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February 2023 Tarot Card for Each Sign: Sinking Into Our Future Dreams

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The astrology of February hands off the reigns from visionary Aquarius to dreamy Pisces and puts nothing less than our future dreams at the forefront. February asks us to be curious about change and the challenges that come with it, to be okay with exploring the impossible, to get serious about our futures, and to lose ourselves in the emotional oceans of our lives.

So as you contemplate the impossible and let yourself dream deeply, I’ve pulled a tarot card for each sign to assist your ponderings. There is a lot going on, but that isn’t anything to be afraid of. It takes a lot for our dreams to transcend fantasy and enter the realm of reality after all.

A Tarot Card for Each Sign

February 2023 Tarot Cards by Sign
February 2023 Cards by Sign

Aries: Queen of Swords

You’ll be sinking into your intuition this month, Aries. You’re being asked to trust your instincts as you plot a path for your future. A future that might seem impossible, feel unreachable…and will be if you don’t trust yourself. And while you’re typically comfortable jumping into something headfirst, February brings with it an extra level of emotionality that feels like unfamiliar (or uncomfortable) waters for you. That’s okay. Get to know how your dreams and plans make you feel. Feelings are a compass, not deadweight. This kind of water won’t put out your flame. And you won’t be able to avoid it forever.

Taurus: Two of Cups

You’re drinking up the energies of February and seeing life as the dream it can be. Something about this month feels incredible lush, vibrant, and creative for you. You’re able to bask in it, and basking is defiantly something that a Taurus loves to do. Your task is to spread the love. Others might be going through it this month. Your fecund, fertile energy may be just what they need to know what is possible, or find comfort in a storm. Life is better when lived together. Spread the good word.

Gemini: Ace of Wands

As you turn meaning into purpose this month, a new light is burning in your heart. The Ace of Wands is a spark of inspiration and passion. It is the light that will guide you through seemingly impossible situations and highlight the details of your dreams. When you have passion and put it to use, there is so much more that is open to you. Use your innate curiosity to get to know this new spark from every angle.

Cancer: The Chariot

February sees you racing from sharing resources to sharing wisdom as you plot a path from dream to reality. You’re feeling extremely motivated this month, comfortable in the Piscean waters. And when a crab is comfortable, it is able to rush forward with incredible speed and dexterity. There is something about gaining teammates and cultivating knowledge that empowers you to push yourself. Go with it. This energy won’t last forever!

Leo: Three of Crystals

This month is all about your relationships with others, both 1:1 unions and your place within larger collaborations. Normally comfortable with being the center of attention and existing in the spotlight, February is less about you and more about us all. Lean into partnerships and don’t expect to get credit for every good thing you do. Especially as the Full Moon rises in your sign on February 5th. You’re being challenged to take a less performative approach to teamwork this month.

Virgo: Page of Wands Reversed

February has you feeling al little bit discombobulated. Pisces is your opposite, and so all of this Piscean energy has you out of sorts. Dreams and visions are all well and good, but you’re more comfortable with the fine details than the big picture. February highlights that skill gap. And Virgo is not a fan of skill gaps. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, embrace what you can and do that full steam ahead. It doesn’t have to be perfect to have value.

Libra: Ace of Crystals

As you move through self-expression and into self-care, you’re cultivating a very material new project. For some, ten years from now may seem like an impossible dream of the future. But for some of you Librans, it feels clearly within reach. Maybe not an easy path ahead, but one you know you can follow. You are committing strongly to what you want your life to be like in the future. February sees you already past the pros and cons and instead moving into alignment with the needs and wants of those you’re in partnership with. Your heart is sure, and now you’re through the details to turn your blueprint into a sustainable plan.

Scorpio: Five of Crystals

February puts you in touch with your future desires for home and heart. This forces you to confront the crossroads you’re at in your life. Committing to your future and getting clear on your dreams means letting go of certain parts of your present and past self. You might very well like those parts of yourself. But that doesn’t mean they’ll serve you where you’re headed. There is a bittersweet quality to this month, Scorpio. If anybody can rock it, you can.

Sagittarius: Perspective

Expect this to be an eye-opening month for you, Sagittarius. You’ll be making the annual transition from being out and about and curious and communicative to emotionally cooped up and focused on grounding into your foundations. You like being out and about, but being “stuck” dealing with the mundanities of private life might be boring to you. February brings with it a call to look at home in new ways. There is so much to explore in our family trees, our ancestries, and our lineages. Some of our biggest secrets are discovered at home. The more you know about your past, the more your future may open up.

Capricorn: Two of Wands, Reversed

As you move from digging into your values and valuable to clearly articulating what you desire from your future, you’re faced with a choice. And one that you may not be ready to make. Looming within this choice is change, and it may be this change (or the other side of your choice) that feels uncomfortably hazy. You want to be able to make the most logical, rational, practical choice that will ensure the most successful future, but instead your emotions are clouding your judgement you’re pretty annoyed about it. Don’t be. Emotions are a clue. Investigate them.

Aquarius: Three of Swords

As you navigate the sun's annual jaunt through your sign and its later highlighting of your values, valuable, and partnerships, there is some rough energy making that navigation challenging. Something or someone you trusted is being revealed to be unreliable. The future you envisioned for yourself and the dreams you’ve dreamt may feel forever out of reach, or even shattered, as a result. Don’t push yourself this month, Aquarius. Hibernate. Sit with the feelings. Do a little navel gazing. Sometimes you have to look within to understand the world without.

Pisces: Nine of Crystals

As you move through a moment of integration and into a month of YOU, the vibes you’re getting are pure luxury. I love this for you, Pisces. With so much Piscean energy abounding in February, it’s no wonder the world is blossoming for you. You are swimming in your dreams and bathing in ideas for your future, and are feeling extremely well resourced as you do so. Something big is close at hand. A dream nearly fulfilled. Keep at it!


May you bask in your dreams and sink into your future with this February 2023 Tarot Card for Each Sign! Keep in mind your overall theme for the year. You can check out your annual reading here, and get more insights into Aquarius season here.


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