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June 2023 Tarot Card Horoscopes: Healing Emotions and Feeling the Heat

If May’s theme was the messy amalgamation of our feelings around abundance and scarcity, June 2023 is about the full spectrum of emotions and how we experience the heat of healing. There is a warmth to this month, which can feel at times cozy and at other times suffocating.

It’s all in our individual perspectives and what floats each of our individual boats. Are you comfortable swimming in the emotional currents of your life? Or do you prefer to analyze the currents and tides from above, understanding the patterns without ever immersing yourself within them? June has you at the bare minimum dipping your toe into the shallows.

If you’re curious about all of the transits happening in June, add my Astrology Calendar to your G Cal! I’ve covered many of the major transits of June 2023 there, and will continue to add more transits for the rest of the year. For a quick preview, here are four of the biggest moments of June:

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th: What in your life have you been journeying towards? You are reaching the next stage in the process, and this is a milestone on your quest. Take a beat. Celebrate how far you've come, what you've learned, and how excited you are for what is yet to come. Sometimes the fire inside us needs a moment to rest so it can flare even brighter when we need it most.

  • New Moon in Gemini on June 18th: This New Moon in Gemini gives us space to set a new intention when it comes to our thoughts, ideas, and the way we communicate them. The mind is a powerful tool and the way we use it can have powerful positive and negative impacts on our lives. On the one hand, we can cultivate mindfulness, pattern-recognition, and the craft of writing or oration. On the other, we can swirl with mental anxieties, judgements, and narrow-mindedness. How does your mind take up space in your life?

  • Sun Enters Cancer on June 21st: Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign, making it a sign that specializes in initiating emotions and getting quickly in touch with feelings...both theirs and those around them. It is a season of empathy and sensitivity, making boundaries key for maintaining your wellbeing during this fluid time. If we can navigate the push and pull of relationships without falling into the deep end, we can experience ease and grace in the warm, shallow waters of Cancer season.

  • Mars Square Uranus on June 26th: Mars is in Aries, a fire sign characterized by an instinct for initiative and action. It is ruled by the head, meaning Aries tends to dive right on in to a situation or problem or goal. This gives this Mars placement a tendency toward hot headedness. Which, when it comes into conflict with radical and innovative Uranus and the way it's been transforming our earth and the resources we derive from it...well we can see how some poorly thought decisions and judgement can have lasting impact on the world around us. Treat this day, and those around it, with care.

I’ve pulled a June 2023 tarot card to help you navigate the heat and the healing that will be prevalent in June.

A Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign

A tarot card for each sign, June 2023
June 2023 Tarot Cards for Each Sign

Aries: The Magician

June is a month of potential, Aries! You have all the tools in your tool belt to build the life of your dreams. The trick is to figure out what you want to build, and how you’ll use the tools at your disposal in the process. Knowing you have the tools and actually using them can be quite a behavioral leap, so focus on taking the leap of faith in yourself, and then worry about the outcome. One step at a time gets us everywhere we need to go.

Taurus: Ten of Swords, Reversed

June brings with it a sense of mental relief from suffering. Something you have been anxious about has either come to pass or resolved itself. Even if the outcome was bad or worse than you expected, at least the sense of anxious anticipation has been nipped in the bud. Let the shadows clear so you can see through to the other side of your stressor, and hopefully into a more positive July.

Gemini: The Emperor

You’re feeling very solid In your authority this month, Gemini. You’ll have the sun and Mercury both traveling through your sign at some point, which shines a special light on the way you both exist and express yourself in the world. And based this card, the expression of self is resonating with those around you! That has to feel good. So get in touch with your inner lion and root down to continue to rise up and spread your truth.

Cancer: Starseed

You’re stepping into the very beginning of a new epic journey, Cancer. As you read this, you may not even be aware of the circumstances conspiring to set you on this path. Or it may be journey you’ve been hoping to begin for some time and are ready and raring to get started already! Either way, don’t be in a rush. Time and our lives tend to unfold at the pace they’re meant to, not the pace we want them to. Enjoy the experience and everything you’re meant to learn from it.

