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The Full Moon in Capricorn 2022: Reflecting on Needed Rest

My body and the universe have been spending me some pretty strong signals that I need to rest, be gentle with myself, and have some self-compassion. From coming down with COVID after my wedding to having cat-related sleep disturbances, the bodhisattva Kuan Yin coming up as my weekly oracle to the feeling of the Full Moon in Capricorn being a forceful moment of rest for our bodily containers.

But I have such a complicate relationship with rest. Rest is necessary, but often it feels like a guilty pleasure. Like going to be early, sleeping in, skipping the gym, taking a nap…all of these are things that are guilt-inducing and take away from the level of productivity I am able to give to the world. As if the world is actually paying attention.

But the signs keep a comin’, and so rest I shall.

Because that is what this Full Moon in Capricorn is demanding of us, which happens at 2:38 PM EDT on Wednesday, July 13th. Right in the middle of a work day, bless lady Luna.

We may not want to rest at this time. We may not be able to. We may not feel we have earned it. But over the last six months, we have been diligently working under extreme pressure to bring some aspect of our lives to fruition.

For me, it has been keeping track (3rd house) of competing goals (Capricorn) and projects so that I can manage my time and energy effectively. I’ve moved across the country, gotten married, and started a new role in the past two months, things I built toward (one without knowing it!) since planting a seed during the Winter Solstice.

The Seed We Planted At The Winter Solstice

I’d love to help YOU reflect back six months to the last Capricorn New Moon or Winter Solstice, when I shared this Mountain Spread with you. In it, I talked about the tools we’d need to climb our mountain (information, mentorship, energy), the obstacles we’d face as we scale to new heights (self-doubt, deep-rooted limiting beliefs), the purpose of our climb (love), and some divine guidance for our climb (from Artemis, goddess of the hunt with a purity of intent we could all benefit from).

A goddess to help you rest for the Full Moon in Capricorn

Now that we have scaled this mountain with purity of intent, beating back self-doubt, and in the quest for love in its myriad forms, we deserve a rest, ya’ll! Especially since that “love” may not have shown up for us in the way we hope or expected.

Artemis is great and everything—and, coincidentally a supporting character in my current WIP—but she feels a bit…exhausting. Focus requires energy, and energy is something I just don’t have right now. I want to lay the weights down. I want to take a nap. What goddess can help a Scorpio rising out, ya know what I mean?

So here is a quick Goddess Oracle Card pull for each sign, with a mini blurb on the way this goddess can help you find the rest you need after a long climb.

  • Aries: Yuki Onna is here to help impatient Rams find stillness, especially when it comes to your public persona and career goals. You’ve likely been driving yourself to achieve, achieve, achieve for the love of the work and the feel of success. Rest now. Find stillness, like the Snow Woman of Japanese lore.

  • Taurus: Iris is here to help you rest your weary mind. It’s likely been churning and sorting through some pretty heavy topics (faith, culture, travel, spirituality) and you’ve come to some decision or wrapped up some important research for yourself. Perhaps Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, will help you get your words out there. Sometimes rest comes when we give other space to read our work.

  • Gemini: Kali is here to help liberate you from your burdens and your baggage, both of which you may have been working through in relationship over the past several month. You may find yourself feeling free and lightened, the load you’re carrying less heavy and thus rest easier to find. Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, time, and change, is here to guide you into a new phase of life.

  • Cancer: Athena is here to help you accept yourself through hard-won wisdom and experience. You have been learning a lot about who you are in relationship and how you show up, and some of the lessons may have been hard to bear. Athena, the Greek goddess of reason and war, helps you rest easy in the knowledge of yourself and your needs.

  • Leo: Hera asks you to rest by sharing the load! You don’t have to carry the weight of your daily tasks and work alone. This Greek Queen of the Gods ruled over domestic life, childbearing, and marriage. Is there a partner or family member you can lean on when you are weary?

  • Virgo: Green Tara is your salvation, Virgo. You’ve been pouring of yourself into some form of creative expression, romance, or just seeking to have more fun in the day. Has something been blocking you lately? Press past any final obstacles by being compassionate with yourself, as the female buddha Tara teaches. Let her enlightenment shine down upon you and guide the way.

  • Libra: Aine asks you to find ease and rest in adaptability. You may be feeling very rigid and stuck when it comes to some kind of project at home or in regards to your family and ancestry. Instead of forcing it, adapt, as the Celtic Sun-Moon goddess Aine teaches. As the ruler of both luminaries in her pantheon, she is associated with many things. Perhaps in her flexibility and breadth of power, you will find relief.

  • Scorpio: Nike asks if you’ve perhaps been holding yourself back, which takes up needless energy? She asks you to let your words fly, to let down the barriers and the self-imposed boundaries and find freedom and speed in your natural communication abilities. This Greek goddess of victory has your back as you rest into your natural ambitions.

  • Sagittarius: Lilith asks you to consider if you’ve maybe been to reliant upon another when it comes to your wealth, resources, and talents. Are you deferring where you should lead? And is letting somebody else lead the way holding you back from fulfilling your potential and reaching for the worth you know you deserve? This Jewish goddess and First Woman will help you tap into your independence and cut unnecessary cords that are sapping your strength.

  • Capricorn: Artemis isn’t done with you yet, Capricorn. It’s your very identity and sense of self that’s been shifting, changing, or growing over the past several months. You may be craving rest in nature and the purity of a summer glade. Seek out your own wildness as the moon rises full. This Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt still has your back as you continue to evolve, aiming ever upward and onward.

  • Aquarius: Lakshmi governs good fortune, and you’ve likely been having a lot of it over the past six months if you look back now. Find rest in community, seek out the warmth and relaxation found in your crew, and reflect back on the adventure and prosperity you have found in the people you call your friends. Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of good fortune and beauty is here to help you find the beauty in your own life. Rest is a luxury you can afford.

  • Pisces: Mnemosyne sits with you as you wax poetic about the past. Nostalgia feels restful and reassuring for you right now, as you dream of past memories and heal from old hurts. Don’t focus on future goals and worries, which may be a spruce of present anxiety. This Greek goddess of memory helps you find inspiration and light in your own past.

Rest easy, my friends!


Looking for a podcast or two to keep you company as you rest on this Full Moon? Check out 9 inspiring spirituality podcasts I highly recommend! Except you, Cancer. You need a rest from this topic 😉


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