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Sacred Treasures and Triggering Shadows: Taurus Season 2022

Welcome to Taurus season! The time of The Bull begins on April 20th and ends on May 20th, and typically brings with it a focus on getting grounded, finding diligence, and honoring our sacred treasures.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign. It’s the sign that is smack in the middle of spring, the moment when farmers are planting and tilling, when flowers are actually starting to bloom and trees to bud, and when many of us are putting our winter coats away in favor of brighter and lighter attire. Taurus is stubbornly grounded. The Bull loves to surround itself with little treasures that feel sacred to them.

And it asks you to consider: What is sacred to you? If you had a cart and you could only carry that which it could fit and you could pull, what would you put in it? This doesn’t have to be physical, and for many of you this won’t be. It can be emotional, it can be about relationships, it can be about work or work projects. What are you willing to let go of so that you can keep plodding forward, planting new seeds you’ll harvest later this year?

Read sign-by-sign for a few clues. And for some insights into what eclipse season (which kicks off on April 30th) may bring for you. The first eclipse (a partial solar eclipse in Taurus) asks you to double down on what you find sacred and essential in life. The second one (a total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio) has emotions bubbling and ready to boil over if you don’t address your shadow head on.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: You’re being asked to really indulge yourself in some way. This is always a feeling for you this time of year (aka a splurge on something important to you), but with the eclipse happening in your second house on April 30th, this feels like more than a splurge. It feels like a major investment in yourself and what matters to you. It should feel good, not scary!

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: However, Taurus season isn’t all about swiping your credit card. You’ll be tested in a pretty intense way when it comes to the way your resources, time, space, and even body are shared with others. Notice where you’re feeling especially triggered in Mid May: it’s a clue into some pattern you must release. I recommend keeping a running log of every trigger starting 5/1 to start to spot patterns early! Trust me…they’ll become pretty obvious after a few days of self-honesty.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: This is the time of year when you are feeling like your most grounded, authentic you. I’m getting a really strong sense of self-worth for you this month, heightened by the eclipse! Recognize your value and celebrate it in ways small and big, whatever feels essential and meaningful to you. You are your most sacred treasure, even if you like to collect little gifts for yourself here and there 😉

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: There is trouble or conflict brewing in your long-term commitments, however, coming to a boiling point in Mid May. Perhaps you feeling into your essential power and proclaiming your worth are triggering to somebody important to you in your life who is not yet as healed or whole as you are. This may be a month where you’re asked to let go of a relationship, or approach a relationship in a radically new way.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: Your dreams hold what is sacred this month. And your dreams are shaping up to be a very powerful channel of wisdom and growth for you this Taurus season, more so than last year or years before. Keep a dream journal to track what comes up. Indulge in some extra-long meditation sessions to get deep into trance and allow more of your subconscious to rise to the surface. Your hidden self holds the key.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: While your inner world is blooming, your daily life is under fire as we head into a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse in Mid May. Be wary of conflicts in your day job, where emotions (yours or others) may run wild. Alternatively, this could be more related to your physical health. Listen to your body if it tells you to rest in May. Don’t push it…it may break just to remind you who is boss.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: Your friend circle is a magical place this Taurus season, full of many sweet gifts and down-to-earth conversations. Indulge in community. Splurge on drinks with friends. Buy a round. Treat your team to dinner. The value you put into your people right now will rebound tenfold!

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: You’ll be struggling, however, when it comes to creativity, play, romance. It feels like you’ve perhaps been over invested or fixated on this area of your life, and it’s starting to crack under the pressure, like an iceberg losing some chucks to the sea. Whatever is for you will stick around. Don’t waste energy trying to hold onto any people, projects, or play dates that don’t work out.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: This is a major moment for your career, reputation, or social status! You deeply value your reputation, and have diligently invested time, money, and effort to honing your outward persona. You’re reaping the reward in some way this Taurus season. And keep an extra eye out for any opportunities related to your career that come around in late April.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: Things on the home, front, however, feel less easy breezy, especially in Mid May. This feels like a really intense time when it comes to your house (especially if you’re moving), your family, or exploring your ancestry and heritage. You may find some skeletons in the closet and have to rethink what you thought you knew about the people who raised you or who raised them. Purge the lies. Let the shadows go. You’re creating space for something new to grow.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: You are really connecting with your spirituality, philosophical pondering, the big wide world, and the subjects that keep your big brain constantly curious. Because what you value is knowledge, and the power that knowledge gives you to discern right from wrong, helpful from hurtful, and healthy from toxic. Be on the lookout for some major lesson in late April! It may present itself as a new course of study, a new teacher, or a new epiphany.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: While you’re indulging in the depths of old tomes and ancient wisdom…your more practical thoughts and ways of communicating are experiencing some crossed wires. The way you’ve been communicating may no longer be good enough, and may be in for a painful yet powerful transformation starting in May. You may snap at the wrong person, hit reply on an email you 100% did not mean to, or give what you thought was helpful feedback but is taken as heartless and cruel. Be open to experience, and own your mistakes.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: A grounded intensity is a good way to describe your typical Taurus season. You find value in the people, places, and resources you share with others. Whether that’s flat mates, desk mates, task forces, or sexual partners, you see exchange as something sacred. And it’s feeling especially essential to you in late April. Don’t pass up an opportunity to share of your skills or resources this month. You’ll be filled up in return.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: The area of your life feeling a bit triggering or in “lack mode”, however, are your own resources and finances. You may be pushed deep into a scarcity mindset, attaching emotions to every dollar you have or every dollar you spend. It feels like you’re unable to make choices out of abundance, but only out of fear. Examine the fear. What is the root?


