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Here's What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Is Trying To Tell You: Free Tarot Reading

Sagittarius is a sign know for optimism, adventure, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for life…all which we could use a little bit of in our lives! So this Full Moon in Sagittarius should feel like a welcome tonic that’ll go down smoothly, giving us a boost of faith and hope to push us into a new day. Alternatively, it could give you the energy and verve you need to make a big change and take that leap of faith you’ve been resisting! Can’t complain either way, am I right?

Sagittarius is characterized by The Archer, a centaur shooting a flaming arrow straight toward the future. Centaurs are half man, half horse, and represent the unique combination of intellect and base animal instinct that characterize us. It’s the intrinsic drive that can only be completed with human intelligence, with the Sagittarius flare for always looking to the next great thing. Anybody with strong Sag energy is rarely found sitting still and chilling.

And that constant quest for optimization and growth and future-proofing can reap great benefits. But it can also be draining! Make sure you refill your battery if you need it this Full Moon. The future isn’t going anywhere, even if your own inner-Sag says otherwise.

The Sagittarius Full Moon & Your Sign-By-Sign Tarot Spread

To help us connect our head to our hearts and aim them both at the future, I’ve created a mini three-card spread for us. This full moon, let’s tap into Sag’s future-oriented passion and energy and find some hope in inspiring goals.

May you find faith within, and not crave constant validation from without! Light your inner flame under this full, Strawberry Moon.

Card 1 = The Head of the Centaur. This is the “What” of the Goal.
Card 2 = The Body of the Centaur. This is the “Why” of the Goal, or the heart of the matter.
Card 3 = The Trajectory of the Arrow. The “Where” of the goal, or the direction you want it to take you.

Below you'll find the spread for each sign, in order of the order they appear in the zodiac (Aries first, Pisces last).


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Chariot tells me that you know that moving forward is desirable and possibly even expected. This feels like a goal with speed, direction, and even resources backing it up to ensure it is successful. The Chariot, after all, does not ride forth willy nilly! It has purpose.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Two of Swords tells me that deep down, you may be seeking to prove somebody wrong. This somebody could be an old enemy, and old ex, or even your damn self! But there is a spirit of debate and “I told you so” that is the driving force behind this goal. A kind of “you don’t think I can do it? I’ll prove you wrong” kinda vibe. Just make sure you’re not so consume in proving somebody wrong that you waste your time acting on something that you don’t actually care about.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The eight of cups tells me that you’ve had your heart broken before and you are working very hard to not let that happen again. But instead of avoiding the mountain, you may intentionally be entering a darkened valley. Are you avoiding pain, instead of healing it?

  • Full Moon Message = Your head seems to be leading the charge right now (typical Ram energy, tbh)! Instead of diving headfirst into action and change and “fixing”, you may be better served taking advice from a mentor, spiritual leader, philosopher or some other wise one who has been where you are going.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Mother of Cups tells me that you seek to embody a generous, compassionate nature. Perhaps you’d like to be a mentor, a go-to confidante, and loving mother, or some kind of healer in the world. You have seen the pain that can be caused, and want to be a balm to those who feel that pain now.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Ten of Swords tells me that you are driven by very real, very lived experience. This is the kind of memory that keeps you up at night. This is your own “rock bottom” and “dark night of the soul” that you have survived. You want to catalyze that pain and anxiety into something meaningful.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Nine of Cups tells me that your goal will be best served in community! This feels like a group of people coming together to share, heal together, and maybe even pray (Sagittarius is a sign of deep faith, whatever that means for you). This is not a goal meant to be lived in isolation, you blasting content to the unseeing masses. This is one driving you to interact in a more human, heartfelt way.

  • Full Moon Message = There is so much love here. Intense, deep, cathartic love. This goal feels so powerful, and I hope for all of us that the Sag full moon give you the heartfelt courage you need to take the next step toward manifesting this goal.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Eight of Wands Revered tells me that you are seeking an inner change, one that is possibly sudden and all consuming. You need something to end. This feels like a darker “what” and one focused on getting out of the body and into the head, and what that seeks to intellectualize what may be a more “base” or “animalistic” circumstance into something more rational.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Father of the Cups Reversed tells me this “Why” is rooted in an old insecurity or negative belief in your self. There is some past self-doubt lingering here, potentially triggered by whatever circumstance you now find yourself in.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Ace of Wands tells me that the trajectory you seek as you align toward this goal is a new inner spark. This feels like an idea that comes to you in a dream, one you may not sense right away but is burning away like an ember inside you nonetheless. It feels subtle, but healing nonetheless.

