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Saturn in Pisces Horoscope 2023-2026 | Where Discipline Meets Compassion

Saturn in Pisces is here. After spending the past three years (ahem, the entirety of the pandemic) in Aquarius, the planet of time and boundaries is finally rolling into Pisces on March 7, 2023.

This ushers in a new area we're all being asked to mature into. Saturn is not a Yes Man. Saturn puts up guardrails, enacts laws, and holds us all accountable for our sh!t.

Saturn in Pisces wants us to wise up and slow down. Pisces is a sign of integration. It's the place in the chart where everything we've learned, are learning, and will learn meet and we must reconcile those learnings into a larger whole. There is not separateness in Pisces, there is only oneness.

And so much of what we saw and experienced as Saturn transited through Aquarius was separation. When we focused on our differences what did we learn? When we widened divisions, how did we act? When we treated humans as "other" what did we lose of ourselves?

There is the incredible potential for depth and compassion as Saturn transits Pisces. Will you choose to reach out, or will you repeat the actions of the past and only point the finger?

Saturn will be in Pisces until February 2026, with a short stint in Aries in summer 2025.

Here are a few of the events that last time Saturn was in Pisces:

  • Jeff Bezos Founded Amazon

  • North Korean President Kim Il-sung died

  • US invaded Haiti to restore elected president to power

  • The Taliban is Founded

  • Sweden joins the EU (Norway decides not to)

  • World Trade Organization Established

  • In general, a lot of nuclear crises, tests, and pacts

  • Disney acquires ABC

  • Intense conflicts between Israel and Palestine

  • Escalating conflict between China and Taiwan

It is interesting to reflect on how many of these events were power coalescing into being. There were many paths and decisions that brought these leaders, countries, and organizations into being. There is also a sense of different groups testing the waters, or consolidating power around fanatical beliefs. What will be founded this time around? What groups and powers will emerge? What values will we center or see centered?

See where discipline and compassion merge in your own life below. If you know you rising sign, read for that and your sun sign and see what resonates most! Three years is a long time, however, so the lessons you'll be learning may not yet be evident...though for some of you they may already be abundantly clear.

Saturn in Pisces, Sign-by-Sign

  • Aries: These next three years will bring a lot of "under-the-hood" change and evolution. Saturn in Pisces is flooding through a part of your life and self you typically avoid looking at: your subconscious, your limiting beliefs, your unhealed wounds, and unrequited longings. It's like your inner attic, a storage space for mementos we can't bear to touch. And now it's filling up with water, letting things you'd prefer buried to rise to the surface. You'll be challenged with accepting the pain of your past and learning to let go.

  • Taurus: Saturn in Pisces represents a complex evolution of your place within your social circles and communities. On the one hand, Pisces wants to expand and grow, like water infiltrating every open space it encounters. But Saturn creates boundaries and limitations, teaching us where discipline and patience are required. How can we welcome more community in while also creating boundaries between us and the people around us? We neither want to be taken advantage of nor be stingy with our time. This is the lesson of the lifetime. These next three years will help you get one step closer to mastering it, through the tireless teachers of trial and error.

  • Gemini: Your career and aspirations will be the stage on which you act out the lessons that Saturn in Pisces has to teach you. This is the part of your chart the represents your most public self and that status you gain from it. And while Gemini is known for fast-thinking, analyzing, and mercurial decisions, Saturn in Pisces takes a slower, wiser approach. And since our career is a long-term affair, this is a well-timed lesson for you. Over the next three years, you'll be challenged to see the bigger picture and sort through the consequences of your actions. Learn to be considered instead of careless, and reach for compassion as often as you wield cleverness.

  • Cancer: You may be turning to lessons of the ancient past to help you understand and cope with the overwhelming challenges of the present. Cancer is most comfortable along the shore, the liminal space between land and ocean, where the water is warm and the ecology diverse, and there are plenty of hidey holes for you to rush back to when a wave or predator stalks your way. But Pisces is more than the shore: it is the ocean. Saturn in Pisces challenges you to find security in the roiling depths. And one way to do that is to strengthen your faith and sharpen your spiritual understanding of the world and your place in it. This might be done through reading, schooling, mentorship, travel, and meditation. Be what open to what rises up from the depths.

