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New Moon in Libra 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

This Libra season has been mostly absent of the flirtatious glances and lyrical poetics of your favorite Libra. It’s been more focused on rooting oneself in diplomacy and intentionality in the midst of conflict and challenge.

In a word, it’s been exhausting. And with good reason.

Between Venus suffering in deep-diving Scorpio, Mars rampaging through peace-making Libra, and everyone's favorite Mercury Retrograde stinking up the normally floral-smelling Air sign, there’s been a lot of fish-out-of-water energy simmering in the background of our lives.

But this New Moon in Libra (Wednesday, 10/6) is here to help us click the reset button, to start a new cycle, to plant a new seed of peaceful and artistic intention.

Let’s take a deeper look into how this might affect you, sign-by-sign.

  • Aries: The “other” in your life is getting some attention today. You may be setting an intention around making new friends, being more engaged with the ones you’ve got, or extending an olive branch to somebody you’ve fallen out of touch with. Something about your network and the beautiful humans that make that network up is calling to you. You’ll seek to cultivate it, not for selfish gain or to get ahead, but simply because it feels nice to make others feel nice.

  • Taurus: This New Moon might feel like the straw that broke the camel's back. Something about your health, wellness, or daily work and life is coming to a head in such a way that has you committing to a new way of living. You’re going to be craving more balance in your day, your diet, or your exercise routine. You don’t have to rebuild your whole schedule overnight. But you can start to feel into what you’d LIKE your life to feel like. Whether that be peaceful or playful, the choice is yours.

  • Gemini: The New Moon helps clear any blocks you’ve been feeling around your creative expression and ability to generate beauty and play in the world. Something is coming unstuck for you . Something beautiful will be erupting in your mind, yearning to be set free. But don’t rush it. Sit in the idea. Let it percolate and blossom like a night-blooming flower. You have time to turn your vision into a reality and have fun with it along the way. A masterpiece doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Cancer: The New Moon has you feeling like nesting in a seriously luxurious way. You’ll be craving new art on your walls, lush plant life, tapestries, mood lighting, and more. But if you’re stressing out about the state of your bank account, don’t worry. The New Moon is about setting an intention that you’ll slowly manifest over the course of the next six months. So use today as a chance to get clear on what that vision is. How can you make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful? That might mean buying more stuff, or it might mean something more energetic. The choice is yours, so nest away!

  • Leo: The way you communicate is about to get flowery as all get out. But not to worry, Leo. This will be a slow, but important, process meant not to turn you into peace-keeping Libra, but instead to help you communicate with others more effectively. As we’ve all heard, you catch more flies with honey than with a leonine roar. That’s exactly what this New Moon is asking you to think about. Just because you’re a lion doesn’t mean you have to go around shouting about it. What can you learn from harmonious Libra when it comes to keeping the peace and helping everyone feel heard?

  • Virgo: This New Moon is helping you get more thoughtful and balanced about your values and valuables. This may mean nipping some poor budgeting habits in the bud, recognizing that much of your recent shopping has been driven by pandemic anxiety. Or it might be the opposite: is your rein on your finances so tight that you’re sucking all the joy out of your own life? Libra will help you find more ease and harmony between you and your resources over the next six months.

  • Libra: This New Moon is settling peacefully into your very essence. You may feel more at ease, more peaceful, and more beautiful in the darkness of this lunar reset. Use this moment as a chance to reset your identity and the way you present yourself to the wider world. This may be a subtle but powerful change, like swapping your drug-store face wash for something more natural. Or it might be powerfully obvious, like stepping past the boundaries of “politeness” and into compassionate honesty. Something about you will be shaken slowly loose over the next sixth months. At the end, you’ll be revealed in shining purity.

  • Scorpio: Libra season has been particularly tough and deep for you, Scorpio. This New Moon is helping you look into your own shadow, the dark places of your soul and forgotten memories. This isn't a moment to shame yourself or your triggers, but to compassionately investigate them. You can’t change what you won’t look at. And this New Moon will be the impetus for a six-month-long, gentle and loving reconnaissance mission to understand and heal some of those hidden wounds. Go easy on yourself. That's what Libra would do.

  • Sagittarius: You may have been feeling isolated or out of sync with your communities or social circles over the past couple of weeks as Mercury and Mars caused havoc and misunderstanding in your social life. But this New Moon is here to help soothe your nerves and reset your approach. You may find yourself stepping into a more conscious and easy leadership role. Not one where you take charge with an iron fist, but one in which you help everyone feel valued and heard. You’ll become the friend who holds space, the one who makes connections, the catalyst for harmony within the group. Relax into your natural charm, Sag, even if it means adjusting your pace for others.

  • Capricorn: Your career has likely been feeling like a battlefield or just a bad fit over the past few weeks. With this New Moon, something will ease within you. It may be that you stop forcing and pushing and instead compromise and diplomatize a path forward. Or it may be that you set your sights on a new course or development opportunity that will help you better communicate and harmonize with the people around you. You’re resetting your professional image in some way, using peacekeeping Libra as your guide. So ask yourself, what would Libra learn?

  • Aquarius: Your identity has been activated in many ways over the past ten months, in ways both expansive and restrictive. Your ideas have been given voice, your ideals put in the spotlight, and your vision of the future shown to be not just necessary but possible with enough collective action. And this New Moon is helping you find the philosophical and cultural balance you’ll need to turn that vision into reality. Because knowing instinctively how something is meant to be isn’t enough to affect change. Over the next six months, you’ll be learning about something important to you. What do you need to study to bring more peace or beauty to your world?

  • Pisces: There’s been a lot of strain and angst in one of the most intimate areas of your life lately. The spaces, energies, and projects you share with others have been going through a bit of a rough patch, to say the least. This New Moon is helping you say “enough is enough.” And not in a “I want to run away from it all” kind of way. Instead, it’s helping you get clear on how to resolve the tensions in a healthy, meaningful way. It won’t happen fast, or smoothly (probably), but the first step toward feeling more ease is finding more clarity. Use today to do just that.


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