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Full Moon in Aries 2021: A Tarot Reading

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

The October 20th Aries Full Moon was truly one of the most beautiful, vibrantly orange moons I’ve seen in a long time. I hope you took a look, a gaze, an open-mouthed stare. Because our lady Luna deserves nothing less!

But what is she trying to teach us? Where is she at in that big, dark, star-laden sky?

From an astrological perspective, this Full Moon occurred at 27 degrees of Aries. Aries is the sign of the Ram, and the very first sign of the zodiac. Rams are known for being act-first-think-later kinds of people who dive headfirst into life…and tend to butt heads with anybody who gets in their way.

That’s the vibe this moon is bringing on. A charge into life, to challenge, to courage. And that blind dive doesn’t always feel good. But sometimes it’s necessary.

Another tidbit? The Sabian Symbol for the 27th Degree of Aries is “A Large Audience.” This moon is about sitting back and watching life unfold. It is about being the hero of your own living story. This moon calls you to be your own hero! Screw your inner audience (that oft-rude critic) and go for it. But also…know what’s realistic, too. An actor generally doesn’t win an Oscar for their first film. You don't have to run a marathon the first time you hit the treadmill, or write a bestseller the first time you put pen to paper, or get the very first job you interview for. It's the action that will change you, not the end result.

Plus, there’s a moon every month (sometimes two!). Take baby steps. And for this one, wear a cape and bring a sword.

If you’d like a little extra wisdom from the tarot cards, here’s a three card spread that represents the past thirty-ish days and the next thirty-ish, and the pivot point that this Full Moon represents. For this reading, I’ve used one of my favorite decks: Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown.

What we've been filling up on this past lunar cycle:

The Father of Swords

The Father of Swords represents the part of us all that is wise and fair and analytical. This alert owl can see beyond his own emotions and reactions and into the truth of the matter. He sees how a situation effects not just him, but a group, a relationship, or an entire community. He uses his gift of logic to defeat injustice and serve the whole.

This doesn’t mean that emotion and anger and love don’t have their place. This is just not HIS gift. He simply gives you a new tool in your tool belt. Have you used it well?

Or have you been SO rooted in logic you’ve been ignoring your other gifts? Swords cut both ways, after all. For me, this card often pops up when I’m feeling really anxious about something, and need to rest my mind and not let spiraling thoughts take over.

Where we're at right now:

Eight of Wands

This moon is a trigger for a massive change or shift. Some of you may feel it personally, others may notice on a more collective level. This is a lightning strike in time. This is the part of Power Rangers when they stop being individual colors and become the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers! Just remember, things can feel big on the inside, without anybody on the outside taking note.

What change are you inviting into your life? What punches have you had to roll with? What dream has been brought one step closer to reality?

What we’ll be moving into over the next lunar cycle:

The Chariot

If this Full Moon is a starting gun, the next lunar cycle will be a race. The Chariot is one of the most beautiful of the Major Arcana card. This valiant stallion taps into so many gifts and resources she has available to her in the present moment, helping her make her way toward her future.

She is rooted in the real world (pentacle necklace), not living in a fantasy. She holds that essential grounded-ness close to her heart. It keeps her firmly on the earth, where her reality takes shape. But she’s also guided by her intuition (crescent moon). She’s tapped into her wider sensing to help her choose her path and trust her gut. And she sees so clearly what she wants and needs (sun), the obstacles that might trip her up. Each ray of light is an encouragement to keep going! And lastly, her mission is framed by passion (red corners), an energy that lights her up.

The Chariot is confidence embodied. I hope she fills you, me, us, up!


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