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9 Inspiring Spirituality Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Embarking on your spiritual journey can be extremely lonely and overwhelming. It's like waking up and realizing that the world as you knew it is no longer there. You experience a new level of emotional depth, a new type of introspection, and existential questions you were once certain about suddenly feel up for constant interpretation. Your friends, family, or even your significant other may be on a different path from you and not yet willing to engage with you on the topic. They may even tell you you're weird or accuse you of being in a cult (a friend of a friend asked my partner if I was part of a certain conservative conspiracy theorist group once I started posting openly about astrology lol...but actually).

So how does one handle the enormity of a shifting perspective that others may not be on board with, all on their lonesome? Podcasts!

Podcasts are one tool for staying grounded. It's so incredibly helpful to have resources and online communities you can turn to as you grow and change. You can think of them as a friend, a confidante, or at the bare minimum a human sharing their own perspective on the world and their interpretation of that experience. For me, podcasts have been a helpful way to curate a diverse set of voices to tune into, and a way to deepen my knowledge around topics like astrology, tarot cards, manifestation, ritual, and mindfulness.

If you're new to the realm of spirituality and starting to curate your own list of voices, or simply looking to add a few more to your ever-growing list, here are a few of my favorites to tune into.

Almost 30

This spirituality-focused podcast is hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik and runs the gamut of topics that may interest women exploring their purpose and deepening their spiritual practice. With a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews, and Ask Me Anythings, Krista and Lindsey provide an open-minded container to introduce their listeners to anything from manifestation to marriage, astrology to anxiety and everything in between.

Learn more here.

Ghost of a Podcast

For those looking for an astrology podcast that is reliable, quirky, and informative...and also hilarious, look no further than Ghost of a Podcast. Host Jessica Lanyadoo "does the damn thing" and interprets listener charts through the lens of a very specific question at the start of every episode, and then dives into the astrology of the week ahead.

Learn more here.

The Doorway

Host Natalie Miles channels messages in the form of very short stories from her guides to help each of us understand and track the general vibe of each month. Natalie models what it means to live an intuitive life, as well, which I admire in this hustle culture we find ourselves in. She's moved away from a set schedule of podcast production and shares when it feels right, not just when it's the right time for the algorithm gods.

Learn more here.

EXPANDED By to Be Magnetic

This podcast goes in depth into the topic of manifestation and the mindset and effort needed to live the life you're craving. It's part of a larger business and method created by Lacy Phillips, and is a great podcast for those interested in living a more spiritual life without having to memorize astrology or tarot cards or anything like that.

Learn more here.

Between the Worlds

This tarot-focused podcast is an incredible resource for "baby witches" looking to deepen their understanding of tarot and the myths and stories that underline the interpretation of the cards. Amanda Yates Garcia uses each episode to go in depth into a specific card, outlining the myths, astrological correspondences, and magical symbolism drawn into the imagery. The custom music is lovely, too! Each episode feels like a spell.

Learn more here.

Black Girl in Om

This podcast no longer updates regularly (at least in my Apple Podcast app!), but there is a wealth of short episodes that host Lauren Ash describes as "a warm embrace, soothing realness, and conscious girl talk." It's worth scrolling back to listen to episodes on topics like ancestral lineages, reclaiming wellness, and yoga nidra.

Learn more here.

Astrology of the Week Ahead with Chani Nicholas

This is the podcast I use to plan my week (with help from the Chani app subscription to get some extra details for my Scorpio rising self, of course). Chani approaches astrology in a way that is both practical and lyrical, and her brand is a great place to start for anybody looking to use astrology in an intentional way.

Learn more here.

This Jungian Life

Three Jungian analysts analyze and debate a variety of topics from a Jungian perspective. For those more interested in philosophy and psychology and not ready to dive into anything witchy, this is a more intellectual place to dip your toes into.

Learn more here.

Fortune's Wheelhouse

This is another podcast that no longer gets updated but is another deep dive into the meaning of the tarot. This podcast, hosted by Susie Chang and Mel Meleen educates the listener on the astrological, planetary, numerical, and elemental correspondences found within the tarot. Susie Change has also written multiple tarot books and is interviewed on other podcasts regularly, so this is a great "straight from the source" pod to go to when you want the deep info.

Learn more here.


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