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Your 2022 Virgo Season Horoscope Has Many Lessons For You

As I look through the progression of the chart for Virgo season, one major word came to mind: Lessons.

Watch this video horoscope for a full preview of Virgo season, from the New Moon to the Full Moon, Venus in Virgo to Mercury Retrograde.

At this point of the year, we have many planets in or entering retrograde, making this a season of re-doing, re-learning, re-structuring, and re-visiting topics, projects, dreams, and goals we had set for ourselves earlier in the year.

And while re-doing something is often an annoying task, it’s also important to remember that almost nothing is done perfectly the first time around. You don’t pick up a trumpet and become a jazz player. You don’t go out for a jog and accidentally run a marathon. And you don’t figure out the details without going over them with a fine-toothed comb again and again.

This is where Virgo excels. Trust me, I’m a Virgo, I know how annoying this is. But it is NECESSARY and IMPORTANT, so it’s best to accept this reality and get your “take two” hat on straight! Because Virgo is all about the details. This Mutable Earth sign is excellent at discerning correct from incorrect, flawed from fine, and incomplete from complete. And it’s this discerning nature that allows us to identify the changes we need to make on our quest to meet our goals and manifest our dreams into a tangible reality.

But Virgo does not do this out of a sense of individualism. Virgo is the sign that connects the ego-centric signs of the zodiac to the ego-concentric signs. It uses its individually cultivated skills and talents to serve the whole, knowing it is one grain of sand beside the ocean. Virgo’s intent is pure. And I think that purity of intention is something we are all craving from the world right now. Perhaps the best way to find it is to live it out ourselves?

So what is this Virgo season asking you to discern, where are you being asked to revisit, and what are you feeling frequently activated by?

Take a look, sign-by-sign.

Aries: The Devil’s In The Details

  • Discerning: Your day job and daily life is asking you to pay close attention to the details right now. Keep meticulous records for the rest of August, because you’re likely going to have to revisit them in September. Impress your boss by staying ahead of the game!

  • Revisiting: You’ll be resisting a conversation you had with a long-time friend, partner, or co-worker. This might feel uncomfortable because you typically avoid rocking the boat for fear you’ll capsize it (likely a fear born or personal experience).

  • Activated by: You’re being triggered on and off all Virgo season by the way others are talking to you or responding to you in conversation. This feels like you an increased sensitivity to language and a tendency to take offense. Sometimes the offense may have been intentional! And sometimes it may have but only in your head.

Taurus: Aesthetically Pleasing Or Else

  • Discerning: You have a fine eye for art, aesthetics and the value of beauty. It feels like you’ll be asked to use this skill in a specific way during Virgo season. Perhaps it’s as simple as sorting through thrift stores for vintage gold, or as big as putting the finishing touches on a major piece of art of your own making. This season feels productive for you!

  • Revisiting: Daily life and work, on the other hand, feels less fruitful. Or at least, there will be less forward progress and momentum. Which isn’t a bad thing! It just means that reaching the finish line on a project, health goal, or new habit will take more effort, and perhaps be tinged with some ongoing confusion about what exactly your priority is.

  • Activated by: Money and how it supports you could potentially be pissing you off. Your finances feel really activated right now, especially when it comes to how your financial status reflects upon your identify, and how it impacts the relationships you engage in. What may normally feel supportive as a Taurean being may instead feel tetchy.

Gemini: Essential Things Only

  • Discerning: I know end-of-summer cleaning isn’t really a thing, but that is the vibe for you right now. This feels like you are clearing out the old and fusty to make room only for what you’ve deemed truly essential. This might mean literal THINGS, or it may be more metaphorically related to how you relate to your family, ancestry, and spaces of personal safety.

  • Revisiting: Creating and self-expression feel a bit muted right now. You’re still able to make beautiful music, but BECAUSE you are taking a harder look at the notes and the rhythm and making sure you know what you’re doing and what this song you’re trying to play really means. Keep at it.

