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Venus in Sagittarius 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Well, that was an interesting Venus transit, am I right? Venus in Scorpio was dark, dripping in black velvet, and deeply sarcastic. At least that’s the vibes I was feeling as a Scorpio rising for the past few weeks. Sorry not sorry to anybody’s feelings I may have hurt.

But as of Thursday, October 7th, Venus will be gratefully sashaying out of the most intense of all the signs and into a place where she feels much more adventurous: Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is characterized by exploration, forward momentum, and a deep desire for expansion that never seems to be satiated. I like to think of Sagittarius as the Energizer Bunny of the zodiac.

So what might Venus (the planet of love and beauty) get up to in this expansive sign? Mind you, we still have Mercury Retrograde in Libra right now, so forward momentum may still feel slow and choppy. But in the one area of your life Sagittarius represents, things will feel easier and even abundant.

Read below, sign-by-sign for where you might tap into that loving abundance from 10/7 - 11/4.

  • Aries: Pull out that blazer with the elbow patches and the heaviest tome in your library. You’re about to fall in love with learning. And maybe fall in love through learning? You’ll feel lit up by all things art, culture, history, spirituality, philosophy and the rest of what makes this beautiful earth so beautiful. Let your mind run wild, and share what you learn with anyone who will listen.

  • Taurus: After the tension and enigma-laden energy that marched through your relationships in September, Venus is clambering forward with desperate relief into your most intimate of houses. The secrets and hidden desires you unraveled last month might find some resolution now, as long as you approach the situation with loving kindness and honest curiosity. Just be wary of letting your influence expand so far that you lose sight of what your partner and co-conspirators want, too. Sag does have a tendency to take over without noticing!

  • Gemini: Love is in the air for you! Your closest, long-term relationships (romantic or otherwise) are opening up and expanding into something new. The path isn’t fully clear yet thanks to some hurdles in your daily work and life, but there is a kernel of something beautiful popping into perfect delicious popcorn as we speak. Keep the heat on high and you’ll have a bowlful soon enough. And maybe somebody to share it with, too?

  • Cancer: After feeling pretty emo last month and perhaps shying away from extra attention or transparent expression, Venus is encouraging you to make friends (or more) through your daily life. You might make a chance connection at the gym, stumble upon a new foodie heaven full cheese aficionados just like you, or focus Venus’s love on your own mind and body in a more intentional way. A little affirmation or two might be called for in October! My favorite? I dwell in a sea of love.

  • Leo: I sense some truly prolific creative energy pouring forth from you this month. This might be artistic in nature (a writing, painting, singing project perhaps? A little mixed media? A fiery masterpiece?). Or it might be another form of creation tied to children or childlike wonder. Something in you wants to explore and express yourself in a beautiful way, and through that expression, find others with your same level of curiosity and wonder.

  • Virgo: I sense some kind of travel or artistic excursion in your future, Virgo. Something in you is longing to connect with the wider world, or at the very least bring a new sense of culture, heritage, and art into your home. You’re longing to understand your heritage, to dig into your ancestral roots, and to connect with your family in a more meaningful way. This month, home is truly where the heart is. Follow it!

  • Libra: Your voice will feel set free this month, especially after the tenseness and deep dives into your values last month. Set your words loose upon the world, because people need to hear what you have to say! Of course, with some other interesting things happening in YOUR sign right now, your words may get misinterpreted as aggressive or overly direct. But Venus in Sagittarius will help smooth the way.

  • Scorpio: What you value and the valuables of your life will be doing a little dance over the next month or so. Sagittarius is an extremely optimistic and abundant sign, and those are both words anybody would want to hear when it comes to their finances and the things that matter most to them in a material way. But this isn’t abundance that will fall into your lap. With Venus in the picture, you’ll likely have to partner up to create something beautiful and attract the resources you deserve.

  • Sagittarius: I’m getting an overwhelming feeling of relief from you as Venus enters your sign and the core of your identify and way of being in the world. You may feel like you can finally breathe easy, that you can look yourself in the mirror and feel confident in what you see, and that it’s just that much easier to love yourself as you are! Others might notice this confidence, too, creating an influx of social connection and attention throughout October. Revel in it. You never know what opportunities might come of this magnetic moment.

  • Capricorn: After leaning into a bit of mystery and sarcasm with your social circles last month, this month might feel a bit introspective. And since Sagittarius doesn’t do anything half way, that introspection may in fact be extreme. You’ll be pointing the flashlight of your attention at a set of very particular corners and interrogating the cobwebs you find there, especially when it comes to past (or current) relationships. Take Venus’s advice and don’t do this interrogation alone. Let a friend hold space for you as you investigate your own shadows and seek to understand them in a new light.

  • Aquarius: You’ll be recognized by your network, your social followers, and your eclectic set of social groups as the true visionary you are this month. Some seed of an idea is set alight in your heart in October. And the best way to nurture that flame is to share it with others. Just make sure your point is clear, your words true and heartfelt, and the path forward will be made possible…if you’re involving the right people in the process.

  • Pisces: Something about your career and calling will click into place as Venus moves into optimistic Sagittarius. Maybe not the work itself, but the people you do that work with. You’ll find it easier to make those connections, especially if you’re brining a clear perspective and forward-looking vision to the table. Don’t be afraid to be a leader this month, Pisces. The world is asking this of you. Let the ocean of your soul be directed into a river in October.


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