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A Pisces-Inspired Tarot Spread: Light and Shadow in 6 Cards

This Pisces-inspired tarot spread was originally crafted during a Pisces full moon, with inspiration from the mythology behind the constellation and the meaning of the astrological sign.

Astrologically, Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac. As such, it incorporates all the learnings and lessons of the preceding 11 signs. It is a sign of integration, because it incorporates the wholeness of the zodiac into one slice of it. And it is also a sign of transcendence, because it integrating the whole, it becomes something different than it, too.

According to, "Pisces constellation is of Babylonian origin. The Babylonians saw it as a pair of fish joined by a cord. The constellation is usually associated with the Roman myth of Venus and Cupid, who tied themselves with a rope and transformed into fish to escape the monster Typhon. The star Alpha Piscium, also known by the traditional name Alrescha (“the cord” in Arabic) marks the knot of the rope.” (You can read more about the constellation here.)

Your Pisces-Inspired Tarot Spread

And so with these two concepts of Pisces being a point of integration and it being two individual beings tied together to escape the darkness, I created this two-sided tarot spread.

Pisces Tarot Spread Template
Pisces Tarot Spread Template

A the root, or the knot, is you and your anchor to the present moment. On the left side, the rising column of cards, are a series of expanding “hopes”: your hopes, your hopes for your loved ones, and your hopes for the world. On the right side are the shadows you’ll have to integrate in order to heal and make your hopes more than hopes.

This is a great spread to do if you’re feeling wishy-washy, unclear of what direction to go in next, anxious or worried about the past or future, or trying to figure out what shadows might be dimming your light. It would also be helpful during Pisces season or a Pisces Full Moon to help you tap into the transcendent, integrated energies of this diffuse but beautiful sign!

Free Tarot Reading: My Hopes For You

Here is an example of this spread filled out, from me to you! May these bright hopes become reality, and may you heal the shadows and find meaning in your darker patterns.

Pisces Tarot Spread Example
Pisces Tarot Spread Example

Your Anchor to the Present: Two of Wands

The two of wands presents us with a seemingly binary choice. This choice and decision is an anchor to the present for us all. On the one hand, we can choose to repeat the patterns of the past. To do things like we’ve always done them. To lean into our comfort zone and resist the challenge of growth. On the other hand, we can choose a new, more radical, more innovative path. A path in which the future feels more uncertain, the risk of failure is higher, and the lines of our comfort zone are far behind us. There is, of course, more than two ways, and if we’re truly rooted in the present we can make other choices. We can find a way to integrate our past experiences into future projects. Or we can choose not to make a choice at all. What choice is anchoring you to the present? How are the threads of the past and future meeting in this moment? Is one timeline calling to your more than the other, pulling your strings and distracting you from the now?

A hope you have for yourself: Five of Crystals

As the reader for all of you collectively for this Pisces Full Moon, I am going to read this card (and all the following) as a hope I have for YOU. If it resonates as a hope you have for yourself, take it! If not, leave it here but know I’m rooting for you.

I hope you can leave what no longer serves you behind. The universe is sending you pings, communicating to you through your intuition and various types of signs and symbols. I hope you can see them and know what they mean. You may feel like you’re at the beginning of a long, dark tunnel, but know that there is a light at the end. Love at the end. And if you look closely, you’ll encounter guides and fellow travelers along the way. I’ll hope I see you as we journey together!

A hope you have for your loved ones: Three of Wands I hope your loved ones make a powerful decision of their own. I hope they’re brave and bold and not afraid to get vulnerable in the name of hopes and dreams and love. I hope they are enveloped by something magnificent and full of light, that they are reaching a culmination of some kind that has them seeing themselves and the world in a whole new way. And I hope that they know how much you love them, and are rooting for them, and that they can see you are one of the many bright stars that have helped to light their way.

A hope you have for the world: King of Crystals

I hope the world can find abundance in new forms and new ways. That we can look past the material and see into the immaterial, the numinous, and the transcendent. We need food, and shelter, and security and the ways and means in which to pay for it, yes. But I hope the way we value ourselves and others is not rooted in those material means. I hope love counts as much as logic, that community matters more than country lines on a map, that what we as a collective are building is a gentler, more heart-centered place than where we are now. I do not know what it looks like or how we’ll get there. But we can hope. And in our hope, we can change.

A shadow to heal so your hopes may grow: King of Wands

Our hopes cast a shadow, and shadows tend to be much stronger than hope. They are denser than hope, so they stick to us for longer. It takes work to integrate our shadows into the light. You can think of them as the patterns and traumas that play out within us and the collective on a loop, like a discordant song on repeat. We have to get past our own inertia and choose to change (just like that Two of Wands wants us to do).

And so to bring more possibility to your hopes and more action to your present, might you contemplate your relationship to belief in a higher power? That higher power may be God, gods, Source, The Universe, Science, or something else altogether. But this card suggests that there is some wounding or trauma around belief and your ability to make meaning of the world in which you live. Is this shadow tied to a specific person you’ve lost faith in? An institution you no longer trust to have your, or your soul’s, best interests at heart? This feels like there is rot in the inner wellspring of inspiration that guides your way. And if the fire burns out, how will you see the right next step for you? These are big questions with big answers. Don’t expect this to be a simple journal prompt, but an ongoing negotiation within.

A shadow to heal so you may help heal others: Ten of Crystals

As we heal ourselves, we show others the path to healing, too. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. We act as portals for others, mirrors that others can see themselves in. And so to reflect back something healing and beautiful, we must heal ourselves.

Here is a shadow for you to contemplate under this Pisces full moon: your relationship to abundance. In abundance, we can help not just ourselves but others. In healing your relationship to this theme, you may find more resourcing to help others heal, too. As we discussed in our hopes for the world, abundance comes in many forms. It might be money, family, friends, land, natural talents, material possessions, a fulfilling career or vocation, and many more things that may be out of my own personal experience. But when it comes to abundance as a “vibration”, there can be many shadows blocking our way from embracing it. There might be guilt over the ways and means in which you’ve earned your abundance, whether you’ve worked for it or not, earned it honestly or not. There might be shame over abundance, or your perceived lack of it. And you may not feel worthy of your current or potential abundance, and blocking the creation of it. What shadow does abundance bring up in you?


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