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Taurus Tarot Card Spread: How To Manifest Your Desired Life Starting Today

As somebody who has studied both astrology and tarot cards, I love to find ways to combine the two modalities into one as much as possible. There are already so many built-in correspondences between them that it is a natural and oft-used tendency to do so.

But I also just love the night sky. Tracking the fullness of the moon or pointing out constellations to my squinting finance is one of those simple yet profound joys in life.

When on a long weekend without wifi at a cabin in the Connecticut woods, I took some time and read a coffee table book that was all about the constellations in the night sky. Some, like Taurus, would be familiar (at least in name) to you. Others, like Camelopardalis, would likely be completely new. As I read, I noted that constellations are not unlike a tarot spread. Each star has its place, each constellation its own story and meaning.

And, thus, and idea was born: Constellations as Tarot Spreads. And I’m starting the series with Taurus, a simple be beautiful constellation that all of us here on Earth can relate to.

Taurus is the sign of The Bull and is ruled by beautiful and sensual Venus. This stubborn, grounded sign has its season in the height of Spring, and is tied to the planting of gardens or farms. Taurus has a rooted, purposeful energy to it. Taurus is here to till and toil away, with the goal of growing abundance and a beautiful harvest for themselves in the future. Simple pleasures and tangible luxuries give them joy, and are what they seek to accumulate over time. This is not a fast-moving sign. It is many steps that culminate in a marathon.

And tuning into the energy of this sign can help you get realistic and tactical about achieving your own goals or manifesting your own earthly desires.

This ten-card spread is designed to mimic the look of the Taurus constellation as seen in the night sky! It will help you get to the heart of goal or object you’re seeking to manifest. Taurus is all about hard work in the pursuit of earthly comforts, and this spread will help you look at the hard work you’ll have to do to find the “comforts” you seek, whatever they may be.

When to Use:

  1. You want to manifest something related to earthly abundance.

  2. You’re searching for comfort or security but not sure where to find it.

  3. You’re struggling to balance work and life.

  4. You’re feeling purposeless and in need of something to work toward.

  5. It’s Taurus Season!

What to Ask of the Cards:

  1. How can I manifest a sense of security and stability in my life?

  2. What is blocking my ability to find comfort and ease in life?

  3. How can I establish work-life balance in my life?

  4. What lessons will I encounter during Taurus season?

  5. I’m feeling stuck. How can I plot a course out of this rut?

  6. What seeds am I being called to plant right now?

The Spread:

You can think of this as a guided journal entry. But instead of just answering each question, you lay the cards down and interpret them (and your reaction to them) instead.

When I do a spread, I often shuffle the deck and ask my question out loud (or in my head) as I do so. Then I lay them down one at a time, right/type my interpretation, and move on to the next card. Then I see if I spot any trends when the entire spread is laid out (a lot of Cups, for example) and add a few more overall vibes from there! Then, go back and read your work and reflect on what you learned about yourself, what you want, and what you’re willing to do to get it.

Taurus Constellation Spread
Taurus Constellation Spread

  1. Card 1: The present moment and how you’re feeing about it. This is the baseline for the reading, a moment to check in with yourself. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re unlikely to get the answers you want!

  2. Card 2: What you’re seeking to manifest, the object of your desire, the energy of your present goal.

  3. Card 3: What is holding you back from manifesting your object of desire? This might be a physical barrier (i.e. not enough money) or more emotional (i.e. I don’t feel worthy).

  4. Card 4: How deep are the roots of this manifestation blockage? The depth of this blockage will help you understand the effort you’ll need to invest to achieve your goal.

  5. Card 5: How will you feel if you get what you’re seeking to manifest? This is a good moment to confirm that what you want is actually going to be good for you…and is not a goal somebody else has given you.

  6. Card 6: How will you feel if you don’t get what you’re seeking to manifest? Best to confront the worst possible scenario ahead of time. And maybe the worst isn’t all that bad.

  7. Card 7: One tool you already have in your manifestation toolkit that you can put to use in service of this goal.

  8. Card 8: One skill you’ll need to develop to get what you want. Manifestation can take multiple steps, and may not happen over night if you’re dreaming of something big (like a house, a marriage, or a new job).

  9. Card 9: One person who can help you on your manifestation journey. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Oftentimes, it’s better and more fun if you don’t. This card will give you a clue for who to look out for, be it a friend, mentor, or a challenger.

  10. Card 10: Likely outcome of your current manifestation goal, should you stay on the path you currently are and not make any intentional changes in approach. You always have the free will to change and grow, or abandon the attempt altogether if you decide it’s not right for you.

Example of the Spread in Action

To give you some guidance and showcase how this spread can help you get some answers or plot a course forward, here is an example using my Starchild Tarot Deck.