  • Full Moon Message = What you are looking for may be subtler than you think! It could be a small moment of kindness on a hard day, a soft word of love in the dark of night, an unexpected hug that hits just right. Don’t pressure yourself to go after some grand, romantic gesture. It’s the little flames atop the birthday cake we wish on, after all. If you had just one candle to blow out, what would our wish be?


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Father of Pentacles tells me you’re thinking quite practically. You likely want something like a promotion, a raise, a leadership position that comes with respect and prestige. The Father of Pentacles is a respected advisor who has worked hard to earn his position, and he doesn’t lord it over others.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Hanged Man Reversed tells me that you potentially feel quite stuck right now. This may be that you have been in your job for sometime and have not gotten the respect, position, or salary you deserve. It could be that you are stubbornly resisting some change or new skill needed to make the case to get the new job. Something is holding you back, and that feeling of being in a rut is your driving fire right now. Enough is enough is the vibe I get.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Nine of Pentacles tells me that you’re very interested in the tangible aspects of this new venture you’re setting out upon. You want the luxury, the comfort, and the ease that comes with this new position or raise or role you seek! Oh the things you could buy.

  • Full Moon Message = Staying focused on the practical feels right, if not exciting. Keeping on top of your to do list, however, could be helped out if you find ways to work passions into your performance at work. Is the quest for a raise enough to keep you motivated? Or is there something else you need to stoke the fire that will help you embody the Sagittarius within you?


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Five of Swords tells me you’ve reached an impasse and are feeling a bit…uncertain right now. The what feels cloudy, as if what you once knew is no longer relevant or helpful or even true anymore. You may need to break down what you once knew into smaller pieces, digesting the lessons so you can move on.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Mother of Wands tells me you’re driven by a protective, nurturing urge! There is something you are helping to bring to fruition, a goal that feels bigger than you but that can’t yet exist on it’s own yet. This feels good, even if it is highly pressured!

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Daughter of Swords shows a trajectory toward a gentle and compassionate intellect that guides others to be their best self! This feels like major boss vibes, and the kind of leader that inspires others to shine their brightest. This feels like you driving toward a very clear expression of yourself in community.

  • Full Moon Message = Much of this feels like something swirling within you, still only half-processed. But the Sagittarius Full Moon is encouraging you to get started and do your best! Nobody is expecting perfection, only enthusiasm and a good faith effort. Have fun with it.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Wheel of Fortune Reversed tells me that that What is some semblance of normalcy. You don’t need more change, thank you very much. You want stability, predictability, and maybe even a little silence. You get that there is never any of that…but that doesn’t stop a Virgo from wanting.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Hermit Reversed tells me that the Why you might tell me is that you want to learn and study and hone your inner light and wisdom. But from one Virgo to another, I see right through that. You’re afraid, and feel more comfortable at home alone, doing your thing. This is Hermitting in the most negative sense of the word!

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Ace of Cups Reversed tells me that the trajectory you seek is a focus on letting go of past, harmful relationships. There is some kind of emptying you need to do, a cleansing almost.

  • Full Moon Message = it’s okay to retreat to your safe space when you need to heal, Virgo. But something tells me that you know that’s not what you need right now! I’m sensing some resistance to getting to the bottom of the real goal, and that perhaps this Sag Full Moon will shine a light on some essential need for you, from the comfort of your couch!


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Ten of Pentacles tells me you’re craving an abundance mindset. I don’t get the sense that you’re craving actual riches, though you probably wouldn’t mind that. This is more of a looking on the bright side kind of vibe, and wanting to bring more of that abundance into the way you live your daily life.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Four of Swords tells me that your Why is coming from a sense of deep inner peace and clarity. You have been meditating on who you are, what you want, and how you show up in the world for some time. And now you know and don’t feel the need to “act” on that knowledge, but to simply integrate it into your daily life in a meaningful way.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Daughter of Cups tells me that you seek this goal and this new way of living out your purpose so that you can shine brightly as a support system for others. You seek to reflect the inner light of others back at them, creating good vibes wherever you go.

  • Full Moon Message = Just keep swimming, Libra! Your light and love are shining brightly, refracting in a beautiful rainbow of peace as you paddle along. Don’t be afraid to share your story as you go. Speaking voice to your truth and experiences may be just the kernel of wisdom somebody else needs to kickstart their own inner journey toward peace.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Lion Reversed hints that what you want is strength, and the eternal power that comes with it. This feels very clear and focused, as if you know exactly what the hell you want. And you’re not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Compassion doesn’t mean pushover, after all.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Son of Wands feels like a call to action, a sense of challenge that is pushing you forward. Perhaps this challenge is somebody who rubs you the wrong way. Perhaps it is your own inner dynamism pushing you to expand beyond your current boundaries. It feels very potent and explosive, whatever your why is.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Father of Wands is a trajectory aimed at staying calm in the midst of change. This is the leader that rises up and eases the troops in the midst of battle. This is a leader who knows what they’re fighting for, and has the energy to sustain the fight. At least for now.