  • Leo: Saturn in Pisces floods your life with lessons on the infinite push and pull between giving and receiving. This is an intense part of your life and chart, the place where who we are and what we offer overlaps with who others are and what they offer us in turn. It is the venn diagram of life, a place in which we merge and enmesh our needs and wants with the needs of wants of society. You may be more comfortable giving than receiving. Or you may have been on the receiving end of abundance all your life. This transit asks us to re-evaluate what we are used to and to find balance through reciprocation. A healthy system requires reciprocation, just as our body requires us to both inhale and exhale. This "respiration" creates an endless loop of prosperity. Where in the loop might you bet getting stuck?

  • Virgo: Your life will be awash in (re)emerging long-term relationships. These might be deepening bonds with loved ones as your relationship takes on a new form, greeting new partners and the potential they bring with them, or even welcoming back a prodigal friend. But healthy relationships require healthy boundaries. That is the challenge of this transit. Pisces does not want boundaries, it wants to continuously shift and change and envelop. Saturn is all about boundaries. Finding compromise between the two will give you the best outcome.

  • Libra: The next three years will see you resetting your habits to make more space for your dreams and for dreaming. We often think of discipline as a moral imperative and habits the ways in which we trick ourselves into maintaining said discipline. How many books have been written that claim to teach us how to optimize every aspect of our lives? But when we get stuck stacking habits and to-doing away our lives, when do we have time to reflect on where life is taking us and if we even want to go there anymore? You can have discipline without rigidity, and dreams without getting rid of goals. Saturn in Pisces helps you turn transactional habits into meaningful rituals.

  • Scorpio: These three years will be teaching you to take pleasure seriously and to harness the power of play. We've been taught (through the hard lessons of life, often) that play and free-time are a scarce resource. Our current society tells us to work hard first so that we can play hard second. But when we separate the two, we lose our chance to reach a state of ease and flow that can make the work itself enjoyable. There are many lessons to be learned in bridging the gap between creativity and responsibility. Think of what you can build for yourself if you do, though! What if stopped thinking of pleasure as a goal and instead re-framed it as a tool? How might we then see it, and use it, more easily in everyday life? Let yourself refill your well.

  • Sagittarius: Your home, family, ancestry and safe spaces are at the heart of this three-year transit. You'll looking at this aspect of your life with a more measured, respectful perspective. Old wounds around family and home may rise to the surface to give you a chance to address them with courage and compassion. You may also find yourself considering new definitions of home, family, and safety, pushing against old preferences that now chafe. Don't rush these decisions. Take your time to understand before you act. There is plenty of time to let the right choices emerge. Be open to receiving them when they do.

  • Capricorn: Carefully chosen words and patiently considered ideas will usher you through this Saturnian transit. As a Capricorn, you are comfortable with the lessons that Saturn has to teach you. You know mountains are best climbed slowly and with much preparation. Your sign is known for their ambitious and practical nature. This transit wants you to slow down to allow more space for decisions that include the feelings and needs of others. Sometime the right path forward is so clear to you. But taking time to bring others along with you, to help them understand, will bring you more success, and joy, in the long-run. A kind word is never poorly chosen.

  • Aquarius: You fine-tuned your identity over the last three years and are now emerging battle-tested and ready for whatever the future holds. Now you'll be asked to get serious about your values and your valuables. That which you hold dear may get harder to hold onto, more challenging to grasp. And in the grasping may be the lesson: how can you open yourself to patiently waiting to receive that which you need? And what is the gap between what you want and what you need? Are you abandoning your self and your values to instead claim fleeting desires? The ocean is abundant. Time is infinite. It is simply humanity that is impatient.

  • Pisces: The theme at the center of your three-year lesson is "identity." The past three years may have felt like a dissolution of self, with so many individual parts of your being held under the microscope to be examined and refined into something more future-fit. Now you'll have to merge all those upgrades together into something, well, someone more cohesive. You can think of this transit as getting to know this new version of yourself. Pisces does not like to be contained, but contain and bind is what Saturn does. Be gentle with yourself as your new form takes shape.


Saturn in Pisces helps us understand the intersection of caution and compassion, discipline and creativity in our lives. To get better in touch with the sign of Pisces, give my Pisces-inspired tarot spread a try.


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