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8 Inspiring Days to Look Forward to in August 2022's Astrology

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I’m not gonna lie to you all: August’s astrology is pretty challenging. From Mars Square Saturn (a hallmark transit of the COVID-19 pandemic) to Mars entering Gemini (fighting words), things are about to get heated either personally for for the collective. Or both. Everybody’s chart is unique, and everybody’s circumstances, too.

But it isn’t all bad news! Instead of going into all of the major transits (you can see some of them in my video reading for Leo season), I decided to highlight the healing and harmonious planetary movements we’ll encounter this month.

Stay cool, stay safe, stay steady.


Ashley, The Novel Mystic

Lovely & Powerful August 2022 Transits

  • August 2nd/3rd: Venus Sextile Mars and Uranus. This acts as some loving balm in the midst of tough energy. Venus is in Cancer, making the planet’s energy extra tender and empathetic, helping sooth the steam Mars might be generating or give a soft place to land when Uranus shakes things up. Think of this as a moment of transforming a boiling pot of water into a soothing bath with patience and compassion. Life is hard. But we don’t have to be hard toward each other.

  • August 7th: Venus Trine Neptune. Venus to the rescue once again! This time, the planet of love and harmony makes eyes at soul-searching Neptune, giving us somewhere positive to fixate our destabilized energies. This feels like a moment of deep yearning, perhaps felt not just be yourself but by a larger collective of people you’re a part of.

  • August 11th: Mars Sextile Neptune: This could honestly go either way, but in the spirit of optimism and not creating self-fulfilling prophecies, here’s a positive spin on this transit. Mars is demanding to race ahead, to cut a path forward on the path to victory or glory. But Neptune says, “Hey buddy! No need to destroy any vegetation with that machete you are wielding. Have you considered it might be faster and less violent to take the ocean route?” This feels like an alternative route being offered in a time of need. But it’s up to us if we take it.

  • August 11th: Full Moon in Aquarius: While Leo loves to be the center of the universe and put our egos on display, there’s no point in “being the center” if there is nothing larger we’re a part of. Aquarius highlights that something larger, that collective we are members of. This Full Moon reveals something about the systems and groups you exist within, and highlights something key in this Aquarian area of your life.

  • August 14th: Mars Trine Pluto: Another optimistic interpretation for you. Pluto is the evolution of our soul, the need to return to source. This trine between war-oriented and conflict-positive Mars might have us taking a step back to look at the bigger picture of the choices we’re making in our lives. Are those choices getting us closer to short-term goals at the expense of our long-term desires? This feels heavy, but not necessarily in a burdensome way. Big questions should have weight to them, so it’s harder for us to breeze by without ever learning anything new about ourselves and what we want from this life.

  • August 16th: Mercury Trine Uranus: Some newsworthy shake-up gets our attention. The news itself may not be good. But the way we respond to it can have a positive and lasting impact on the audience we’re speaking to. Don’t be reactive. Choose your words wisely and take great care. Your reach is wider than you know.

  • August 18th: Venus Trine Jupiter: Lovely and expansive energy! This is an “only good vibes” kind of day. Just take care that doesn’t verge into the territory of toxic positivity. Good vibes don’t stop bad things from happening. Still…I hope you have fun and feel the the love today. Better yet, spread the love! That’s what Jupiter excels at. Be a megaphone for joy.

  • August 22nd: Mercury Trine Pluto: If you like depth, this is a powerful day. More deep questions and/or answers are coming to the surface. This may be a topic you’ve been visiting on and off all year. What new discoveries have you made about your purpose and place in this life since mid June?

  • August 27th: New Moon in Virgo: As an earth sign, a Virgo New Moon is a great time to be planting a seed! And not just a generic seed. No, Virgo is all about specificity. Write your goals and dreams down, people! Build out a plan! Make a spreadsheet. This is an excellent day to put pen to paper in service of our future selves and future “we”.


Astrology isn’t just for looking forward! It’s a great tool for tracking patterns in your past. Take a look at July’s astrology and see how it mapped against your actual life (and what happened in the world).


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