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Why That Passionate, Impulsive Person in your Life Might be an Aries

The Power of Astrology to Understand Yourself

Learning astrology is the lesson of a lifetime. It’s learning a new language and seeking to interpret the blueprint given to us at the moment of our birth. And then we go deeper, some of us. We wan’t to understand what it means, how did the astrologer know this, or is it all just bunk?

We discover that we don’t just have a sun sign, but a rising and a moon sign, too! And that all the planets and all the signs represent our chart, and make connections to each other, and that everything is laden with meaning and magic.

And then, once you start making connections of your own, before you know it, you’re well on your way to the lifelong exploration of the stars and all that we can learn from their ancient splendor.

But Astrology is about more than you…no offense

Astrology is more than an exercise in introspection. It can help us understand the relationship dynamics playing out around us, too. Your manipulative boss may be a Cancer Sun who didn’t get enough parental love or validation. Your super-productive co-worker who makes everybody look bad in comparison may be a Capricorn who doesn't know how to STOP being productive. And that impulsive friend always leaping into situations before looking might be somebody with a lot of Aries in their chart.

So let’s dig into that last person, shall we? As the daughter (and sister!) of an Aries, I have an clear understanding of Aries energy and how it manifests in the world. And as somebody “out” as an astrologer in my corporate workplace, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing other Aries at work in the world, too.

Keep in mind that having significant Aries energy is not dependent on being born during Aries season (late March through Mid-Late April). Somebody may have an Aries ascendant, or even a stellium of planets in Aries that could overshadow their sun sign placement. They could even have been raised by an Aries (like me!), and have learned Aries behaviors as a result. So use these signs as guideposts, and points of reflection when interacting with the people around you.

Reading into somebody’s energy is not meant to be a tool for judgment. But one of understanding. Use it wisely and with kindness!

5 Ways to Spot an Aries In the Wild

  1. Childlike energy & sense of play: Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, and represents the childlike energy of that first moment of individuation. There is a sense of wonder and excitement to dive into life and experience the fun and danger of it….regardless of the consequences sometimes. This might be the side of you that automatically says “yes” when a shot is offered (lol, says me with my Mars in Aries in the 6th House). Or, like a co-worker of mine, an Aries-identifying person may get all lit up and gooey inside when watching fireworks. You can see the simple joy. It just exudes from them.

  2. Have a ton of energy: As a fire sign, Aries also has an abundance of energy to draw from. It isn’t necessarily focused or directed in a clear way (other than “forward”), but movement is essential to an Aries-dominant person. One Aries in my life, for example, is a marathoner. Running is how they feel in control and mentally and physically whole. Without it, their well may empty much faster than normal, as counterintuitive as that sounds.

  3. Action-Oriented: Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning they are the kind of person who initiates or starts things. They’re the person impatiently tapping their foot while you’re all looking through Yelp reviews to find the perfect restaurant for dinner. One co-worker of mine, who like me has Mars in Aries, is powerfully productive at work. And much of that is because she doesn’t sit around and wait for somebody to tell her what to do. She sees a problem, and she goes after it. She may just struggle to get it across the finish line without help from others…or other parts of her own birth chart. Remember, nobody is ever just one sign.

  4. Have a hard time changing directions: So if we combine the initiatory nature with the tendency to always be moving and moving forward, we can see how Aries builds up a lot of inertia. The stone gets a-rolling down the hill, and good luck getting it to change directions and roll back up, or roll around an obstacle. One 10th House Aries I know is so determined to reach a certain milestone in their career that they aren’t able to see accept how miserable their job is making them. They set themself on the path, and are unwilling to see that there may be another way.

  5. Stunned by consequences created by their own actions: Aries is the tendency in all of us to act first and think later. It is the impulsiveness that comes from passion or excitement or pure impatience. And impulsiveness often comes with consequences we didn’t take the time to think through or plan for. For example, one Aries Sun/Rising in my life has a tendency to burn social bridges when their ego is wounded, a protective reaction that both establishes a boundary and hurts them at the same time.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Aries energy in a few of its clearest manifestations. As you go through your week, keep an eye on the people in your life. What Aries tendencies do they exhibit? And look inward. You also have Aries in your chart. In what areas of your own life are you diving in, head first, full of wonder and damning the consequences?

Looking for more astrology resources? Check out my free Astrology 101 guide to get more intel as you navigate life.


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