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You're In For A Wild Ride: March 2022 Astrology

March 2022 brings with it both closings and openings, highs and lows, dreams and foreshadowings. We begin the month in Pisces season, with some magnificent, intuitive, emotional highs in the early days of the month. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, and thus the closing of the astrological wheel. It’s the depths of winter (in the northern hemisphere), that time when we’re yearning for the sun, for warmth, for the first blossom of life.

And it gives us much of the best of itself in early March! Before we meet some of the darker, harder parts of Piscean energy later in the month. (Get the full scoop here).

Just remember, astrology does not control you. The planets move and connect regardless of the actions we take. We, too, can move and connect despite the symbolism of the current astrology. Or, even, inspite of it.

March’s Astrological Topography

This month has a striking mix of yearning and anxiety. You can see the massive high at the beginning of the year. This may feel like a surge, a vivid dream, or an opening up.

But we’re entering the third year of the pandemic, approaching the anniversary of the first major US lockdowns. Will Aries season throw us into a new chapter full of hope and energy and renewal? Or will it introduce more aggressive overtones?

Here’s a closer look at the planet-by-planet movements. As the month progresses and we approach Aries season, the planets begin to clash in powerful ways. This may feel like an energetic unraveling, with Venus feeding off of Mars, Mars preparing to butt heads with Saturn, and Uranus always ready to stir shit up.

By the end of the month, we find a few days of relative stability. The eye of the storm before we head into April.

Visual Map of Astrology for March 2022

Lean into hope this Spring.

5 March Transits to Look Forward To:

  1. The Pisces New Moon (3/2): This may feel like a renewal of a major dream, or even an increasing power around your intuition. Open up to oneness, transcend the darkness of winter, and expand into new visions for your future. There is space enough for all of us.

  2. Jupiter Cazimi (3/6): A massive surge of renewal when it comes to abundance, generosity, and magnanimity for each and every one of us. Hope and joy should feel abundant and within reach today.

  3. Full Moon in Virgo (3/18): The moon is super happy in Virgo, and this Full moon brings with a feeling of grounded achievement. This is a day to celebrate the culmination of meticulous work and effort you’ve been putting in toward building some kind of skill, offering, or gift.

  4. Sun Enters Aries (3/20): The sun feels at ease in Fire Sign Aries, and gives you a sense of initiative and forward-motion as we finally head into spring!

  5. Mercury Enters Aries (3/27): You can breathe sigh of spring air once Mercury swims out of Pisces and into energetic Aries. You may feel like you can more easily understand yourself and others…but have some misunderstandings to clean up from the past few weeks.

3 March Transits to Look Out For.

  1. Mercury Conjunct Saturn (3/2): This will be a quick hitter, but bring with it some kind of articulation around boundaries. You may give a “no”, get a “no”, or find that something you were planning for your future has somehow hit a wall.

  2. Venus Conjunct Mars in Aquarius (3/3 - 3/12): This introduces a new shift in energy, with both planets leaving Capricorn. It’s also presaging some major shake-up and confrontation coming in early April. This may feel like a moment of foreshadowing, as if you can almost see the trouble that lays ahead but can’t quite name it. This energy will continue to build for the rest of the month as Mars approaches Saturn.

  3. Mercury in Pisces (3/9 - 3/26): Fast and intellectual Mercury struggles in watery and dreamy Pisces. You may find it hard to connect to reality, facts, and objectivity during this transit. Your emotions may feel much closer to the surface, and you may be expressing them more easily than is always wise. This gets exacerbated on 3/23 when Mercury meets up with Neptune, the most nebulous and dispersed of all the planets. It may get hard to separate reality from fiction, waking life from dreaming life, on this day.

March 2022 Tarot Card: Nine of Swords, Reversed

The uncertainty and insecurity of February begins to fade. You're ready to take up mental arms once more. This card feels like a tiny pin-prick of light at the end of a very dark tunnel. There is hope in the air. Can you feel it?

Perhaps the first blossoms of spring will bring good tidings our way. Don't let fear, anxiety, or self-doubt cloud your ability to see and understand the truth of your situation.


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