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Dark Seeds in Fertile Soil: Scorpio New Moon 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Welcome to the Scorpio New Moon. This is a quiet so intense it is deafening.

This is a planting, but not a passive one. This is the precipice we’re jumping from into the unknown. This is the last full breath before we dive into our personal depths, our shadows, and our innate ability to transmute pain into beauty.

At 5:14PM Eastern Time, the Sun and Moon meet up at 12 degrees of Scorpio. This meet-up creates an urge to investigate our darkness. To not shy away from it in fear or disgust, but to turn it into something beautiful and uniquely ours.

The Sun and Moon get some fiery help from Mars, blazing his bold path through a sign he knows well. Could this be creating some tension and angst in your life? Sure. Could this be ratcheting up the “intensity” level to 1000? Absolutely. But Mars also gives us courage, connection, and boldness, things we’ll need should we confront our inner Scorpion.

We can think of this time as the planting of a seed at the bottom of a well. The New Moon is the seed, and the well is currently dark and empty. Over time, Scorpio (a water sign) will help us fill up this well as we progress through the next six months of this cycle. The seed will grow roots and fronds, and eventually rise to the top of a full, deep well as a lily pad. Upon that pad will be a beautiful blossom. Your blossom, ready to harvest.

Here’s a quick look at what kind of well your seed may find fertile ground in, sign by sign.

  • Aries: Intimacy, transformation, and shared resources and spaces.

  • Taurus: Your long-term relationships, romantic or otherwise.

  • Gemini: Your day-to-day life, work, and wellness.

  • Cancer: The way you embrace romance, play, and passion.

  • Leo: Your home, family, ancestry, and roots.

  • Virgo: The way you communicate, write, and think.

  • Libra: Your values, what you value, and what is valuable to you.

  • Scorpio: Your identity and the way you show up in the world.

  • Sagittarius: Your subconscious and hidden realms. Something far beneath the surface.

  • Capricorn: Your friendships and communities.

  • Aquarius: Your career, status, and reputation at large.

  • Pisces: Your faith, spirituality, quests of learning and adventure.

Scorpio New Moon 2021 Tarot Reading

For some guidance on how to feel out the impact this purifying new moon is having on your life, here is a tarot reading that should spark some introspection. What intention are you being called to set? What seed are you yearning to plant?

New Moon in Scorpio Spread
Planting a seed we intend to blossom

What You’re Planting: Five of Swords

This card has some serious Scorpio vibes about it. The Five of Swords is all about decay and confusion. I get a sense of rigidity from this card (Scorpio is a stubborn, fixed sign, after all), that does not serve you. This is almost less of a seed and more of a composting activity. But we all know that this makes the most fertile of soils. This is the kind of soil that worms will chew through and create even more fertile, nourishing soil. This is the kind of soil something magnificent can grow in.

There is a true sense of alchemy from this card. A potential to transmute waste into abundance. And it all starts here.

How You Can Nourish Your Seed: Eight of Wands

Again, some hints of Scorpio right in this card! Scorpio is this 8th sign of the zodiac, and this is the eight of Wands. This card is urging you not to rest on your laurels. This will not be a period of passive manifestation. You can’t just think about planting your seed and then hope for the best.

You have to make this happen.

This is an active, energetic, aggressive card. This feels like Mars urging you on, perhaps a bit unkindly, yes. But maybe this is the tough love you need to do what you know is necessary to reach your dreams.

What Is Blossoming Over the Next Six Months: Four Of Pentacles

This is a lovely card, and feels very Taurean to me, which is the sign we’ll be in six months from now, when we reach the Scorpio Full Moon and the ending of this lunar cycle.

The Four of Pentacles is a very stable, sturdy card, just like the Bull. It’s about working together toward a common goal. There’s a careful sense of balance in this card. It feels like it’s this support system, finely tuned and working in unison, that you are calling in. You know you cannot, or at the very least should not, manifest this dream all on your lonesome. You're seeking your cheerleaders, your support structure, your loved ones near and far. And with balance at the core of this system, you’re giving as much as you’re receiving.

Such practicality birthed through intensity can only be the strongest of structures.


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