I shuffled the deck four times and asked a simple question as I did so: What seeds am I being called to plant right now?

My Taurus Constellation Tarot Spread Results
My Taurus Constellation Spread Results

  1. The Present Moment: Temperance. In this present moment, I’m craving peace and healing. I’ve just moved to a new apartment in a new state. Everything is feeling unfamiliar, and I have a sense of vulnerability right now. Temperance to me represents a sense of emotional balance and fulfillment that radiates outward.

  2. What I’m seeking to manifest (aka my seed to be planted): Serenity. I’m being called to plant seeds that foster a sense of peace and tranquility. I also feel called to find others who seek this same thing. The time feels ripe (per the full moon in the card) for this new beginning. I may find this peace in meditation groups, yoga, spirituality, or near nature.

  3. An obstacle toward manifestation: The High Priestess. This feels like the card is trying to tell me that I’m not trusting in my own intuition. I’m letting doubt cloud my decision making or action-taking. It could also be that I’m looking for a high priestess to tell me what to do, leading me to some passivity. There is a choice (the number two represents choices) to be made here. And I know looking at myself in this present moment that I’ve been not making any choices…which is a decision all its own.

  4. The depth of the blockage: Eight of Crystals. This feels promising to me! The blockage is not deep and I’ve nearly worked through it. It’s simply a temporary set back. Eights represent near completion, but show that there is still a final push or hard work to be done. Crystals in this deck represent the material world (just like Taurus!). So the only way for me to find the Serenity I seek is to work hard at it, to get over the hump of my own passivity and fear of the unknown. A little jaunt through the weeds never hurt anybody, as much as my catastrophizing mind tries to tell me it will.

  5. How I’ll feel if I get what I’m planting: The Star. A lovely card to receive, and I love how it mimics the Serenity card of what I’m planting. It feels like the zoomed out version of that card. Like the future is bigger than I can imagine, the perspective wider and deeper than I currently see. If I get what I’m seeking to manifest, I’ll feel peace and be a part of a loving and bright community. There is a femininity to this card that I love, too.

  6. How I’ll feel I what I’m planting doesn’t blossom: Ten of Crystals. A good omen, the ten of crystals. Though interesting when compared to the idea of planting seeds of serenity. The Ten of Crystals represents material abundance x 100. It is the completion of a major goal. Something like a promotion, a bonus, a book deal, or some other material or professional milestone. This brings me back to the High Priestess and a choice to be made. Like one route will lead me to my tribe of peaceful women, and another will lead me to material abundance and success. Can I not have both? Something new to contemplate.

  7. One tool I already have in my tool belt: Nine of Crystals. The nine of crystals represents luxury and the harvest. To me, this feels like the cards are telling my I already have everything I need to do what I want. This woman is also facing toward the future, reaching for it easily and without any hint of earnestness. She knows who she is and what she wants, and does not have to grasp for it. Perhaps surety and confidence are a tool I have, even if it doesn’t feel like it in this vulnerable moment.

  8. A skill I’ll need to develop for my seed to blossom: Awakening. The first thing that entered my head when I looked at this was Reiki. I started getting my Reiki certification a few months ago and then got too busy with work, moving, and planning a mini wedding that I let that practice go. Am I being called to restart that? This also feels like a call to get very grounded and rooted in the present, to be “embodied”. I live so much of my life in my head, distracted, thoughts in a whirl, body on autopilot. Settling into my body is a skill I’ll need to develop to really embody “serenity”.

  9. Somebody who can help me manifest serenity: Page of Crystals. This card is so fun. It makes me think of a musician or other artist. The Page of Crystals has a sense play and easy joy to her. Pages in the tarot represent eagerness, naïveté, and a youthful spirit, and crystals are again tied to wealth, abundance, and skills. You can think of this card as a sort of apprentice excited about their future. A gig worker building toward a larger dream. I can’t think of who this might be off the top of my head, but it’s a person I’ll now be on the lookout for!

  10. Likely outcome of my current manifestation goal, should I make no changes to my current approach: The Emperor Reversed. Hmmm, this does not feel good! It feels like the kick in the butt I need to start taking some action and prioritizing my desired Serenity. The Emperor reversed reads to me like a fixation on the outer trappings of life, the things that communicate your status out to others. But that feels like emptiness. What does it matter if you have a beautiful facade when the insides are hollow?

In Conclusion

I love how this spread can both validate your dreams and get to the heart of your yearnings, but also remind you that the best things in life come through hard work and building new skills.

Happy planting! May The Bull help your manifestations blossom, one day at a time.

And if you're seeking a tarot reading from me using this spread, reach out to me here! I'd love to work with you to help you determine what seed is ripe for planting, and what weeds you'll have to pull to make room for some healthy growth.


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