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July 2023 Tarot Horoscopes: Stepping into Self-Expression

If June's theme was the heat of healing, July 2023 encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and into self-expression. Our desires creep up on us over the course of the month, slowly pushing us to step outside of Cancer’s shell and into the magnetic dance of Leo season.

Water signs may find this transition challenging as they leave the shallows and feel the full power of the sun beating down upon the hot, dry sand. Earth and Fire signs will be at times in their element and at other times exhausted by all they feel called to do and say. Air signs will be pulled amongst all of these feeling, perhaps a bit out of place amidst the passions and prejudices that make themselves felt in July.

If you’re curious about all of the transits happening in July, add my Astrology Calendar to your G Cal! I’ve covered many of the major transits of July 2023 there, and will continue to add more transits for the rest of the year. For a quick preview, here are four of the biggest moments of July:

  • Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd: The shape of our ambition is being fully filled in today, showing us an aspect of ourselves and our potential we have been working toward over the past six months. This is a good midpoint-of-the-year moment of reflection for all of us.

  • New Moon in Cancer on July 17th: The New Moon in Cancer normally brings with it a vibe of warmth, safety, and home. But this year, it is making many close connections to slower-moving planets, reminding us that the world is calling on all of us to look outside ourselves. Warmth and compassion are meant to be shared.

  • Mars Opposite Saturn on July 20th: This transit feels quite uncomfortable, as it is squeezing a lot of different symbolism into one quick moment. The risk here is paralysis, an inability to know what direction and decisions are the right ones when there is so much to weigh and balance.

  • Sun Opposite Pluto on July 21st: You may be more comfortable in the shallow end of life, but Pluto asks you to go deeper and investigate what exactly keeps you from exploring greater heights.

I’ve pulled a tarot card to help you navigate the rolling hills and unexpected potholes of July 2023. Step boldly (if slowly) into your wants and desires.

A Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign

July 2023 Tarot Cards
July 2023 Tarot Cards

Aries: Wheel of Fortune, Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune is always spinning, always turning, always introducing change and transformation into our lives. But lately, you might be feeling like the Wheel of Fortune is out to get you! Things are not working in your favor, or it takes extra effort to do even the smallest of tasks. Instead of seeing the intricate connections between you and the world around you, you’re fixated on how messy it all seems. This card asks you to uncenter yourself. To step back and see the Wheel at Work, and not simply notice yourself as a victim of circumstance. The Wheel is not in your control. Stop shaking your fist at it. Instead, note what YOU can control and start from there.

Taurus: The Sun

You are feeling thoroughly alive and at home in your life in July, particularly as we transition into Leo season. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so to me, this card shares that any Leo transits may be particularly empowering and powerful for you this month. With that in mind, mark these dates on your calendar: 7/10, 7/17, 7/22, 7/27. Embrace the attention, the magnetism, and the clarity that comes with the sun. But be wary of hogging the limelight for yourself! You may find life a little cold once the sun turns its attention upon others. Otherwise, this is a beautiful month for you, Taurus!

Gemini: Four of Cups

A scarcity mindset is front and center for you throughout July. This may be due to a lack of Air transits, so your sails feel quit windless and without direction, causing you to grasp what direction and abundance you do have close to your heart. You may feel afraid to share what you have with others, wanting to stockpile it for even harsher times. But July isn’t meant to be lived in the dark! How can you ease your own fears without isolating yourself in the process? This will be your assignment for July.

Cancer: Seven of Pentacles

You’re feeling quite productive this month, Cancer. Things may not be 100% fine and dandy with so much happening in your sign, but you’re feeling invigorated by the shifting energies and using that motivation to hone an important skill or project. Perhaps you’re tapping into some Virgo energy to tidy up your home in a much more orderly and extreme way. Or maybe you’re finally buckling down to study that language you’ve been wanting to learn so that you can embrace the adventure of coming Leo season with some new ways to express yourself. Or you might be getting serious about your health and fitness. Regardless, the effort feels worth the time!

Leo: Father of Cups, Reversed

With quite a few challenging transits and placements involving Leo this month, you may be feeling both in the spotlight and also insecure about yourself. You know you’re a leader and you know you’re capable, but something just keeps raining on your parade, leaving you to feel confused and a bit despondent about your role and how you’re being seen by others. Instead of focusing on your failures or what makes you “weird”, return to your successes and strengths. Talk yourself up to yourself!

Virgo: Eight of Wands, Reversed

Change comes from an unexpected direction this month, sending your energy and motivation spiraling along after it. There is a lot of potential in July, but is very unclear how that potential will manifest into reality. You may seek to control the situation and be on constant alert of the coming changes, but even you can’t be vigilant 24/7. Focus on your True North, and trust that it will remain true even if everything else goes haywire.

Libra: The Devil, Reversed

You’ve been feeling a bit off the rails lately, and the consequences are rising up to meet you in July. This may be the kick in the pants you need to get back on track. Indulgence feels good in the moment (especially if those moments stack up!), but can leave us feeling guilty, bloated, and ashamed of our lack of self-control. Tap into your willpower in July and spend your energy on things that matter, not just things that feel good.

Scorpio: The World

Something about July feels like a culmination for you, Scorpio. You’ve been nurturing something in that secretive heart of yours, letting shoots burst through the rich soil of Cancer season and perhaps fully blossom in the heat of the Leo sun. This passion has your full protection, but also the full spectrum of your joy and hope. Tap into your support network to continue to foster and appreciate the great potential that lives within you.

Sagittarius: Six of Swords

You’re feeling all mentally jumbled and scattered, like thoughts that had at one time made sense or even been exciting are now lurking in a pile in the dark recesses of your brain. You don’t know how to untangle them, which sword to pick up first, or if this is even a puzzle worth solving. But have not fear. This is only a temporary speed bump. There is light, hope, and joy at the end of the tunnel! Don’t focus on the thoughts, but the feelings instead. There is much more astrological support for that approach.

Capricorn: Seven of Swords, Reversed

You’re feeling overly vigilant and even paranoid in July, keeping one eye open when you may be better served with real rest. This feels rooted in anxiety and a series of thoughts that are weighing you down and making it hard for you to remain in the present. Tap into activities that help raise you vibration: dancing, laughing with friends, upbeat music, meditation, or whatever lifts you specifically up. Don’t let worries rule the day!

Aquarius: Two of Cups

Romance or at least platonic connection are in the air in July! I can’t promise this is romantic love, but relationships are 100% in the cards for you, Aquarius. Prioritize people and connections and see what blossoms as a result. Try and let go of planning and setting a vision and instead just go with the flow.

Pisces: Ace of Cups, Reversed

Self-love is the name of the game in July. You may be craving a romantic relationship or profound connection of some kind. But July says that the person and love you need to choose is love for yourself, and a relationship with yourself. This is primary. All other relationships come from here. You set the tone, and the rest shall follow. So if you find yourself disappointed in an external relationship, turn instead within. Are you somehow disappointed in yourself? Had you abandoned yourself in some way to be in relationship with another? This is a lesson life will continue to teach us all.


I hope this July 2023 tarot card helps you tap into the desires that seek to be expressed this summer. Learn more about the basics of astrology in my Astrology 101 guide so you can begin to interpret the movement of the stars and planets for yourself.


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