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Here's What The Full Moon in Virgo Is Telling You: Free Tarot Reading

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Life is just overwhelming, isn’t it? There is SO much going on EVERY DAY. One crisis after another. One night of doom scrolling after another. Urgent alerts, whispered conversations, Slack messages abut mental health awareness, donation promotions. And the amount of information we’re consuming just trying to keep up with this shifting world we’re living in?! My GOD. Not to mention the continual guilt of of not consuming every headline, with some sinister voice in your head saying that if you aren’t keeping up with the news its because you’re privileged and should be so lucky to be only stressed and exhausted and not dead.

The Virgo Full Moon & Your Sign-By-Sign Tarot Spread

Luckily for us, Virgo is an expert at synthesizing A LOT of information and grainy details. This full moon, let’s tap into Virgo’s discernment abilities to ground ourselves in the activity of turning disparate details (Virgo) into a cohesive picture (Pisces).

I’d like to offer each sign a quick three-card spread that represents some of the disparate emotions, details, thoughts, stressors coming up in your life, and the message this Full Moon has for you.

May you find the answers you need, the peace you crave, and the love you deserve.


  • Situation 1: A journey or project is about to begin…only you’re having to make a choice and can’t decide which direction to go. The situation feels cloudy, as if a bunch of sand has been kicked into your eyes.

  • Situation 2: You’re feeling a little mentally unhinged, potentially due to some changing (and destabilizing) circumstances.

  • Situation 3: You can see your goal, and maybe even the path to get to it. But something is holding you back, perhaps a lack of confidence and self-assurance, which is rare for a fiery Aries.

  • Full Moon Message: These situations all look separate from the outside, but I get the feeling there is a common cause within. This Full Moon is calling for you to pause, rest, and let the need to make a decision go for now. And as your rest, somebody may come along and lend you hand, too.


  • Situation 1: You’ve reached a stalemate when it comes to some kind of debate or argument. You can’t move forward until you or the other party budge or are willing to compromise.

  • Situation 2: You’re feeling drained of energy and stamina. The sun may be out later at night, but you don’t feel any more peppy because of it.

  • Situation 3: You’re going through a period of massive transformation, and you truly can’t see what the future holds for you. It’s exciting and scary all at once. Especially since Taurus tends to like a slow and steady approach to things.

  • Full Moon Message: This is a massive moment in your life. Be gentle with yourself, and don’t take your inner critic too seriously. Be as kind to yourself as you would to a puppy or baby. You deserve to coddle yourself!


  • Situation 1: You’re feeling betrayed by somebody or some situation in your life right now. But this may be more a feeling than reality. Are you letting a story in your head control your actions in your life?

  • Situation 2: You’re working on balancing things a bit better, potentially after having given way too much of yourself to work in the past.

  • Situation 3: You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I get a sense that the recent past has been a dark one for you.

  • Full Moon Message: Hang in there, Gemini. As a sign that collects and shares a lot of information, you may be really feeling the darkness of the current information cycle. Find a safe, quiet space you can retreat to when things in you head just feel like too much. Meditation will be your medicine right now.


  • Situation 1: You’re feeling disconnected from your constellation and community. Is this isolation rooted in real distance, or your own social anxieties boxing you in to a sense of safety?

  • Situation 2: You’re in a state of stillness and contemplation when it comes to your dreams and passion. You’re waiting for….something.

  • Situation 3: You’ve gone through the exercise of putting a lot of effort into planning something…and then nobody seems grateful for it. This has left a bitter taste in your mouth.

  • Full Moon Message: You’re currently in a victim mindset. This Virgo Full Moon is highlight the way your inner critic is judgmental of not just yourself, but those around you, too. And all of this just pushes those closest to you further away, which is the opposite of what you want. Take note of all your triggers this week. What patterns can you spot?


  • Situation 1: You’re feeling extremely vulnerable right now, but pushing forward anyways! This is your dram, damn it, and you’re not going to hold yourself back.

  • Situation 2: You’re angry at, or feeling threatened by, some kind of authority figure. Your rebellious steak may be showing, since you see yourself as your own highest authority.

  • Situation 3: You’re craving community and a sense of belonging right now, especially after the past two years of often literal isolation for such an extraverted sign.

  • Full Moon Message: You’re putting yourself out there in a big way right now, potentially when it comes to how you make money or act out our values in the world. With some many eggs in one basket, it’s natural to feel nervous about it. But you don’t have to do it all alone, Leo. Reach out!


  • Situation 1: You’re struggling to manifest something. There is a sense of cloudiness in your mind whenever you try and get down to work to make a particular goal happen.

