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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini - Summer 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Have you been feeling burnt out? Metaphorically parched? Drained or craving someTHING or someONE or someHOW? The eclipse is here to further heighten that need. It is here to make you feel INSATIABLE. Like you can’t get enough. And in the process of trying to get that “enough” - you overwhelm yourself further. You’ll be drowning in data, intel, information, gossipy, ideas, mental chatter. You’ll be forced to look at the massive accumulation of mental cobwebs…and maybe even, like, deal with them?

Super fun. Super chill.

This might also be highlighting an event or situation in your life that initially came up during the last Gemini Eclipse, on or around November 30th, 2020. Look back to Thanksgiving last year and think through what was going on in your life!

How to deal during an eclipse: Rest. Meditate. Journal. Listen to your intuition. Recognize the signs your body is giving you.

Not sure where eclipse energy might land for you? Read more from your sun and rising sign below.

  • Aries: Mind. Blown. That might be the theme of this eclipse for you! Make sure you give yourself space to sort through all the ideas, intel, news, and communications coming your way. Don’t just race forward. Process.

  • Taurus: A values reset might be underway. You may be craving a more fluid and nimble financial situation, seeking financial stability but lacking the focus to make it happen. This is a day to reassess. Bring more curiosity to values, finances, and the way those two ideas align.

  • Gemini: You need a nap, buddy? You might be feeling like the thing the world is craving is YOU. And you just don’t have the damn energy for it anymore. Give yourself a break. And look at how you got to this place of enmeshment in the first place.

  • Cancer: All the dusty bits of your soul will be vying for your attention. Use this moment to sort through the stories you’ve been subconsciously telling yourself: which are true, untrue, helpful, or harmful? Commit to healing just one of those over the next few months.

  • Leo: There aren’t enough people in the universe to make you feel socially satiated enough right now. You will be reveling in your pride/tribe. Just be ready for the post-party burnout that’s sure to come. And be kind to yourself when it does.

  • Virgo: Your career and reputation will be exploding right about now. But it might be hard to tell if that is a good exploding (like, whoa, you're crushing it and multi-tasking like a champ), or a bad exploding (you are drowning under tasks that you don’t think should be yours). Pause. Take a breath. And use today to reflect on just that.

  • Libra: You're ready to throw your career away and go back to college. You want a fancy degree. You want to fill your brain with the answer to the questions of life, the universe, and everything. Use today to reflect on what you really want out of growth, education, and life’s big questions.

  • Scorpio: Shared experiences will be in your spotlight today. You may be receiving something from others (praise, criticism, money, a bill, love, hate), and it will make you feel a certain way. Examine that feeling and your instinctual reaction. Does it truly serve you?

  • Sagittarius: You may find yourself needing to be joined at the hip with somebody today. Like you NEED their ideas, their conversation, their attention. But where is that need coming from? What emptiness within yourself are you trying to fill with their energy?

  • Capricorn: You might feel this eclipse energy in a very physical way. A true depletion of energy. An inability to focus, follow through on even your most steadfast of habits. Listen to your body. It is often far wiser than your mind.

  • Aquarius: You may NEED LOVE right now. And people to tell you they LOVE YOU. Which is 100% normal. But even hearing it may not actually make you feel loved or supported or understood. Sit with that feeling of lack. Where is it coming from?

  • Pisces: The family group chat will be blowing up today. Maybe with banter, maybe with good news, maybe with bad. Be ready for the sense of overwhelm that comes with it, no matter the actual vibe of the conversation. What is driving that overwhelm? Is it the topic? A shifting of expectations? A new norm?


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