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A Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Gemini 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I don’t know about you all, but I am drained. I feel as if I’m living into two parallel realities. One in which everything is normal, business is booming, Christmas parties are in full swing. Another in which the Omicron variant is lurking behind every corner, NYC COVID rates are rapidly climbing, the future is more uncertain than ever, and every hour feels more grim than the last.

Reality 1 only sees itself. Reality 2 is forced to cope with the self-centered needs of Reality 1.

It’s truly exhausting and a total mindfuck.

So you can imagine my pride in just showing up for you here today. Yes, I’m drinking wine while drawing tarot cards (a total no-no) and I barely shuffled. But that’s where we’re at right now.

And the small spread will still have meaning, because it is drawn from the available energies of your dear reader: moi.

The Full Moon

But first things first, a mini look at what this Full Moon in Gemini may hold. The Moon will be full at 11:36 PM EST on Saturday, 12/18. Normally, Full Moons in Gemini are a time of great conversations, good news, and amazing social networking. But this Full Moon is smack dab in the middle of some chaotic Venusian happenings. Venus is about to station retrograde (demanding we reflect on our relationships of all kinds) while also making multiple conjunctions to Pluto (the planet of the underworld, death, and transformation). That doesn’t necessarily mean something BAD will happen. But it does bring an intensity and emotionality to the moment. Such fun!

So with that in mind, here are the two cards the universe wants us to consider right now.

Card 1: Art

This card had me breathing a sigh of relief. It feels like an encouragement to channel our angst, our memories, our uncertainties into something transformation and beautiful. It seems to reflect the Venusian vibes, acting almost as an apology from the goddess of love in her moment of turbulence.

Make love, not war! Seek out rainbows. Arrange some roses. Appreciate the tiny moments of beauty in your day.

Life may feel like a Edvard Munch painting right now. But even in The Scream we can see mastery and appreciate the skill behind the raw emotion and turmoil.

Card 2: Time-Space

Another Major Arcana card, which is really highlighting the true karmic energy suffusing this moment in time. This card feels like chaos at a glance. It reflects my metaphors of two parallel realities existing at once, and hints that maybe there is a third.

What is your third way? How can you bridge the “fake normal” from the “life is hell” vibes that we’re feeling? This card asks you to seek out that path. To not remain static, paralyzed by fear and exhaustion. Because this is just one more cycle. It is one moment in time. It is not forever. Treating it like it is will only leave us feeling defeated.

Sometimes feeling defeated is the easiest path.

But this card reminds us it is not the right path.


Together, these cards uplift with both beauty and tough love. They remind us that there is always space enough for beauty. Take the time to create it for yourself, to find it in the smallest moments of the day.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay beautiful.


P.S. For this reading I used my Voyager Tarot Deck. It always helps me get to the heart of an issue. It’s not the most elegant visually, but each card is packed with meaning and metaphor.


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