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How To Capture the Magic of Venus Cazimi: A Free Tarot Reading

This Venus Cazimi in Libra is one of those days I've been waiting for all Libra season! It has such a refreshing, purifying energy to it. And I think we could all use a little purity right about now, am I right?

On Saturday, October 22nd at 1:51PM PT the Sun and Libra meet up at the 29th degree of Libra. This is just incredible vibes! This is like the closing song at the bar, where everybody sings together because once the bar is closed you’ll all go your separate ways to your separate lives. Appreciate your people and the ways being with them lights you up.

Because you're passing out of the airiness of Libra and into the depths of Scorpio. This Cazimi moment is a portal of transformation. Embrace the magic!

And for some help on that (and more astrological info), watch the below 15-minute video for a free tarot reading. In it, I'll give some clues as to what this Cazimi is burning away, the theme of the Cazimi itself, as well as what you're stepping into as Venus enters Scorpio.

Your Venus Cazimi Tarot Reading

  • Card 1 represents what you're leaving behind as Venus exits Libra and enters the heart of the sun.

  • Card 2 represents the Cazimi moment itself, which is a portal of transformation, quick but powerful.

  • Card 3 represents what we're carrying into as Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio.

Venus Cazimi 3-Card Tarot Reading
Venus Cazimi Tarot Reading

We're leaving behind messy minds and doubting our intuition. There was a sense of mental and spiritual clutter in Libra season that is just not serving us. It's time to let that go!

The theme of this portal moment is manifestation through intense focus and a strong sense of will and discipline. This is some volcanic-level focus coming through to bring us some much needed closure.

Which propels us into Scorpio season needing to feel our way through the darkness and learn to trust that which is not rational or intellectual. We're being asked to leverage more than our minds and our eyes. Tap into all of your senses. Learn to trust. Have faith in yourself.


Looking for more tarot and astrology videos to help you tune into your days in a more present, meaningful way? Well, The Novel Mystic is now on TikTok. Follow me to get more quick hits. And probably a cat appearance or two.


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