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April 2023 Tarot Horoscope: Hard Work Is The Best Fertilizer

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

After the major changes of last month, April 2023 is set up to be a much simpler time. While there are still a plethora of astrological transits, when we put Taurus more in the mix, there tends to be a lot less drama and a lot more essential work. Bulls can of course be dangerous when triggered, but they're a lot less reactive than The offense to all the Aries's in my life.

If you’re curious about all of the transits happening in April, add my Astrology Calendar to your G Cal! I’ve covered some of the major transits of April 2023 there, and will continue to add more transits for the rest of the year, as well. For a quick preview, here are four of the biggest moments of April:

  • Full Moon in Libra on April 5th, 2023: The Full Moon in Libra is a reflection on a celebration of all the ways that partnership enrich our lives. Aries is represented by the "I AM" statement, while Libra says "I BALANCE." Where is the balance between the "I" and "We" in your life? What have you been working for over the past six months that may have helped to stabilize this axis of relationship? Be prepared for some big emotions, since this Full Moon is being made extra sensitive and perhaps a tad self-centered with Chiron in the mix.

  • New Moon in Aries on April 19th, 2023: This is the second new moon in Aries, the last of which took place on March 21st at the very first degree of The Ram. This time, we have our second New Moon in Aries at the last degree of the season, 29 degrees. As you set your intentions, keep in mind the Sabian Symbol that will characterize this new moon: "A DUCK POND AND ITS YOUNG BROOD." How are you protecting your nascent dreams and your vulnerable partners? Community is a gift, not a burden or a chore. Nurture the love and connection you have in your life, but don't sacrifice your needs for the needs of the whole.

  • Sun Enters Taurus on April 20th, 2023: The Sun Enters Taurus, ushering us into the fertile heart of spring just hours after an action-oriented New Moon in Aries. Expect to keep some of the fast fire of The Ram with us as we step into the earthy, plodding domain of The Bull. Taurus is ruled be Venus, and this season shines a light on our resources and how we earn those resources. Taurus is a hard-working sign that also appreciates a good nap, so finding the balance between toil and time off will be center stage.

  • Mars Square Chiron on April 27th, 2023: Chiron in Aries has been teaching us how to put energy into healing, how to cultivate wisdom, and how to embrace our own worthiness as individuals. We may be doing this with experience as our teacher, or with a more literal mentor, therapist, or coach. Mars in Cancer tends toward passive aggressiveness and may struggle with the push between Mars's innate bravery and Cancer's yearning to feel safe. It makes forward motion challenging. These two challenges together may actually be of service to us. It might be a realization that chasing safety is not always healthy if the danger we're running from lies within us. It is a call to heal. Are you ready to listen?

We'll also have a Mercury Retrograde in Taurus during April, too! So be prepared for what was simple at the beginning of the month to get complicated near the end...

So as you find ways to simplify your life and appreciate the fulfillment that comes with honest work for the good of you and yours, I've pulled a tarot card to help you understand where your efforts might bear the most fruit.

A Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign

Aries: Serenity, Reversed

April may find you chasing serenity, but never quite finding it. But peace isn't a goal, it is a state of being. You may think it is something you can earn by working hard, but in reality, it is a feeling that is always accessible within you. Since you're externalizing it, perhaps it's because you don't feel worthy of it? With Chiron in your sign, the idea of serenity or the lack of it in your life may be a sore spot that this month pokes at. Prioritize meditation over optimization, and make time for simple labor instead of just "working smart." You may find the serenity you seek in the monotony of basic tasks.

Taurus: Nine of Crystals

This is the perfect card for you, Taurus! The Nine of Crystals is easeful abundance, the kind of prosperity that regenerates itself naturally. You're really living your best Taurus life with this! Not that April will be all fun and games. You've got a Mercury Retrograde in your sign near the end of the month after all. But it's best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Enjoy the little luxuries that make your hard work worth it! There's no shame in rest.

Gemini: The Emperor, Reversed

Gemini, I'm really sensing that you're having some challenges with authorities. Last month you had The Hierophant reversed and this month the Emperor, both symbols of traditional authority in different aspects of society. This month, I sense that you may be questioning your own authority, and your worthiness to hold and wield it over others. Perhaps you're experiencing some shame or anxiety at past decisions and the consequences they had over other people's lives, or perhaps authority is not a burden you wish to hold any longer. Whatever the case, sit with the feeling and seek to understand it. Hopefully you can move on to a new theme in May!

