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Day-by-Day July 2022 Astrology: Conflict and the quest for Resolution

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

In the spirit of entering the new half of a year, I’ve decided to change up the way I do these month ahead blog posts. Instead of being super rigid and numbers-based (#imavirgo), I’m going to go more with the flow and see what comes as I look through each of the major astrological transits of July 2022.

As the month starts, we’re in the thick of Cancer season. Summer is here and in many places of the US, temps are extreme. I, on the other hand, went to the desert and got rained on, a blessing for the New Mexican desert after their worst fire season on record. Cancer season is about self-care, family, the mother, the womb, compassion, kindness, and perhaps the avoidance of hard things. Even if the world continues throws hard things in our face. Over and over, as sure as the tide.

So as we look ahead through July, here is what is coming up as I feel into the minutiae of the month. I’ve focused on the interpretation, and left the more technical astrology terminology aside this time around. If you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes, message me via the chat, or reach out to I’d love to hear from you!

July 2022 Astrology Transits

  • July 1: No major transits.

  • July 2: An idea matures, allowing you to share it with more clarity and conciseness. Just be wary that you don’t get caught up in future-thinking instead of actual, present reality. Plus, your fiery heart brushes up against the clammy hand of death. These feels like a flash of fear, there and then gone. A reminder that none of us are all-powerful.

  • July 3: No major transits.

  • July 4: No major transits.

  • July 5: Speak softly and with great care. It takes courage to be kind.

  • July 6: Give a hug and get more than you ever expected out of it. Little moments of affection affirm your worth today.

  • July 7: No major transits.

  • July 8: There is a hardness to this day that feels very tender to the touch. Some kind of familial wound may be coming to the forefront of your heart, a reminder of old arguments or conflicts you can no longer ignore.

  • July 9: How you share yourself with the world butts up against how you’re expanding into yourself. You may feel too big for the tools you have to share your vision. Rage abounds as you feel uncomfortable in your metaphorical skin.

  • July 10: These feels like a walk in a park…a small adventure that feels thrilling and heart-opening.

  • July 11: No major transits.

  • July 12: No major transits.

  • July 13: Full Moon magic. The culmination of a high-pressure, purpose-centered effort. What you manifest may not be what you expected. Cherish it anyways, or even because of that. The universe is trying to show you the difference between “need” and “want”. Plus, you explore new ways to have fun through commitment. The “old ball and chain” metaphor has no place here.

  • July 14: Subtle signs point you in a radically new direction. Be wary of conflict between “we” and your dreams. You may want to escape in different directions, each seeking out a fantasy the other doesn’t fit into.

  • July 15: No major transits.

  • July 16: You have something to say. But can you say it both directly (i.e. so they know what you mean) and kindly (so they will actually listen)?

  • July 17: Your intuition is alight today. Keep your journal close! Track your dreams! Listen to the pings the universe is sending you!

  • July 18: It may feel like you against the world today. It will pass, but pay attention to what messages have gravity for you and the world at this time. Your heart feels very soft and tender, making the hardness of this day extra noticeable.

  • July 19: Put your favorite affirmation to a jaunty tune and sing it loud and proud. I AM WORTHY! I AM LOVED! I AM MAGNETIC!

  • July 20: You feel small compared to the vastness of the universe and the gravity of our societal problems. Don’t let this smallness paralyze you. We’re all small until we band together. I don’t know why, but this feels like some Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger energy! Channel it!

  • July 21: No major transits.

  • July 22: Hello, Leo season! Let your inner lion roar as we step into the heart of summer.

  • July 23: Whatever was making you feel like TOO MUCH on July 9th resolves itself, and you find your fit and a new path for growth. This will be centered around your voice, your neighborhood, an idea, or a writing project.

  • July 24: No major transits.

  • July 25: Love reaches up against your individual quest for growth and expansion. You may feel like you both don’t fit into the space provided. How can you make room for both of you AND your goals?

  • July 26: Anger in the headlines. Another day in the USA.

  • July 27: A moment of healing through artistic self-expression, yours or somebody else's. Seek out catharsis and let the tears flow. Feminine rage may be especially potent today.

  • July 28: New moon, new start. This Leo new moon wants you to clear your throat and get ready for your next big performance. This feels like a moment alone backstage, before your lead role in a debut show. Take a deep breath. Don’t let your anxiety push you past the curtain just to find the light.

  • July 29: No major transits.

  • July 30: No major transits.

  • July 31: A burst of courage and expression that propels you onward. A moment of using your voice to speak to societal oppression or patriarchal pressures. The feminine wound feels especially tender.

July feels like a series of conflicts and resolutions, a cycle of hitting up against a wall and figuring out how to climb over/go around/turn back. This means we’ll face many choices, both personal and collective. Cheers to choosing well!


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