  • Full Moon Message = This Full Moon feels especially charged for you, Scorpio. You may be cultivating some kind of power when it comes to resources, finances, or the ways in which your support yourself. Don’t be surprised if you’re called to action in some way soon!


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Sun Reversed tells me you want to celebrate yourself, but maybe without a big fuss or to do this time around? This feels like a very private cultivation of light and joy, one you share only with those closest to you. Maybe this is a solo retreat or a happy hour with your closest friends. Something small but meaningful.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Four of Pentacles Reversed tells me that your Why is letting go of greed and control. You’ve realized that your need for constant growth and optimization is great, but your path is your own. You can want others to grow, but you can’t force them to! Perhaps, now, you wish to lead by example, and only share the best of you with those who can sincerely cheer you on.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Mother of Pentacles Reversed tells me that your trajectory for this goal has you letting go of some Mother Hen vibes and letting others build their own support systems without leaning on you as a crutch. You have your own dreams to nurture, your own seeds to grow! This feels like a reclamation of time and energy.

  • Full Moon Message = I feel a cutting of threads for your Sagittarius. Threads that, once dropped, let you feel more free and at ease. A sense of weightlessness that can propel you into your next great adventure in the year ahead.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Father of Swords has a what that is wise and fair…perhaps overly so. This feels like something super cerebral and intellectualized, and what that one is supposed to have and do. But it does seem to be something that will lighten the load for you in some way.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Five of Pentacles Reversed says your Why is about letting go of sadness and lost love. You want to reframe your experience and look at it from a different perspective. Because whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working. How can you gather up the petals of a wilted rose and turn them into something beautiful?

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Son of Cups Reversed has this new venture with a very internal trajectory. This is likely something that will be processed in the head and then integrated in the soul. It may be felt deeply. Healing often hurts, Capricorn! The The Page of Cups, even reversed, is a fun guy to have along for the ride. Pour into yourself.

  • Full Moon Message = Something subterranean is shifting within you, slowly rising to the surface under the combined weight of your intellect and your desire to make different choices. Sit with the emotions as they rise up, visible under the brightness of the moon.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Six of Swords shows that what you want is clarity and a light at and the end of the dang rainbow! You’ve had enough of doom and gloom and hard times and are ready for a breath of fresh air. Or, at the very least, a frickin’ rainbow.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Five of Wands doubles down on your What in your Why. This has been a time of scatteredness and feeling discombobulated. Those are not fun feelings. That is not a place from which you can live out passion and energy. It is not a place from which you can spring forward from a new adventure. You need to clear up the inner mess to find the clarity you seek.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Eight of Pentacles has your trajectory as a sense of inner mastery. Perhaps you want to feel more in control of your life, and more prepared for whatever the future may hold. This doesn’t feel like a tangible skill, but the feeling that being skillful can bring: confidence.

  • Full Moon Message = The Full Moon asks you to not go this journey alone! Lean on friends and supporters to help you sort through the mess, or at least be sounding board for ideas and plans and feelings as you sort it out for yourself. Sagittarius is not a fan of sitting on thoughts, so get it out there! Let them burn away the doubt.


  • The Head of the Centaur = The Seven of Cups has you wanting something interesting to happen in your career. But this also says that you may be feeling disillusioned with things altogether, and maybe wanting a choice for an entirely different change offered up on a platter. There is something here that is not clear, but you may be so burnt out you don’t care, you just want out.

  • The Body of the Centaur = The Son of Pentacles has your why as being FED UP. You are in need of change and ready and willing to press for it. The Son of Pentacles is a dynamic character who goes after his goals with assertiveness and confidence. He makes change happen. He doesn’t wait for it to happen to him.

  • The Trajectory of the Arrow = The Trajectory of this goal is that you want fairness to be served…in a way that feels like a punishment to somebody who has wronged you, perhaps? You leaving may put somebody else in a tight spot. And knowing that feels deserved to you.

  • Full Moon Message = This Full Moon has you feeling very riled up and steamy in an extravagant way. You’re craving something new and fresh in your career or the way you show up as your most public self. Just make sure this craving is genuinely yours, and not a change you’re making in spite of somebody else! If it’s both, more power to you, Pisces. Swim your little fishy self to calmer waters. I bet Sag would recommend a tropical paradise?


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