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Scorpio Season 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Spooky season has arrived! People are busting out their witch hats, Ted Lasso mustaches, and Bernie Sanders mittens for Halloween.

But Scorpio season is about much more than the dark facade we show the world this time of year. It’s about the inner intensity we harbor. It’s about an air of mystery. An enigma with a deadly tail. Starting on October 23rd at 12:51 AM EST, Scorpio season ushers us into the depths of autumn and the hunt for resources ahead of a long, hunger-filled winter.

And luckily for all of us, much of the rest of the sky is moving forward once again. Mercury is out of retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn have stationed direct now, too. We should all be feeling like our lives are moving forward in a smoother way. Not without obstacles of course. But you shouldn’t feel like you’re swimming uphill and upstream during a raging storm.

As Scorpio season progresses, of course the sky will change. On October 30th, Mars will join the Sun, adding fire and drive to Scorpio’s intensity. Honestly, watch out world. I foresee a massive roar. A backlash. A sting of a scorpion’s tail. And November 4th brings a New Moon in Scorpio, helping to clarify the new need that we’re hungering for.

November 5th will bring a double-whammy, with Venus entering climbing Capricorn, making the planet of luck take responsibility and form commitments. On the same day, Mercury enters Scorpio, seeding hidden agendas and a lot of subtext into every conversation.

And lastly, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus rounds the season out in a big way on November 19th. More to come on this, but something about your earthly needs and wants will find fulfillment in some way.

The Scorpion in all of us is about the intimate mix of desire, death, and rebirth. What are you craving deep down in your soul? What are you willing to shed, like the dying leaves of a tree, to make room for what you really need? The part of your chart that hosts Scorpio will have a few clues for you about that.

Read below to find out more!

  • Aries: Scorpio season is always a doozy for you, Aries. And with your ruling planet Mars joining the sun in this most intense of signs and your most intense of houses, the tension is likely to ratchet up to 1000. This isn’t a bad thing, per se. Just something to be aware of, since not everyone will feel it the same way as you. Just be warned that your fire mixed with Scorpio’s water will make a lot of steam, reducing clarity and increasing your vigilance, making it harder to tell friend from foe.

  • Taurus: This month feels like a long soak in a hot tub in the dark of night. The jets are turned up high, rose petals are floating in the foam. The stars are shining down. And your favorite beau is staring with sultry eyes at you through the steam. Taurus knows what luxury feels like. And now you’re bringing somebody into your world of earthly delights.

  • Gemini: Work, or anything that feels like it, is about to get real intense. The demands will dial up to 11/10, and you’ll have the energy to support it. But as you rush around and crush your goals, be wary of the coming burnout. And make sure you’re doing things for the right reasons, and that the people around you are, too. You may be asking too much of your body, your partners, or your time.

  • Cancer: You’re diving into hedonism this month, Cancer. Which is so unlike you! But even little crabs get to have their fun. But this isn’t, like, fun in the sun kind of fun. It’s a darker kind of play. With higher stakes and sharper toys. Just make sure you don’t indulge so much that there are real-life consequences for giving in to temptation and desire.

  • Leo: You’re dropping a facade at home this month. You may feel spurred by a familiar disagreement (old or new) to stand up for yourself, push back, or poke the bear right back. You may also be shedding an old identity you hold within your family unit. Maybe stepping out of some co-dependence or over-independence. Maybe releasing an old hurt from an familial estrangement. Or maybe learning something new about your ancestors will change the way you view your current self. Something is changing, and it doesn’t feel subtle.

  • Virgo: You will speak truth to power this Scorpio season Virgo. The roadblocks have been cleared. Mars is hear to add some extra courage and oomph to your approach. And Mercury is here to make the words ever more clearer, powerful, and brutally honest. Don’t be afraid to wonder into the muck that your earthy sign might feel like this month. Honestly, don’t be afraid to make a little muck yourself. You have more power than you know!

  • Libra: Your finances and approach to partnership is under the microscope this month. This might bring about either an intense period of savings…or the opposite. You may be spending money faster than you make it, buying every craving that comes to mind. Or, more likely, crosses your Instagram feed. Later in the month, be careful of an un-Libra-like tendency to be blunt. You may offend others faster than normal in the middle of a sensitive time.

  • Scorpio: As the sun shines its light in the birthplace of your chart, you yourself will experience a rebirth of some kind. Something about your identity, your approach to life, the way you hold yourself and present yourself to the world, is undergoing a transformation spurred on by Mars and given voice by Mercury later in the month. A new you is waiting to break free of its exoskeleton. Be gently with yourself if any inner goo is accidentally exposed in the process.

  • Sagittarius: Your dreams may feel much darker and more visceral this month. Your subconscious is processing something, and writing it down will help you get it out of your mind and into reality. Don’t let it fester, even if playing it close to the vest might be a natural tendency. Old wounds may re-open, long dormant poisons resurface. Keep a dream journal, share your fears with a confidante, and don’t judge yourself too harshly.

  • Capricorn: This month could go one of two ways for you. If you’re an extravert, you might feel called to really embody the spirit of halloween and party the night away for a full week…and then maybe more. You might feel an intense call to be with other people, to be one mask amongst the crowd. Or, for the more introverted sea goats, you might really want to hole up in your lair and draft your vision for the future. Be willing to look into the shadows, yours and others, too!

  • Aquarius: When it comes to your calling and life’s purpose, you don’t mess around. Something is coming to a head this month, a new intention energized by Mars and given voice by Mercury. This might be the trigger you need to make a big change or take a big leap. Or it might be the first time you voice this dream to yourself. Let the seed soak in the deepest of waters and soak up the nourishment it needs to bloom brighter over time.

  • Pisces: Any psychic or intuitive powers you have will be set to ON this month. You might find it easier to tap into your intuition, connect the dots, read the room, understand complex concepts, find the answers to life’s questions. There is a deep yearning, a seeking, being activated. And not just in an intellectual way. In a material way that might feel physically insatiable. You’re hungry for knowledge. Go after it and see what you uncover.


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