  • Activated by: There may be some moments where you become an angry person out of nowhere? This feels related to how others are seeing you. Like maybe people are making assumptions about who you are, how you love, or what you want out of life and they just are not right and it makes you mad.

Cancer: Do You Have a Thesaurus?

  • Discerning: You are being really thoughtful and specific with your words and the way you communicate your ideas this month. This may mean things come out a bit slower than usual, or that you feel like some of your “personality” has been stripped away in order to leave space for clarity. But clarity is a good thing, and this is a practice in finding the balance between the emotional truth and the logical facts.

  • Revisiting: Something at home or with family is asking for your attention, probably a problem or situation you’ve dealt with before. This might be literal house issues like a broken screen or a creaky ceiling fan, or it might be more emotional and related to how you’re speaking to your parents about your personal ideals and ideologies.

  • Activated by: There is potential for on-and-off anxiety and worry this month. And a few different things may be trigger this as the season progresses. Early on, it may be related to the care you’re taking to communicate and express yourself. This may be uncomfortable and thus stressful. Later in the season, a tiff with somebody may send you spiraling again, if only for a brief blast of angst.

Leo: Let Me Tell You Exactly What I Deserve

  • Discerning: You’re getting clear about your value and your valuables this month. This feels like serious budgeting energy, and taking the necessary steps to understand your finances on a very granular energy. Probs tedious for those with strong Leo energy, but think of what adventures you might be able to go on if you save smartly or understand what you should be getting paid!

  • Revisiting: As Mercury stations retrograde, make sure you’ve got your erasers at the ready, both virtual and physical. And maybe an apology or two handy, because you may have to edit as you go. And with real words, you can’t really edit, you can only mea culpa and try again.

  • Activated by: The groups you’re a part of may be annoying you, or collectively annoyed. There is a lingering tension coming online throughout Virgo season. There are times you may be the cause, there are times you may be one of the many voices shouting, and there may be times you’ve got beef with a specific friends or colleague.

Virgo: It’s You, But Better

  • Discerning: You’re turning your detail-oriented eye toward your very self! You may be fine-tuning and carefully curating the way you want to present yourself to the world. This could mean something as simple as getting a new ‘do or as big as making a major investment in a skill you want to cultivate over the next year.

  • Revisiting: Your money world is feeling a bit rocky as Mercury stations retrograde. You normally seek out the details, but things may feel more fuzzy than normal here. The money coming in crossing wires with the money going out, or an event at work dinging your confidence in a way that makes it harder for you to see your value.

  • Activated by: Your career feels like a source of both confidence and fury right now. A lovely combination, am I right? From feeling like you’re not living up to your own potential to getting in a clash or two with a colleague, work feels like a battlefield. Just remember you’re in it for the long-haul, and don’t get caught up in ever skirmish.

Libra: Sorting Through Burlap To Find Silk

  • Discerning: You’re (perhaps involuntarily) examining your inner world and past traumas more closely this month. It’s almost like you know there is a lesson to learn in all the shit you’ve been through, and that lesson is meant to be learned now…if only you can figure out what it is. Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach. If you’re ready, perhaps share what you’re going and see what is reflected back.

  • Revisiting: You’re making some edits to yourself and the way you show up in the world. And it’s good timing, too! Taking a look at how other see you just before your birthday may be a great way to start a new year for Libra-identifying folks. Get the critical work out of the way (Libra is not a fan of being critical after all) so you can bask in celebrating YOU with the people you love.

  • Activated by: You’re being triggered by the intangibles during Virgo season. This is big-picture things and the way they’re showing up in the news, from climate change to ideological differences around the globe. Some of these headlines may feel like an affront to your person, and others may spark debate in a relationship.