  • Situation 2: You’re feeling oppressed and trapped in a circumstance right now. It feels like there is a lot of weight on your shoulders. But you may be taking this metaphor too far and identifying with the circumstance instead of moving through it and past it.

  • Situation 3: You’re feeling untethered and anxious, even though you also feel like your life is going pretty dang good over all. Holding these two opposing things in your head is a mindfuck.

  • Full Moon Message: You need to shed some things from your plate, Virgo. Whether that is work projects, social outings, routines that are no longer helpful or healthy, or your information consumption. It’s too much right now, and distracting you from what your inner intuition and gut instinct is trying to show you. Shed some shit. It’s essential!


  • Situation 1: Unexpected change and upheaval is rocking your world right now. This never feels good, especially for a peace-loving sign like Libra.

  • Situation 2: But this is also a beautiful time of beginnings, too! There is a sparkling seed of newness and beautiful potential being planted in your life right now.

  • Situation 3: You’ve got one foot in the past and one in the future. But none of you is in the present. How much of your mind can you project outward before your body starts to suffer?

  • Full Moon Message: You are being pulled in many different directions and this likely feels like a huge moment in your life. Be present, Libra. Your life is not just lived through you mind, but your body and your soul, too.


  • Situation 1: You’re stepping into a role as an authority figure in a big way, and people are seeing and feeling your wisdom and experience right now.

  • Situation 2: But you’re also driving forward on a huge goal, one completely different from the authority you’re gaining somewhere else! There is not rest for the weary. Certainly not for a weary Scorpio.

  • Situation 3: You’re feeling bad that because of situation 1 and situation 2, your love life is not getting the attention it deserves.

  • Full Moon Message: Look for the alignment between these situations. You may be thinking of them as separate and seeing them all as different drains on your time and energy. But how can you find ways to bring the people, skills, and joy in each situation into the other two? Don’t build needless silos.


  • Situation 1: You’re feeling overshadowed by the future, and like you’re just living in the trenches with your teammates/friends/peers day-by-day.

  • Situation 2: You’re coming into your own emotionally in some way, almost like an emotional and intuitive power house. You have enough to offer others without feeling drained yourself. Or at least, that’s the goal even if you’re not there yet.

  • Situation 3: The future is dark and cold and feeling as empty as space. You don’t want to leave the safety of what is known and familiar for the scary unknown.

  • Full Moon Message: You’re telling yourself a lot of stories right now. Some are true, others not. But it’s time to get out of your head and onto the page. Perhaps getting your words into physical form will help you reflect on your fears of the future and how they may be holding you back.


  • Situation 1: Your intuition is trying to tell you something. Are you ready to listen? Because others are likely looking to you for advice and guidance right now.

  • Situation 2: You are wanting to party. You’ve worked hard, and now you’re ready for some dang celebrations!

  • Situation 3: You’re ready to let go of past disappointments and resentments and move into a new phase of life right now.

  • Full Moon Message: You are feeling very optimistic and activated to refine your life into something more sensuous and divine. Just be aware that others may not be at the same emotional stage as you are right now, with your typical Capricorn resilience and performance under pressure.


  • Situation 1: You are coming into an emotional strength right now that is sorely needed by the world. Your maturity and compassion are in high demand.

  • Situation 2: You are connecting into what might feel like another plane of existence or realm of experience. The universe is calling you to a new phase of life. Are you ready to answer?

  • Situation 3: You’re being overly generous with your resources, time, skills, and energy right now. Don’t drain yourself too fast!

  • Full Moon Message: There are some serious Leader vibes happening for you right now, as if you’re being called to greatness. This feels very intense and almost otherworldly. Pay attention to how this connects you to others more deeply, but may also separate you, too. Don’t give away your power just to feel safe.


  • Situation 1: A new dream or hope is being planted right now! This feels very exciting, and like you can feel it right in your heart as if it’s already real.

  • Situation 2: You’re floating in romance and/or connection right now, feeling extremely close to somebody. This feels emotionally supportive and balanced, a healthy partnership.

  • Situation 3: But in other relationships, you’re feeling confused. Like there is some kind of agenda you’re not aware of, or like every room you step into is suddenly silent.

  • Full Moon Message: You can’t control how others feel about you, all you can control is how you act and how you feel about yourself. When it comes to one:one relationships, bring your natural compassion and emotional intelligence to the table and let them show their own strengths, too! Don’t worry about the haters. They have their own shit to figure out.


See what else is coming this March 2022! It's bound to be a wild, unpredictable few weeks. I hope this Full Moon delivers a needed lesson that will carry you through into Spring with hope and warmth in your heart.


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