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3 Days Astrology Has Our Backs In February 2022

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We’re a month into 2022 and almost out of retrograde season (for now). Things are about to start moving forward again, or at least the planets won’t be actively resisting our plans and initiatives. I mean, we get it Sir Mercury and Lady Venus, you wanted us to look inward and reflect. But can’t we all move on with our lives now?

Thankfully, yes we can. February from astrological standpoint is looking pretty tame and relatively stable. There will be some minor bumps in the road, but nothing too aggressive or alarming as we shovel our way through the depths of winter. We've got a bit of a reprieve until April comes along...which will bring more explosive energy. (You can get a preview here).

February's Astrological Topography

Here’s a look at the high-level astrological topography for February 2022. You can think of "topography" as the quality of the energy. A spike is helpful and feels good and fulfilling. A dip might mean tension, conflict, bad news, or moodiness.

The ups and downs of February overall

Overall, it’s looking pretty good right? Early February brings with it some really positive energy, and even the little dips we’ll experience won’t be anything we can’t handle (or haven’t already dealt with before).

And here’s a closer, planet-by-planet look. Please send your regards to Mars and Jupiter. Even wild-card Uranus is conspiring in our favor. This chart shows us where we’re getting all those good vibes from. And the three days we have to look forward to thanks to some very helpful aspects.

The ups and downs of February by planet

3 Days To look Forward to this February

  1. February 4th. Mark your calendars, people! This is going to be a “good vibes only” kind of day. Not in like, a toxic positivity way. But in a truly feeling lit up from within and blessed from without. And we have Mars and Jupiter to thank for this big spike in dopamine. They’ll be making a helpful sextile to each other (which is like a small gift in astrology), which helps us get shit done and feel really good about it.

  2. February 16th. Celebrate with your pride for the Full Moon in Leo. This Full Moon sees you realizing something about the ways your sense of self and place in the world have developed over the past six months. The ways in which you express yourself and give of your heart are in the spotlight today! Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, and encourage others to do the same.

  3. February 17th. This is a subtler energy than the 4th or 16th, but positive nonetheless. On the 17th, Jupiter sextiles Uranus, bringing us some good surprises and helpful shakeups. Or, better yet, an innovative and oddball idea of YOURS is being recognized and realized in a meaningful way. Always the eccentric, Uranus gets a little gift of optimism from expansive Jupiter. And you do, too.

2 Days to Keep an Eye on

  1. February 21st and 22nd: These are the two days this month that the Moon is in Scorpio. The sensitive, intuitive, comfort-loving moon struggles in deep, intense, and mysterious Scorpio. And while this transit happens every lunar cycle without fail, in an otherwise chill month, this emotionality may be more noticeably felt. Be compassionate with your moody self! And try and extend that compassion to others, too.

February’s Tarot Card: The Star, Reversed

As a reminder, February is trying to teach us something important. (Get the full download here). When Reversed, The Star helps us get to the bottom of a feeling of uncertainty around our place with the larger community. What is our role? Where do we add value? Where do we want to be in community this time next year?

The mild astrological energy of February should give us plenty of space to investigate these blocks and build sustainable plans for our future selves.

Good luck!


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