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How Will You Sparkle During this Leo Full Moon?

Something about this full moon just makes me want to SING. I’ve been watching the moon ripen over the past week, getting rounder and rounder, brighter and brighter by the tiniest sliver every day. The moon to me is an everyday miracle, a reminder that we are always changing and growing, that we have ups and downs.

But luckily for (most of) us, this Full Moon in Leo (February 16 @ 11:56AM ET) is a total UP moment. This moon is a spotlight on a spotlight spotlighting a supremely beautiful being: you. This is a collective moment of standing in our unique power and shining as bright as can be. We are being asked to embody our fullness. To not turn down the volume, to not dim the wattage, to not shrink ourselves.

Leo is one of those astrological signs that we all “get” intuitively. We know a lion when we see one. They’re the diva, the queen bee, the loudest person at the table, the show off, the egotist.

But let’s be real. That’s just the meme version of Leo. Because like all signs, Leos have depth and complexity, light and shadow, inner and outer expressions, too. And all of us, each and every one of us, has Leo in our charts somewhere.

So instead of just simply equating Leo with Lion and the King of their own Jungle, let’s go a bit deeper, shall we? And let’s apply Leo energy to our own lives. Because on a Full Moon in Leo, that’s what we’re being asked to do.

5 Questions You Can Ask To Get To Know Your Inner Leo

  1. Where do you claim the spotlight?

  2. In what parts of your life do you feel most dominant?

  3. From whom do you need validation?

  4. What do you want to express in the world right now?

  5. How would you articulate your unique potential and power?

Now with all that unique you-ness clear in your mind, let’s see what this Leo Full Moon is trying to tell you, eh?

How your Leo Energy Is Being Activated Under The Full Moon


This is a fiery, beautiful moon for all you Rams. Something about this week is asking you to really express your truth in a bold and playful way. Speaking truth to power is hard, but it doesn’t have to be done with a straight face. You can bring a sense of levity and joy to even the hardest moments. And with the right attitude, your audience will find you. They’re ready to listen if you find the courage to speak. Speak honestly, and from the heart. This moon is a healing one.


You are a creature of divine potential and power when it comes to your safe spaces. Something about this moon feels very deep. There is a ripeness that is ready to burst, a full red grape turning to wine before your eyes. This moon is asking you to commit to your home, your family, your ancestry in some way. To make a choice, to plant a seed, cement the foundation. Commitment doesn’t mean settling, though. You could be starting on your next great adventure soon...


You’ve got something to say, Gemini. I mean, of course you do. But during the full moon, your words hold deeper meaning and carry farther than you know. It’s like the moon is a bullhorn for you, carrying your message widely and to the right ears. But I’m also getting the feeling that you’re afraid to say what you have to say, and that you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone to do it. Soak up some Leo warmth to help you light the way.


This full moon has Pay Day energy for all the Cancer-identifying folks out there. This could be literal or figurative: a nice little bonus in your bank account; the extension of an opportunity you’ve been building toward for some time; a compliment from somebody you look up to; a sense of alignment between your personal and professional values. This valuable vibe may feel all the sweeter because you know what you sacrificed to reach this milestone.


Give yourself a big hug, Leo! Share an extra selfie on social media today. Show the world that swell face of yours! This moon is shining on you, helping you to celebrate yourself in new and courageous ways. You are a reminder that strength comes in many forms: physical; mental; emotional; relational. So while you’re tooting your own horn externally, this is also a good moment to reflect internally. What have you learned over the past six months?


This Leo Full Moon lights up an often hidden part of the Virgo soul. As such, it can feel a bit tense and uncomfortable. It’s like looking at the cobwebs in the closet you’ve been ignoring for months, or accidentally showing up to the office in your pajamas. Something about your public life and your innermost secrets are seeing each other today. You can think of this as a necessary moment of purging and cauterization in order to heal.


You’re where you love to be: at the center of the party, in the middle of the dance floor, lighting up Slack. This full moon is shining a light on the way you show up in community. Something has you feeling on top of your game and in command of your social circle. Not in a mean way. But in a “I belong here” kind of way. This may come after a long few months of feeling out of place or left behind, too. Let go of any old resentments and embrace the change.


You’re reaching a pinnacle of some kind during this full moon, one related to your most public self and career-oriented persona. Your reputation is getting a big boost. And while Scorpio may not embrace the spotlight in the same way a Leo would, Scorpios are power made manifest. And you are fulfilling that embodiment today. This is a moment of prosperity, victory, and the joy that well-applied determination and power can bring to life.


You would be happiest in a library, classroom, or bookstore today, Sag. This full moon is lighting up the exploratory, philosophical, and culturally curious part of your brain in a big way. You’re really wanting to showcase your expertise and all the learnings you’ve packed into your mind. You may find yourself asked to teach others what you know best, or to lead a discussion of some kind. Shine in the spotlight, archers! Your fiery self will be quite comfortable.


This full moon brings a fiery and passionate intensity that may be a bit overwhelming for Capricorns. You’re being asked to merge your goals with another’s, like two halves of a magnet snapping together. Something will click into place, transforming two ideas into one. And while your ambitious, pragmatic self may like to control the situation, recognize that this combination is the culmination of hard work by many people. See the opportunity for what it is: the next best step.


Used to looking out for the collective and breaking past traditions and stodgy ways of living life, this full moon has you looking a little bit closer to home: at your own heart and what it yearns for. Airy and visionary Aquarius may find this emotionality uncomfortable. But we learn so much through our close relationships with others. This full moon is helping you see the truth of your heart, and give you a burst of courage in going after what (or who) you desire.


This full moon has a delicious feeling for your Pisces. Like that first morning stretch after a long, restful sleep. It’s an awakening of your body and the rituals that sustain that body. This is a day for reflecting on the ways you cultivate energy in your daily life, whether that be through rest, exercise, nourishment, reiki, or something else entirely. Because a strong cultivation of energy is about to be deeply needed…a new project beckons.


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