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: Your long-term partnerships are feeling extremely loving, grounding, and essential to you this Taurus season. This part of your life has been undergoing some serious change over the past few years, and you’re now able to look back at all that change and see it for the growth experience it has been. You know these relationships are sacred. How can you honor the important people in your life in a meaningful way?

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: This eclipses season was gonna be a rough one for you, since the Lunar Eclipse is happening in your sign…meaning something inherent to your very essence is being shaken loose. This feels like a personally painful time, but one meant to shed you of any dead skin so you can burst forth more radiant and powerful than before. Of course…that fresh skin will be quite sensitive and vulnerable, two feelings Scorpio is not super keen on. Be patient with yourself. That’s all you can do.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: Your daily work, health, and rituals are feeling supercharged this month. You deeply value the structures that give your day shape. They help propel you in your favorite direction: forward. Without them there, your arrows might fly astray of their goals. Give your body the love it deserves this month. A massage, a facial, or a reiki session might be just what the Taurus doctor ordered…especially in late April.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: Your traumas are feeling very present in Mid May. Some inner wound, perhaps one you’ve long buried and hoped to forget is rearing its head and asserting itself once again. Turn to meditation or therapy if things get to be too much. And journal it out. Getting something out of your head and onto the page can be a cathartic experience…and if you don’t want to keep record of it, just burn it!


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: What a massively creative and generative time for you! I feel like you’ll be having SO much fun this month. You may even feel like you’re channeling some message from beyond. As if you can’t help but be a poet or a prolific blogger or flirt with every person you see just for the hell of it. Enjoy this, Capricorn! It’s this sense of play and pleasure that keeps you climbing to ever greater heights.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: While you’re busy having fun…something in your friend group is reaching a boiling point. This feels like the dissolution of friendship or the breaking of brittle bonds. These may be friendships that have lasted past their expiration date, but the cutting of those tethers can still feel jarring and painful. Just know that there is a reason for every meeting, and every parting, too. Relationships that no longer serve you aren’t good for either party.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: You are snuggling up at home, or doing some major spring cleaning. You value your safe spaces and the people you call family, and this Taurus season you’ll be honoring those people and places in a big way. This feels energetically like looking through photo albums and remembering the best of times. Not to escape from the present, but to celebrate your past and what it’s given you.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: Your career and public persona are not the vibe in Mid May. You’re at your wit’s end. You’ve hit a wall. This is either a time you’ll bust through the wall and onto the other side of the situation, or you’ll abandon the attempt altogether. You can’t keep trying to climb the wall, or decorate it nicely to disguise that fact that you hate it. Something has to give…and in May, it just might.


  • Sacred Treasures & Indulgences: Your mind feels like all the ideas and plans are falling into place, allowing you to design a blueprint for your life that feels authentic and grounding. You value your mind and what you can do with it, and you’ll really be putting it through its paces (in the best way possible) in April. Your ideas are sacred, your words are a treasure.

  • Where Shadows Are Rising You’ll Have to Release: While your day-to-day ideas and thoughts are flowing with ease…the more spiritual and philosophical side of you is feeling much more challenged. You might be experiencing a crisis of faith or belief right now. The world is a dark place, and sometimes, it can be hard to see the light when there is so much shadow. The world's shadow feels like a fixation in your life in Mid May. Don’t let it suck you in. Turn to things that give you joy and lift you up!


Plus, see what the rest of April has in store for us in the April Astrological Topography series! The month will end with a sweet fireworks show thanks to the Partial Solar Eclipse in Venusian Taurus.


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