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Loving Venus in Dreamy Pisces: Video Tarot Reading for Each Sign

Hallelujah, Venus is in Pisces. This is some free hug energy, people! Consensual hugs only, of course.

Venus, the planet of love and art, is at home in the watery depths of oceanic Pisces. She was born out of sea foam after all! With her transit through this emotional and intuitive sign, we all benefit from having the emotion of love closer at hand . And her love is one of the things balancing out the harshness that more malefic planets like Saturn and Mars are said to be influencing now.

Keep in mind that love isn’t just romance and passion. Love is joy, love is peace, love is compassion for self.

In honor of Venus and all the forms of love she represents as she dances through Pisces, watch below to discover where you should keep your eye out for the all-important emotion during the month of April 2022.

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