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Happy Birthday, America. A Tarot Reading.

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Happy Birthday, America. May the next year bring you closer to the marketing tagline you've rarely lived up to: Land of the free, home of the brave.

You've got a huge moon hanging in judgement of you right now, and in your opposite sign. (Yes, even countries can have charts and sun signs). This moon is asking you to stop looking at yourself, stop thinking "me, me, me" and start thinking about the collective. About the systems you stand for, the institutions you uphold, the history you celebrate.

So here's a reading for you on your birthday, America: what you can expect to happen intellectually, emotionally, materially, and spiritually over the next twelve months. Let's make it a year to remember. A year in which we strive to be good and do good.

Intellectual Outlook: Four of Cups

Greed. Judgement. Fear. Darkness. This card feels so representative of our present moment in time. The moon shines brightly but cannot penetrate the darkness. Our cups may be full or empty, but it does not matter. We're unwilling to share what we have with those who may need it more. This is us as a country, not as individuals. I do not want to downplay the hard work so many activists are doing right now. The hard work journalists are doing to try and spread knowledge and facts. But this rat? This is our government, keeping a tight lid on facts. Because when people are ignorant, they do not question things. They continue buying and consuming and believing in a system that does not serve them. It's no coincidence that "the intellectual elite" have become reviled. Ignorant people are easier to control.

So to me, this card represents our challenge as a country. To topple that rat and take a hard look at the facts. Because only with the truth revealed for all can we really begin to change.

Emotional Outlook: Ace of Cups

While we'll struggle to align intellectually, emotionally we're increasingly on the same page. And the Ace of Cups represents an incredibly bright outlook. This card is often referred to as the marriage card, so to me this represents an emotional union. The beginning of a more harmonious relationship. This could be between races, between political parties (the actual people, not the politicians), between countries, between genders.

But it's also important to keep in mind that aces are spark. A start. They are not the end goal. So while there may be much to celebrate this year, that does not mean our emotional work is over. It is only just beginning.

Material Outlook: Four of Pentacles

Another four (which in numerology is a symbol of structure and stability) and our only Pentacle. But what a place for a pentacle (the suit of the material, the physical, the tangible, our careers) to appear!

This card is all about collaboration. Which makes sense, falling into our material outlook. If we can work together toward a solution, things will move more smoothly. But again, that rat, that capitalist greed, that prioritizing of personal wealth over collective health is what's making this collaboration and balance a challenge.

Because in this pulley system we're seeing in the Four of Pentacles, if one side pulls too strongly, if one Pentacle moves out of alignment, it bungles the job for the rest of the system, too.

So the outlook is bright, but ONLY IF WE WORK TOGETHER toward a common goal.

Spiritual Outlook: Daughter of Cups

Although America considers herself a Christian nation, I doubt Jesus would agree. It feels as if we're spiritually bereft. As if we look to God or the cosmos to excuse or justify our behaviors.

But this Daughter of Cups is asking us to take a look at our actual reflections. Instead of looking outward and placing blame, we look inward and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. And in doing that, we'll start to reflect happiness, positivity, and joy into the world around us.

Change starts from within. If we can recognize that and all do our individual work to heal inner wounds, we can then also heal collectively. The Daughter of Cups represents a softness, a sensitivity, and a beauty that shines outward. Instead of associating compassion with weakness, let's embrace that softness and see the strength in it.


This reading was done using The Wild Unknown tarot deck, created by Kim Krans. To get a reading for yourself, visit my Tarot Readings menu and select the spread of your choice and filly out a simple form to get started. If you're new to tarot, I'd recommend a three-card spread to see if you like what it tells you! If you'd like to dive right in and have a specific question, give the Celtic Cross a try. And if you're approaching a birthday, major life change, or another important event, you might want a little preview of what's to come over the next twelve months with the yearly spread.



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