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Here's What the Full Moon in Aquarius Is Trying To Tell You: Be Your Weird Self

The Moon is Full and bright with promise…and its monthly call to release that which no longer serves you. Aquarius represents community, though, and the ways each of us integrate uniquely into the weave and weft of the world around us. It asks us to let go of what no longer serves not just us as individuals but also the poison infecting our communities. Aquarius is a sign known for its eccentricity, its intentional independence, and its ability to work within a system to create change for the future. This full moon asks us to change, all of us, so we can create a more sustainable, brighter, clearer future.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign characterized by The Water Bearer. It is stubbornly intellectual, a brains over brawn kind of energy that may sometimes stubbornly refuse to linger in sentimentality. The Water Bearer can hold water (aka emotions) but not for long, and never for itself. It pours those emotions out for the world, a vessel in a perpetual state of emptying. Like a statue in a fountain, that point of stillness amidst the flow. Anybody with Aquarius energy knows the feeling of being unknowable, in being that stillness in a swarming crowd, the point of difference amidst the herd.

And that ability to bring your uniqueness to the table, to be One but of Many, is an energy that many of us (myself included) struggle with. Conforming feels more comfortable. Blending in feels safe. Showing the parts of ourself that along with the majority is what is asked of us. But how much of ourselves are we leaving behind when we make those choices? How much of our skills, talents, and abilities are left untouched? How many more people could we heal, impact, and connect with if we just showed even a little bit more of our weirdness when it counted?

This moon, I’m releasing hesitation. I’m soaking up the cold light of the moon to burn away the shivers of doubt that hold me back from connecting when I’m called! What are you releasing? And what, then, does that make room for?

The Aquarius Full Moon Tarot Spread

To help us get in touch with the parts of ourselves we’re too afraid to show, I’ve created a five-card spread for us. This full moon, let’s tap into Aquarius's eccentric vision to accept ourselves in our uniqueness. Let the light of the moon burn away what no longer serves!

This tarot reading will help you identify a spark of fear you’re ready to let go of, and some of the deeper fears and fuels that are lingering within.

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread
Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread: Let Go of the Fear

  • Card 1 = Fuel for your fear. Something innate to your personality or an experience of the past that you’ve internalized.

  • Card 2 = Fuel for your fear. Something innate to your personality or an experience of the past that you’ve internalized.

  • Card 3 = A core fear present in your life right now

  • Card 4 = A core fear present in your life right now

  • Card 5 = A spark of a fear you’re ready to release

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread
Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread: Don't Dim Your Light

  • Fuel 1: The Ace of Cups Reversed. A past heartbreak has left you feeling unworthy of love or acceptance. Rejection feels very present right now, easy kindling to add to the flame. Worthiness itself feels like the root fear here, like the ancient tree this hunk of bark was cut from to fuel this flame. But whether you were to blame or not for the heartbreak(s) you have endured and may endure in the future, that does not detract from you worthiness!

  • Fuel 2: Mother of Wands. This Full Moon may be shining a light on an area of your life you’re very protective of. It feels like you have many fragile dreams and goals you’ve tucked carefully away to keep warm and safe. You’re so scared they’ll break that you just let yourself look at them, but not touch. For a few extra clues to this protected place in your life being highlighted right now, here is the place in your chart that Aquarius lives:

    • Aries: Your community and the way you find luck within it.

    • Taurus: Your career or higher calling.

    • Gemini: How you understand the world through religion, spirituality, and higher learning.

    • Cancer: How your merge with and commit to others.

    • Leo: Your long-term relationships of all kinds.

    • Virgo: Your daily life, rituals, health, and job.

    • Libra: The way you express yourself, play, and seek pleasure.

    • Scorpio: Your private life, family, ancestors, and lineage.

    • Sagittarius: Your local area and the way you engage with it and the people within it.

    • Capricorn: Your values and valuables.

    • Aquarius: Your identity and how the world sees you.

    • Pisces: Your subterranean self and hidden wounds within.

  • Fear 1: Daughter of Swords. You have to be focused on the future, otherwise the people around you might beat you to it. Deep down, you know this isn’t true, it’s driven by a scarcity mindset that there is never enough to go around. But the real lesson of the Daughter of Swords is the antidote here: It is in community that we see the clearest visions for the future. You aren’t meant to go it alone. But you may be meant to lead. Do you hear the calling?

  • Fear 2: Five of Swords: You’re afraid that something within you is inherently bad and rotten. You want to cast it off, dispose of this decay and never look at it again, like a banana peel in a compost bin. But just like the compost bin, new life and fecundity comes from waste. Don’t fear your past and what you’ve done. Don’t fear the darkness within. It’s simply a lesson to integrate, not a demon to exorcise.

  • Spark of Fear You’re Ready to Release. The Sun Reversed. You’re ready to stop dimming your light, and what a great spark to send back up into the heavens! Let your weird, true, authentic self shine more brightly. You never know whose life you might warm up just by being you.


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