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Jupiter Enters Taurus, 2023-2024: Wealth versus Want with AI-Generated Visual Horoscopes

Updated: May 8, 2023

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter enters Taurus and introduces the expansive flavor we'll be tasting until May 25, 2024.

Jupiter magnifies what it touches, and as a benific planet generally brings with it good vibes. In Taurus that means it magnifies our relationship to abundance, stability, resources, and hard work. This can give us anxiety if we have a scarcity mindset, serving to highlight the ways in which we don't feel abundant and stable. On the other side, it can highlight the ways in which we accumulate abundance and then sit on it like a dragon hoarding gold, too afraid to let it go for fear of an uncertain future. Or you may already have a healthy sense of abundance and a sense of flow in the way resources exchange hands in your life and this transit really helps you tap into that flow and use it as a resource for growth.

This transit will last a full year, so note the themes that come up for you over the summer of 2023 and how they grow in breadth and depth through spring 2024.

And for some extra clues as to what and where Jupiter will be magnifying the themes of abundance and resourcing in your chart, I’ve generated each sign a DALL-E image of the energy and symbolism of this Jupiter Transit for you. I’d recommend taking a look at both your sun and rising signs. For each image, I’ve added a question that sums up your theme. If your answer to the question is along the lines of “No” or “I’m not sure," then consider this transit a chance to unblock a limitation with Jupiter’s support. If your answer to the question is more of a “yes” or you have a very clear answer, then know that this resource in your life will be an incredible source of strength for you this summer and next year!

For some extra layers of context, compare this Jupiter/Taurus theme to your Pluto in Aquarius lesson. Enjoy!

Sign by Sign Visual Horoscopes


Aries, Jupiter in Taurus
Are you willing to put in the effort to bring home the gold?


Taurus, Jupiter in Taurus
What does it mean to resource yourself?


Gemini, Jupiter in Taurus
What limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns are holding you back from feeling resourced?


Cancer, Jupiter in Taurus
Is community an abundant resource in your life?


Leo, Jupiter in Taurus
How are you cultivating your talents to shine brightly and succeed in public?


Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus
What are you committed to learning, and why does it matter?


Libra, Jupiter in Taurus
Where in your life are you giving too much of yourself, and where are you receiving without reciprocation?


Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus
Do you see partnership as a resource for building a life well lived?


Sagittarius, Jupiter in Taurus
How can you treat your body like a temple of infinite potential?


Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus
How does it feel to let your inner child come out to play?


Aquarius, Jupiter in Taurus
How are you expanding your definition and idea of home and family?


Pisces, Jupiter in Taurus
How does it feel to speak your mind and share your hard-fought wins?


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