Cancer: Nine of Cups

April simply expands and multiplies the loving vibes from March. While March was focused more on your 1:1 partnerships, April spreads the love to larger groups of people and a more extended network. Your sphere or influence is larger than you know, and what you put into is returned back to you. Go out in the world and use your talents, intuition, and compassion and find yourself healed and restored in return.

Leo: King of Crystals

Your ability to be a fair and heart-centered leader takes center-stage this month. There may be both a focus on, and disruption to, your career in April. But the King of Crystals holds the key. He is a grounded leader who is rooted in experiential wisdom. He is hierarchically above his people, but also not wholly separate from them either, almost like the tallest tree in the forest. How can you ground deeply but also allow for flexibility when the inevitable changes and obstacles present themself? Past leaders you respect may have some answers! You don't have to be lonely at the top.

Virgo: Seven of Cups

April brings with it many tempting choices. Should you go with option A, B, C, or maybe Z? They all look so good, but you know you can't do all of them all at once. So how to choose? Naturally, as a Virgo, you may feel called to research every aspect of every choice and thus make an already overwhelming situation that much more overwhelming. You even find yourself more willing to trust the wisdom of the ancients than what your own gut is trying to tell you. Get all your research, thoughts, prejudices, and feelings written down in black and white. That should help you expertly sort the wheat from the chaff.

Libra: Two of Wands

Change is afoot and you know that a storm is brewing. You really want to be prepared and are doing your best to cultivate the enthusiasm and energy to ride the winds of change without falling apart. The hardest part to navigate may be balancing your own needs and fears vs. the needs and fears of those experiencing the change right alongside you. It's your natural tendency to be a diplomat and make sure everybody feels good about each situation. You like to be fair and make sure others are comfortable. But that might mean YOUR needs get lost in the mix. Pay attention to where your attention fixates as life gets messy.

Scorpio: The Chariot

Life surges forward in April. You're on a mission and nothing will distract you from it for long. The path is clear and you're determined to follow it, come hell or high water. Something about this month gives you a profound clarity into what is truly important, and the ways you'll work to ensure those important things (and people) remain a meaningful part of your life. The quest may not be easy, but it will be worth it. The number 7--a mystical number--may be lucky for you this month! Use it as a sign that you're on the right track, almost like a mile marker on your month's journey.

Sagittarius: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is a nimble thinker, able to easily jump from idea to idea in the blink of an eye. You may be feeling particularly inspired and visionary this month, especially when it comes to your daily life and the habits that make your life sustainable. Perhaps you're thinking through new methods for making healthy eating a priority, finding ways to fit exercise into your workday, or simply providing your workmates with a plethora of simple solutions to problems that have stumped you all! Think fast, Sag. You're already good at thinking big.

Capricorn: King of Cups, Reversed

Another reversed cups card for you, Capricorn! You're struggling to be the container for your own emotions (or one for others if you have needy people in your life). You may find it hard to live up to others expectations of you in April. This might be because you're overwhelmed with your own shit and can't deal with everybody else (the cups is empty, people!)...or it might be that you don't feel like you should HAVE to be everybody's confidante and are shutting them down out of principle. Regardless of the reason, the outcome still feels frustrating for all involved Try to be patient with yourself and others and anchor into what you know you can control.

Aquarius: The High Priestess, Reversed

Big ideas are swirling within you this month, even if nobody else yet knows. You might not even be aware of the pings of intuition trying to make themselves known and understood! If last month you were tasked with letting go, in April you'll be called to let in. The High Priestess is a representative of ancient feminine power. She channels her own intuition and the energy of the universe to understand her place in it, and help others do the same. Where might you be separating yourself from what the universe is seeking to offer you, or how might you be mistrusting your own power? Be the creatrix of your own life.

Pisces: Page of Cups

April bring with it a wealth of value through the small talk and basic social transactions of everyday life. The Page of Cups approaches life with a gentle, optimistic attitude. She's the kind of person who has a kind word for everybody, shares the last piece of cake at an office party, remembers birthdays, and talks to strangers in line at the grocery check-out. She creates connections and goodwill wherever she goes. How can you channel that attitude in. your daily life, Pisces? You never know what might come of it!


I hope this April 2023 Tarot Horoscope for Each Sign helps you find fertile ground in your own life! If you're looking for more of the lessons that 2023 offers us, I'd recommend checking out my horoscopes for Saturn in Pisces.


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