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A Short History of Tarot Cards: A Deck of Laughs and Mystery

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, and have undergone a wild journey of evolution, from being used as a simple deck of playing cards to becoming a tool for divination and self-discovery. But, let's be real, the history of tarot cards is not just about mystics, gypsies and secret societies - it's also about a lot of laughs and silly moments!

Let's take a journey back in time, to the days where tarot cards were just a regular deck of playing cards. Yes, that's right! Tarot cards actually started as a game, played by the nobles of Italy in the 15th century. The cards were beautifully decorated with gold and silver, and were used to play various games, similar to bridge or poker.

Fast forward a few centuries and the tarot deck had a new purpose. Mystics, gypsies, and occultists embraced the cards as a channel to predict the future and tell fortunes. The deck became shrouded in mystery and was associated with the occult. People whispered about secret tarot societies, and the cards were rumored to have mystical powers that could be unlocked by only the chosen few (like Aleister Crowley).

But tarot cards aren't, or at least don't have to be, scary and witchy if you don't want them to be. I get it–magic isn't everybody's jam. Tarot cards are just cards, after all, and their symbols dependent on our interpretation of them. In fact, many people still use tarot cards just for fun, to play silly games, or to spice up their parties.

Here are a few cards in one of my favorite decks that make me smile.

Feel-good tarot cards
Cards that make me smile

Nowadays, tarot cards have become popular as a tool for self-discovery and introspection. People use tarot readings to gain insight into their lives, to make decisions, and to find answers to their questions. At the end of the day, a tarot reading is just a conversation with yourself–the cards are a medium to have a good chat with your inner you.

Here are a few spreads if you're looking for a conversation with yourself! Sometimes the answers you need are already locked within you:

  • If you want your life to bear more fruit, check out this spread and sample reading

  • If you're trying to figure out what the heck is going on with your chakras, give this tarot spread a try.

  • If you want to get clear on your intentions and goals, try out The Mountain Spread.

The history of tarot cards is a deck full of laughter and mystery. From being used as a simple deck of playing cards to becoming a tool for divination and self-discovery, tarot cards have undergone a wild journey. But, whether you believe in their mystical abilities or not, tarot cards are a deck of fun, and are sure to bring a smile to your face!


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