Scorpio: Very Strong Eye Contact

  • Discerning: You’ve got a good eye for people, and that eye is more finely tuned than normal right now as the Virgo sun shines in your house of friendship. This feel good, but also intense…especially for the people you’re in connection with. They may not be used to the power of your attention!

  • Revisiting: This feels like the return of an old anxiety or worry, like the world wants to remind you of a lesson you’ve learned in the recent past that is still relevant. Anxiety is defeated with compassionate logic. Catastrophizing diminished by speaking the worst out loud. Don’t assume your stories have to stay the same. Expect your inner narrative to shift.

  • Activated by: The areas of your life most closely connected to and even enmeshed with others feels especially activated right now. You may be more likely to find offense in others, especially those you spend a lot of time communicating with. Just remember not to take it personally. Few of us are at our best right now. That includes you.

Sagittarius: Find Your Passion In Perfection

  • Discerning: Your career and reputation will be best served with a discerning eye. Turn your natural exuberance and forward moment to the nitty gritty details of your career to boost your status. This may, in truth, be how you best serve your business as a leader.

  • Revisiting: Your friend group or other communities you’re included in may be going through a moment of rebalancing or redefining. This feels like a mission is being redrawn and rewritten. There may be some harsh words in the process, but it feels like these changes are meant to allow for more fairness and justice. Sometimes the truth does hurt.

  • Activated by: A long-term friend, colleague, or lover may be really ticking you off! This area of your life is likely to be a bit of a sore spot for the rest of the year, but this stretch of Virgo season has a more personal activation, like you’re trading blows back and forth a particular person(s) all season.

Capricorn: Nerding Out Over Nuance

  • Discerning: You’re being called to investigate the biggest of the big right now. This could be the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. It could be investigation professional development or graduate degrees you need to purse a larger ambition. Or it could be seeking to understand the state the world on a macro level, starting with the details that feels the most tangible and close at hand. Have your reading glasses ready.

  • Revisiting: Something in your career and public image is in need of a second look or even second opinion right now. Not everything is at is seems, and new facts and information are coming to light. Take the time to pause, understand, and revise any projects or proposals in the works right now.

  • Activated by: Daily life and work feel frustratingly tedious for you. It feels like there is a lot of stuff on the surface getting in the way of you rooting down to build the mountains you crave climbing. Like you’re being told to dust the desert and you just really don’t want to and aren’t afraid to say it.

Aquarius: Examining Boundaries For Intentional Healing

  • Discerning: You’re taking a hard look at one of the most intimate houses in the zodiac. This feels like getting really clear about where in your life you’ve perhaps gotten a little too enmeshed with and dependent upon others. It’s a healthy separation of the wheat from the chaff as we head into a season of harvest.

  • Revisiting: Always a visionary, sometimes it’s important to not get too rigid in our visions. That’s what this retrograde is forcing you to re-examine. The beliefs you hold about the world and your place in it may be shaken just enough to catch your attention. It doesn’t feel debilitating. More like spiritual maintenance.

  • Activated by: If you’ve got a creative project, a budding romance, or young children, this is season is gonna have some side-eye-inducing moments for you. There is a lot of challenge to self-expression, pleasure, and play, and hurdles you might even be throwing in your own way.

Pisces: Defining the Me vs. We

  • Discerning: You’re taking a magnifying glass and maybe even an abacus to each of you long-term relationships and making sure things add up to something healthy. Pisces tends to be a bit boundary-less by definition, and Virgo wants you to solidify for a second and make sure you’re not muddying your waters with toxicity.

  • Revisiting: The most vulnerable and intimate parts of your life are in for a bit of an edit, which generally nobody really wants to engage in. But it’s the kind of necessary healing and maintenance we all must do upon occasion to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves so that we can continue to take care of others.

  • Activated by: Family drama or drama related to the space in which you live is being aggravated right now. There may be arguments popping up with different triggers but the same underlying cause, or something that you’re really determined to move quickly just keeps getting tripped up by people insisting on doing things a different way.


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