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Your Video Horoscope for the Month Ahead: Feel Brave This Leo Season 2022

My entire year was building to late June, in which I was newly moved across the country and then newly married to my person. Now I’m on the other side of those two major life events, and it feels like having climbed a mountain and finding a nice bench and an incredible view at the top.

I want to bask in the gentle mountain breezes, I want to gaze down at the mountain lake below me, I want to tilt my face to the sun and just take it all in. The view feels clear after so much fogginess.

That’s what Leo season feels like, at least the early weeks of it before we dive into August and some more challenging astrology. Watch the video and be on the lookout for Mars...he's a real asshole.

We’re tired from climbing a mountain of a goal, but able to now see clearly the impact that climb has had on our hearts and our bodies. We can integrate the work and celebrate the work, before we build a plan to get back down the mountain or build a house atop it. The work is not over. The challenge is not done. But we can recognize our part in everything we’ve accomplished.

And since it is Leo, you may be feeling quite proud of the part you’ve played (like the proud sea lion or the aristocratic cat below). This pride and sunniness will shine through most clearly in a specific house. More on that later...

What Makes Leo, Leo

Leo season begins July 22, 2022, bringing some joy to a week that started out deep and potentially confronting. Leo is ruled by the sun, an interesting correlation to the deadly heatwaves sweeping across much of the United States and Europe, turning once temperate climes oppressive. There is heat to Leo season, and while the sun can help plants grow, it can also burn too brightly and damage what it touches for too long.

In astrology, the Sun represent our ego. It’s the center of ourselves, our identity and how we identify. All other planets and parts of us revolve around this one, core luminary. And so Leo season gives us all a chance to see how brightly our sun is burning, and the effect it is having on the parts of our lives that it inevitably touches. What energy are you giving to friends, family, co-workers? Is it too much, draining your light? Or too little, and other parts of your life are suffering?

The keyword phrase for Leo is “I Will”. There is nothing passive about Leo. It is a very active, fiery, passionate sign that expresses and acts on its desires. As a fixed fire sign, you can think of Leo as a raging bonfire, sparks shooting up to the sky, fire burning for as long as there is fuel. That willpower can both heal and harm, enliven or destroy, create or deconstruct. It’s all in the do-er. What is your will calling for from you? As Leo rules the heart, this will comes from passion and emotion, not from logic or rationality. This is the racing-pulse willpower that drives us to keep the fires burning for the passions that light us up.

What’s Coming This Leo Season

Leo season will shine a light on a different area of each sign’s chart, brining that part of your life into clearer focus. It may feel especially energized and may bring you a boost of vibrancy and passion for this area. However, if it is a part of your life you’re insecure about or unsure of, the extra light may feel a bit overwhelming, as if somebody is taking your picture before you’ve had time to do your hair or cover up your dark circles.

Now that you know in which part of your life you’ll be shining, let’s take a look at some of the more macro-level trends of Leo season. While you can get more of a day-by-day overview of early Leo season in my July forecast, this video is designed to help you see how the planets are progressing as we move through the season! And give you a little exposure into the behind-the-scenes of building horoscopes and reading charts.

Your Video Horoscope


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