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Virgos In The Wild: 5 Tips for Noticing This Discerning Zodiac Sign

The Power of Astrology to Understand Yourself

Learning astrology is the lesson of a lifetime. Many of us start out intrigued by the mirroring we see in our sun sign horoscopes. We delight in the ways an astrologer who has never met us and likely never will seems to know who we are at our core, sees the hidden parts of our soul that few rarely glimpse.

And then we go deeper, some of us. We wan’t to understand what it means, how did the astrologer know this, or is it all just bunk? Soon we discover that we don’t just have a sun sign, but a rising and a moon sign, too! And that all the planets and all the signs represent our chart, and make connections to each other, and that everything is laden with meaning and magic.

And then, once you start making connections of your own, before you know it, you’re well on your way to the lifelong exploration of the stars and all that we can learn from their ancient splendor.

But Astrology is about more than you…no offense

But astrology can be more than a navel-gazing activity. It can help us understand the relationship dynamics playing out around us. The office gossip may be a Gemini craving new knowledge but currently bored in her role. The person who’s quiet in large meetings but lights up in small circles might be a shy Scorpio who knows their intensity is best appreciated in more intimate spaces. And the peer who seems to adopt new skills with lightning speed might be a Virgo staying apace with their need to be of use to the world.

So let’s dig into that last person, shall we? As a Virgo myself with multiple points and planets in this Mutable Earth sign, I have a pretty deep understanding of Virgo energy and how it manifests in the world. And as somebody “out” as an astrologer in my corporate workplace, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing other Virgos at work in the world, too.

Keep in mind that having significant Virgo energy is not dependent on being born during Virgo season (late August through Mid-Late September). Somebody may have a Virgo ascendant, or even a stellium of planets in Virgo that could overshadow their sun sign placement. They could even have been raised by a Virgo parent, and have learned Virgo behaviors as a result. So use these signs as guideposts, and points of reflection when interacting with the people around you.

Reading into somebody’s energy is not meant to be a tool for judgment. But one of understanding. Use it wisely and with kindness!

5 Ways to Spot a Virgo In the Wild

1. Virgos Collect Many Skills

One of the surest signs of a Virgo is their vast array of skills, talents, and tools they’ve collected in their life. This may manifest as a billion hobbies, a veritable library of self-help books, multiple post-grad degrees, constant enrollment in one course or another, or the collection of various kinds of healing modalities (astrology, tarot, reiki, yoga nidra, etc).

Virgos devote their time and energy to the cultivation of these things. For myself, it’s the ever-expanding set of healing modalities I’m exploring, hundreds of books I can’t bear to part with, and a constant stream of courses and workshops. For another Virgo in my life, it’s a ton of hobbies that require artistry and careful attention and often verge on obsession. For a Virgo rising I follow, it’s a devotion to her voice and the way she can cultivate the use of it in many mediums.

2. Virgos Love Putting Their Skills to Use

But Virgos generally don’t just do this to do this. It’s not a selfish use of time and energy. They are cultivating this garden of skills in order to best serve their chosen communities. Virgo is a sign on the axis of Service. Being of service is central to the Virgo being. And using their skills in service to others feels good. Better than good. It feels immensely satisfying.

For example, learning about astrology and tarot fascinates me. But I feel filled up and in flow when I can use these skills to help others understand themselves. It’s why I run this website, it’s why I write my books, it’s why I started a Moon Circle at work. It’s why a Virgo co-worker of mine’s role continuous to expand, because she is so good at helping other people get things done, and she does it with joy and a smile on her face.

3. Virgos are Detail-Oriented

But cultivating all of these skills is not easy. Sure, it can be fun and it can be fulfilling and meaningful. But it takes time, effort, and diligence. This requires a supreme amount of tracking of details, time management, and accountability. You have to be finely attuned to the details of everyday life if you want to cram it to the brim with constant learning and skills development.

Virgos likely live in a spreadsheet, to-do list, planner, or tool like Trello or Asana. Every day is a series of tasks that have to be done should we hope to learn to play the guitar, or get certified in Reiki, or get our Master’s Degree while working full time. Big Virgo energy is not for the feint of heart, or those wary of granularity.

4. Virgos can understand the connections between details

Virgos are also great at seeing the connections between details, skills, and pieces of information, too. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger and planet of communication, information, and ideas. This constant stream of information is given purpose through Virgo. Think of Virgo as a constant state of putting puzzles together. When you open a puzzle box, the pieces are all jumbled together and the connections between them seem unclear. But, with time and attention and an ability to spot patterns, the picture comes together.

That’s what being in a Virgo mind is like. It’s a constant synthesis of disparate details. A constants sifting through the sand to ultimately build a sand castle. I think that’s what’s drawn me to astrology. It’s what makes a Virgo I know so good at managing diverse personalities and skillsets at work. And it’s what makes a Mercury in Virgo co-worker so great at deep research and prescriptive recommendations for success based on said research.

5. Virgos Get Stuck in the Details

But being so attuned to the details and the connections between them is mentally exhausting. It’s like every day is an hour glass. Virgos are constantly racing against the clock to get through their to-do list. And it’s all the more obvious to a Virgo when they don’t live up to their own expectations, don’t check off all their tasks, or don’t fulfill an obligation to themselves or others.

With life so partitioned out, a Virgo gets stuck in the details. And can often gets very distracted by the tiniest whiff of personal failure. A Virgo's inner critic is brutal and set up to be given constant voice in the Virgo head. For me, this has manifested as social anxiety, severe bouts of insecurity, and self doubt masquerading as humility. For others I know, it’s depression, an inability to see their own leadership potential, or a fear of making the wrong decision when on a big stage.

And at its darkest, Virgo criticism and judgement can be turned outwards, making them the strict parent, the micro-managing boss, or the nagging spouse.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Virgo energy in a few of its clearest manifestations. As you go through your week, pay attention the people in your life through this lens. What Virgo tendencies do they live out?

And look inward, too. You have Virgo in your chart. In what areas of your own life are you cultivating skills and talent to serve the whole? Where are you distracted by the details, losing sight of the bigger picture?

Looking for more astrology resources? Check out my free Astrology through Creative Osmosis guide to get more intel as you navigate life.


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