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Talking to the Tarot: When life contracts, you realign

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Curious about tarot readings but not sure what you'd actually get from one? Read on to see the kinds of insights and advice you might get from the cards.

Recently I checked in with the cards on my purpose. Am I inviting the right things into my life to actually achieve what I'm setting out to do? What do I need to get back on track? To do this, I used this lovely spread from Biddy Tarot.

Here's what the cards told me.

When life contracts, you realign. Or take the opportunity to do what you’ve always known needed to be done but always had excuses not to do. The Nine of Cups show that, right now, I — like many of you — am inviting inner peace into my life. Developing a sense of fullness and completion that comes from within, not from external people or things.

As this Six of Swords shows, this opportunity is bringing joy and self-expression to a jumbled mental state. In seeking harmony emotionally, I will find peace of mind. Because the mind and the heart are interconnected. What heals in one begins to heal in the other.

This healing aligns beautifully with my soul purpose, as the Sun of Cups reveals. As I fill up my well with positivity both mentally and emotionally, healing and joy will infuse my creative projects and inspire others to seek harmony and balance as well. In healing myself, I help others heal.

But to find this sought-after inner harmony, I need to free myself of self-imposed restrictions and limitations that you can see in the Three of Swords. I must let go of the things I use to bind and contain and direct my mental energy. In doing that, I will find more freedom. And in freedom, peace and joy and love.

And as we go on this journey, as we seek out the peace that already exists within us, our work will flourish, as you can see in the Ten of Pentacles. Because what happens on the inside affects the outside, too. It affects what we produce and create, and the value the world sees in the work. What happens on the inside radiates outward in ever-larger circles of influence.

With the mix of cups (emotions), swords (intellect), and pentacles (material world) in this one spread speaks to how the heart, mind, and work are all interconnected. Find joy on the inside, spread joy to the world, and reap the rewards in doing so. Be good. Do good. Receive good back.


This reading was done using The Wild Unknown tarot deck, created by Kim Krans. To get a reading for yourself, visit my Tarot Readings menu and select the spread of your choice and filly out a simple form to get started. If you're new to tarot, I'd recommend a three-card spread to see if you like what it tells you! If you'd like to dive right in and have a specific question, give the Celtic Cross a try. And if you're approaching a birthday, major life change, or another important event, you might want a little preview of what's to come over the next twelve months with the yearly spread.



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