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New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

We're well into Cancer season as this New Moon rises, dark in the sky. And what a season (year? decade? what is the meaning of time?) it's been. If you're feeling this New Moon like me, then things probably feel pretty grim. You're likely exhausted emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually.

And so when we reflect back on what the New Moon is - the darkest part of the moon's cycle - we see that emptiness reflected back at us. So what do you want to fill your empty internal moon with? What do you need in order to do that?

I offer you this simple tarot reading as a guide. And if you're you're struggling to articulate what it is you want or need to work through, read further to see what the stars have to say for your sun or rising sign.

New Moon in Cancer - Tarot Reading

Seven of Pentacles, Judgement, Son of Swords
New Moon in Cancer - Tarot Spread

The first thing that struck me with this reading is how black and white the cards are. No color whatsoever makes an appearance in this simple spread. This feels very reflective, again, of our current circumstances. Where things are boiled down to good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, Republican and Democrat. Perhaps this New Moon is asking us to examine the way that kind of thinking drains us.

Now, when we get down to a card-by-card analysis, here's what jumps out at me.

Card 1 - What We Want To Keep = Seven of Pentacles

One of the silver linings of our current times is that it's inspiring change and innovation in a very material way. Seven is a mystical, spiritual number, and pentacles are the suit of the tangible, physical, financial world. So when we put that idea together, we get this upward progress that is unimpeded. Hold onto that momentum. Let it fill you up and drive you to greater heights. And as you rise, we all rise with you.

Card 2 - What to Cast Aside = Judgement

This is a Major Arcana card, which means it holds great weight and can be reflective of a much larger circumstance or energy than just me or you personally. And the message here seems clear: if we want to fill ourselves up, we need to let go of judgement. We need to get past the black and white view we've all gotten so comfortable with. It's time to rise above. And to also recognize that nobody is all good or all bad, including you. And releasing judgement doesn't mean letting people get away with a crime, it doesn't mean letting somebody walk all over you. It means looking past the action and into the underlying behaviors and beliefs and where those stem from.

Card 3 - What to Learn = Son of Swords

While we're being called to release judgment, that doesn't mean becoming a pushover. The Son of Swords, as you can see, is wisdom in action. He's a master strategist, a knowledge sniper. He asks us to look to the past, our own or the world's, and dig into the learnings and experiences from our learned or lived histories. The problems we are facing are not new. Do you due diligence and get some context to underpin your content. And then use that newly gained knowledge to adjust your behaviors, and also to understand others.



New moons are a symbol of a beginning, of potential, of new habits or chapters in our lives. With this new moon in Cancer, you may be committing yourself to new behaviors that nurture a more supportive and healthy relationship with your family or wherever and whoever you call home. This will be a sensitive cycle for you. Feel into what comes up as opposed to thinking through it.


This new moon in your third house of Cancer is the spark of a new, more nurturing way of communicating and sharing your ideas. You may be trying to combine your more grounded nature with compassion and sensitivity to be a more supportive partner in the wider world. Or you may simply be trying to meet others where they are, instead of expecting them to come to you. Whatever the case, this cycle will be a beautiful mix of thought and feeling.


Today marks the beginning of a new mood or habit when it comes to your money and self-worth. You may be committing to a more nurturing set of habits, or perhaps you want to align your investments closer to your heart as opposed to just what others are telling you to do. Speaking with your wallet is an amazing way to be an activist in this world. How can you use your money to nurture a cause, large or small?


This New Moon in Cancer marks the beginning of a new cycle or start of a new chapter in regards to your identity and approach to life. You may be choosing to more fully embrace your Cancer nature in a more proactive way, imbuing your natural nurturer instincts outside of your family sphere and into a wider atmosphere. Carers are needed now. Don't be afraid to feel deeply during this cycle. Your emotions are valid, and leading you somewhere new.


This New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle of closure and healing. Your subconscious may be getting a makeover, and with the support of nurturing Cancer that values feelings and family, this may be just the balm you need to close some festering wounds and shut off some limiting beliefs for good. This might feel especially symbolic and moving, as it's happening just before your annual solar return.


This New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle of community and friendship for you. One that is built upon Cancer's nurturing energies. You may feel called to support others, create a caring community, or welcome new friends into your inner sphere. Today only marks the beginning. Keep an eye out for opportunities to lift others up through your own innate and earned abilities.


This New Moon is a new beginning for habits, moods, and behaviors used in support of your career or other longer-term goals. You're recognizing the value of nurturing instead of forcing, supporting instead of controlling, and showing your feelings instead of keeping them hidden. Just be clear on what your goal for this new cycle is.


This New Moon represents the beginning of a new chapter or cycle when it comes to your relationship to education and religion. You may be seeking to learn new ways of being in the world, teach others skills that will help them support themselves and their families, or getting more in touch with your spirituality and the way it connects you more deeply to your own feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to sink into this sensitive cycle.


This New Moon in Cancer represents the beginning of a new era in which you'll be transforming your approach to intimacy and the ways in which you share of yourself with others. You may be bringing a new sense of caring into these relationships and systems as you learn the power that being supportive can have on your life and the lives of others. You may be shifting your risk-taking nature into one that takes risks not just for yourself, but for others, too.


This new moon in Cancer is marks the beginning of a new cycle of behavior and habits within your longterm partnerships. You may be recognizing the value of being a more supportive partner, imbuing more compassion into your relationship behaviors, or simply stepping into a kinder era when it comes to the people you love. Change begins here. This New Moon is also directly opposite your sign, so it is really shining a light on the "others" in your life. How do you relate to them? Is it healthy and healing?


This New Moon in Cancer marks the beginning of a new way of supporting your health, wellness, and rituals. You may be attempting to treat yourself with more kindness, approach your general wellness from a sense of nurturing as opposed to just following the rules, or adding some more family-focused rituals in your regular routine. Cancer encourages you to team up and find ways to center your routine around home and family. You don't have to go it alone, Aquarius.


This new moon in Cancer marks the beginning of a new cycle within your romantic and creative sphere. You may be looking to bring a more supportive energy to your self-expression, to nurture within a relationship, or to leverage your sensitivities in new ways. This may be a great cycle to embark on a new creative project, start a new relationship, or just play with the children (or your own inner child) in your life.


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