Leo: Ace of Cups, Reversed

Despite Venus traveling through your sign this month (or maybe because of it, tbh), this card predicts you experiencing some kind of strife or frustration in an important relationship. Venus in your sign does put an extra focus on you and your relationship to yourself, which could go a few ways. One would be you recognizing all the ways you abandon yourself to make others feel good (maybe you’ve been told you’re TOO MUCH and always seek to tone your youness down). Or you may be really leaning to self-care and self-love in a way that excludes or ignores the others in your life. Either way, there is some kind of emotional/relational imbalance that could have some interesting consequences. Keep your heart open!

Virgo: The Empress

You are tapping into your femininity in a major way this month, Virgo. This card paired with this months themes gives me a sense that you’ll be activating your emotions in a healthy way, giving you the space to get in touch with your compassionate side. Virgo can be known as judgmental, but often that critique comes from caring so much about your chosen people and projects. The Empress helps you own that compassion in a way that is more understand and appreciated. Feel the feelings. They’re good for you.

Libra: Two of Cups

Feelings and healings, you say? Let’s double-down. You’re always seeking to balance the wants and needs of yourself vs. others, and this month has you striking emotional gold as the scales balance in just the right way. There is a beautiful abundance within your relationships, giving you a chance to rest in the healing waters of the love you feel for others and that others feel for you. Give hugs freely, Libra!

Scorpio: Six of Swords, Reversed

The theme of mental confusion and fixation continues this month, journeying back through the suit of swords from seven to six. This feels like a battle you are prepared to face but just don’t really want to. The knowledge and the emotions don’t line up, sapping you of the will to fight. Instead of getting fixated on the battle or even the war, remember your values and what you stand for. Will you let somebody stomp over you just because you don’t feel like dealing with them? Giving up can be worse than losing, because it means we’ve stopped believing in ourselves.

Sagittarius: King of Crystals

You feel quite comfortable in the heat of healing, since it’s kind of your jam and all. Sure, it’s not always a good time, but it IS always meaningful. Others may be looking to you for practical guidance and experience this month as they confront their own healing processes and the suffering that often comes with it. Tap into your lived history and hard-fought lessons to be the wise mentor you’re born to be.

Capricorn: Ten of Cups

Life is a celebration this month! Count the ways and times that the people in your life lift you up, celebrate you, compliment you, and remind you that you matter. And give yourself permission to reciprocate without a goal or a reason. The healing waters of Cancer may be opposite your mountainous heights, but really that has just given you a lifetime of opportunities to observe the value of the warm shallows from your windy heights. Luxuriate with your people before you begin your climb once more.

Aquarius: The Hierophant, Reversed

You are not generally the sign most comfortable with the touchy/feeling stuff, and that is a lot of what this month is all about. It may force you to see yourself and your approach to leadership or even friendship in a new light, and recognize some gaps to your own approach. Alternatively, you may be experience the emotional disconnect from a friend or mentor you respect, giving you a feeling of emotional dissonance or even gaslighting as what you know and feel doesn’t line up with what you’re being told. This too shall pass. Take note of the feelings, and sit with them for as long as you can.

Pisces: Seven of Cups, Reversed

There is a lot of temptation out there, and honestly, you’re over it. You want to throw in the towel. You’re tired of feeling so much and screw all these choices and people with their wily ways tempting you into things and behaviors you’re not sure you want! It’s okay to chuck in the towel, Pisces, and enjoy the waters for yourself for awhile. Just because “hot girl summer” is a thing does not mean you have to live the hashtag if it doesn’t feel resonant.


I hope this June 2023 tarot card helps you understand the emotions this sensitive month may bring up for you. And as we wrap up the first half of the year, take a moment to check in on what your annual theme is, too! How has this shown up for you in the first 5-6 months of 2023?


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