio: Peak metamorphosis. This may feel like the culmination of a major transformation. And like any transformation, there is also a point of maximum discomfort as you’re stretched past your comfort zone and into a new growth edge.

  • May 21st, Sun Enters Gemini: This feels like your mind is being activated, but in a potentially anxiety-inducing way (depending on who you are). A get a sense of over stimulation.

  • May 23rd, Mercury Retrograde Re-Enters Taurus: That idea you’d revisited has been sent even further back. You’re having to get back to basics and start something from scratch again. Feels like the blue print for a skyscraper has been scrapped in favor of a log cabin.

  • May 25th, Mars Enters Aries: Ready, set, go! You are a rocket ship…just make sure you don’t let yourself run out of fuel. There is a real danger of that right now.

  • May 28th, Venus Enters Taurus: Feels comfy and easy, a nice respite after many conflicts experienced earlier in the month. Less activity, more couch time.

  • May 30th, New Moon in Gemini: This feels like a moment of low mental fuel. And from the quiet darkness something new can spring, like a match lit in the belly of a cave.

What to Expect in May 2022 - The Subtle Shifts and Momentary Triggers

  • May 1st, Venus Sextile Pluto Retrograde: Profound love that has the power to reshape us all.

  • May 3rd, Jupiter Sextile Pluto Retrograde: Finding a hidden lesson embedded in your creative journey.

  • May 4th, Mars Sextile Uranus: A boost of motivation via outside the box solutions.

  • May 5th, Sun Conjunct Uranus: A mini wake-up call.

  • May 6th, Mercury Sextile Venus: A small moment of needed connection. A break in the argument.

  • May 15th, Sun Square Saturn: A “no” from the universe.

  • May 19th, Sun Trine Pluto Retrograde: Recognizing your inner power.

  • May 18th, Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Passionate fantasies. Oceanic volcanoes. A magnificent eruption.

  • May 20th, Mercury Retrograde Sextile Jupiter: A mental turning point is reached. An "aha" moment

  • May 21st, Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde: An unwanted, but needed, epiphany.

  • May 22nd, Mars Sextile Pluto Retrograde: Personal passion aligns with inner power.

  • May 23rd, Sun Sextile Jupiter: A boost of energy around a big idea. A moment of profound inspiration.

  • May 24th, Mercury Retrograde Sextile Mars: A boost of energy to give it another go.

  • May 24th, Venus Sextile Saturn: A needed time-out that gives an argument room to settle itself.

  • May 25th, Mercury Retrograde Trine Pluto Retrograde: A deep inner knowing. A spark of self recognition.

  • May 27th, Venus Square Pluto Retrograde: Love vs. Power. This feels like a choice. Or an ultimatum.

  • May 29th, Mars Conjunct Jupiter: A combustion engine. The turn of the ignition. A catapult toward summer.


So there you have it! If this new format is helpful, let me know in the chat! I’d love to keep evolving these posts to be as helpful as possible for all of you. If you have ideas, feel free to reach out to me directly at

And for anybody interested in learning more about what the planets and signs stand for, check out my new Astrology 101 guide. It’s free to download!


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