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Seeking Balance This Libra Season

Welcome to Libra season! Libra is a cardinal air sign that seeks to cultivate balance, harmony, connection and justice in life. They initiate compromise, set the tone of conversations, and prioritize connection over conflict.

Watch below to find out some key moments coming in Libra season, plus what Libra represents astrologically and how it’ll be activated this Libra season.

You can think of Libra as the astrological diplomat, the parent trying to convince their children to apologize to each other. Libra is ruled by Venus, making connections and aesthetics reign supreme for this sign. Anything that makes you sigh in a good way is likely tied to Libra.

And you may ask yourself, well okay, Libra. But what about the shitstorm that is my life right now? Is sighing prettily going to help with that.

Libra says: Well, sir, it just may. Because breath is life.

So while Libra may not like chaos, may not function as strongly in a system out of balance, and my truly despise conflict and meanness, this sign has to find a way to thrive despite the outer circumstances.

And that thriving can come through intentional breathing, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, asking for help, supporting others, and finding common ground. You may not be able to affect the whole system. But you can affect YOUR system. So start there.

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Your Libra Season Mini-Horoscope

As you find ways to seek stillness in the madness of modern life, keep a special eye on this area of your life, as it is where Libra resides.

  • Aries: Your relationships. Not just romantic, but any long-term commitments in your life. Expect some meaningful conversations with the people that matter most to you.

  • Taurus: Your health, wellness, and daily life. How are you helping foster connection at work? Are you acting as a gym accountabilabuddy for a friend, and vice versa? Your daily life will feel better if you keep in touch with your favorite people this month.

  • Gemini: Your relationship to pleasure, play, and creativity. Something beautiful is springing to life from the depths of that curious mind of yours. This is your interpretation of painting the sky red, only it’s likely more of a pastel pink instead (cuz Libra).

  • Cancer: Your home and private life. This could mean you’re sprucing up the place to feel more aligned and comfortable for you and your family. Or it could mean some family issues are coming to the surface that need a gentle, subtle hand to resolve.

  • Leo: The way you express yourself and process ideas. You may shine now as a resolver of conflict, not afraid to get into the fray but also there to help fix whatever is broken. Real mediator vibes.

  • Virgo: Your values and valuables. This feels like collector vibes, like you’re accumulating pleasing things for the sake of pleasing yourself and others.

  • Libra: Your youness. Where are you feeling most out of balance or in conflict? This season may be a great time to return to your “self” and in the quiet find a solution.

  • Scorpio: Your inner world and hidden life. Something deep within you is getting process right now, like blood through the kidneys. Your filtering out the elements that are leading to inner imbalance so you can be a healthier whole. Let the toxins pass on through.

  • Sagittarius: Your social life. You’re really craving connection and friendship. Become a hugger! Dole out compliments freely! Dress like you mean it and see what happens!

  • Capricorn: Your career and most public self. If you have any big projects going on right now, you’ll likely reach greater heights if you focus on the polish and bring in some support. Going it alone is not the way. You may get all the credit…or all the finger pointing.

  • Aquarius: Your quest to understand the meaning of life. Art, culture, and museums in general may be especially appealing. You may be called to learn more about artists of the past the stories that they told that are still meaningful today. What past lessons can we re-learn in the future?

  • Pisces: The most intense area of your chart gets activated. The situation feels muddled, but maybe the refreshing breeze of Libra will help clear things up.


So there you have it! Libra season loves balance, but sometimes has to make it for itself. If you’re still not sure where you the source of any emotional or psychological imbalance is coming from, you may enjoy this Chakra Balancing spread I developed. It’s a great guided journaling exercise with tarot as a tool for your prompts. Move through the next few weeks embodying the diplomat: prioritize solutions over status. And if all else fails…Scorpio season is around the corner and Scorpio can handle the intensity that Libra shies away from.


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