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Aries Season 2022 Mini-Horoscope

Ah, Aries season and the beginning of spring. Fresh starts, new beginnings, spring cleaning. It just feels so nice.

Normally. But this Aries season will be more complex than your average spring (of course! Why not?). The season starts off with a bang and just unravels from there—more on April energy in a later post. Suffice it to say that we will need to cling to every scrap of optimism, robin’s breast red, and dandelion yellow we can.

Here’s where the the competitive spirit, head-first movements, and charming enthusiasm of The Aries Ram will be cantering through your life over the next few weeks.

  • Aries: Your identity, sense of self, and ego. You’ll be feeling personally activated and enlivened this month. The danger zone lies in the way you engage with your community and the systems you’re a part of.

  • Taurus: Your inner realms, hidden feelings, subconscious patterns. Your most hidden, private self is being triggered by Arie’s direct, sometimes tactless nature. This may feel overwhelming, but fire is an excellent way to burn away the inner cobwebs! Plus, pay attention to what’s happening in your career right now. It’s important.

  • Gemini: Friendship, social systems, good fortune. Life is feeling as hunky dory as it can, and you’re feeling like you’ve got the old crew back together again! Just wary of becoming too dogmatic in your beliefs, or naive about the boundaries in place around the world.

  • Cancer: Your career, reputation, and social status. This is a hallmark annual moment in your career, so don’t be afraid to stand out. Just pay attention to the way other people’s resources (or baggage) are potentially wreaking havoc on your life.

  • Leo: Wisdom traditions, faith, travel, culture. You’re diving headfirst into something that feels deep and wide and hopeful, some kind of wisdom or faith that has the ingredients you need to keep it together. Just keep an eye on your long-term relationships and potential tensions simmering beneath the surface.

  • Virgo: Other people’s resources, intimacy and vulnerability. This is moment of transformation and connection, and one that feels like you’re being laid bare in ways exhilarating and scary. Plus, work is getting crazy and potentially toxic. Take care.

  • Libra: Long-term relationships of all kinds. Your enduring partnerships both plutonic and romantic get a boost of energy and verve that may be just the zing you need to keep things fresh and fun after a long two years. But on the other hand, finding a healthy kind of pleasure and expression feels challenging.

  • Scorpio: Your work, daily life, rituals and health. You’ll be throwing yourself into working, or working out, your mind on some kind of fresh start or recommitment to growth. But tension on the home front may siphon off some of this energy.

  • Sagittarius: Your expressive and generative abilities, children and play. You just want to frickin’ have fun and sing songs all day. How else can one cope with a world gone to shit? But your words may be misconstrued as aggressive or heartless, so be thoughtful!

  • Capricorn: Your home, family, foundations and history. This is serious spring cleaning energy right now, whether that means cleaning your house or dusting off some familial relationships you’ve left fallow for too long. Just keep an eye on your valuables and values…something is causing turbulence on that front.

  • Aquarius: Your neighborhood and siblings, written communications and ideas. You’re feeling passionate about the people closest to you, and perhaps ramping up your correspondence with them, too. But you’re feeling some kind of shake-up in your sense of self at the same time.

  • Pisces: Your resources, finances, and values. You’ll be paying closer attention to your pockets book, or perhaps feeling very stimulated by a cause near and dear to your heart and giving generously of your own resources to support it. But your inner world feels under siege…take care of your mental health, Pisces!

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