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11 Powerful Astrological Transits in September 2022

As summer winds down and work ramps back up (or maybe ramps up even more for some of you), the heavens have a lot in store for us in September 2022 with 11 positive and powerful astrological transits to celebrate.

The themes for this month that I’m sensing into are POWER and BALANCE. Oftentimes in our current society, these two concepts feel mutually exclusive. In a world where power is withheld from so many, how can we have balance? If climbing the ladder is what helps give us power, how can we have work/life balance?

September has us contemplating that and more! Here are 11 key transits that will have you getting deep and sensing into your relationship to power and balance as we transition through Virgo and into Libra.

The 11 Astrological Transits to Look Forward to in September

  • September 1: Mars Sextile Jupiter. This is an exciting and very activating energy to kickstart September with. Here we have the planet of expansion and optimization giving a helping hand to the planet of courage and aggression. It feels very empowering, as if a project we’ve been working on for the past several months is given a boost of energy or forward momentum. Don’t be afraid to push for what you believe in and advocate strongly for yourself.

  • September 3: Mercury Opposite Jupiter: On this day, the way you’re growing in confidence and expanding into what energizes you is being reflected back at you. This may be a compliment, the proliferation of your work and efforts in a more public forum, or some other form of communication and conversation that showcases your strength. You have advocates out there. Let them spread the good word.

  • September 10: Full Moon in Pisces: After getting super specific at the Virgo New Moon a couple weeks ago, The Full Moon in Pisces comes with an entirely different vibe. This moon feels especially transcendent and soothing, like a lavender sleep balm or floating down a lazy river. It’s a subtle culmination without external flash or flair, but felt deeply nonetheless. What is rising up for you from the depths?

  • September 11: Sun Trine Uranus: You get a new perspective today, and perhaps uncover some new information or data that helps you make a more innovative, creative, and discerning choice.

  • September 19: Sun Trine Pluto: After the perspective shift a week ago, this aspect has us looking very deeply inward. As we near the end of this Pluto in Capricorn cycle, this transit feels like powerful portal. We’re evolving through the use of discernment, a growing mastery of our craft, and a purity of intent to serve others in our own specific ways. But this evolution means we leave our old selves behind, which can be destabilizing if we’re not ready for the change. What are you evolving into? And how have you evolved since 2008?

  • September 20: Venus Trine Uranus: A new perspective or unexpected situation enters your relationship sphere today. This might sound scary, but this trine is beneficial, like a surprise hug or a needed change. But even good things can catch us off guard! So don’t be hard on yourself if the next few days feel tender and worrisome.

  • September 23: Sun Enters Libra: A sluggish energy suffuses early Libra season, like a slow-moving breeze or a three-toed sloth. The wind picks up as we depend into fall and October.

  • September 23: Sun Conjunct Mercury: Mercury gets recharged as it enters the heart of the sun. With this happening so close to the Sun entering Libra, it feels extra symbolic. It’s almost if the universe is asking us to really wipe the slate clean of the details and data and facts and judgements we made or that were made about us during Virgo season. If we want balance, diplomacy, justice, and liberated thought to flourish, we have to reset the scales. Let go of resentment! Because the issue is about to be revisited and letting go of the weight of the past will really help you pivot in the future.

  • September 25: New Moon in Libra: A Libra New Moon asks us to plant a seed of hope for our future selves. This feels healing and helpful, like giving ourself permission to dream of (and plan for) a more just and balanced future. This New Moon is also opposite Jupiter, which amplifies the power of whatever seed you (or WE as a collective) are planting on this new moon. It almost feels like we’re scattering dandelion seeds into the wind, spreading hope and peace as far a stye breeze will take it.

  • September 26: Venus Trine Pluto: The habits and rituals of relationship get examined during this transit. Are our habitual behaviors and traditions holding us back from evolving into more healthy and deep relationships? It’s okay to grow into or out of new kinds of relationships over time. There is no shame in change.

  • September 26: Mercury Conjunct Venus: An old conversation or plan comes back into focus, forcing you to rehash it with a partner, colleague, or mentor. It may be that you were moving too fast for nuance last time around, and now have more head space in which to fill out the details and direction you both require to move forward in the situation.


So there you have it: September 2022’s 11 powerful and balancing transits. Keep them all close at hand with my Google Calendar astro tracker!


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