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The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Interpretation Database: Seven of Pentacles

Use this resource as a guide to interpreting the Seven of Pentacles tarot card as drawn by Kim Krans in The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

Visual Description

Seven pentacles are arranged like a staircase, building up and to the left one by one in a diagonal line. In the background, thin lines forming hard right angles support the pentacles, also creating an optical illusion of depth and a "moving away from" the querent. The card is outlined in solid black.

There is no color at all in this card.

Numerology + Suits

7 is a number of learning, gaining experience, and assessing or reflecting upon a situation. It can also have a spiritual element, with 7 tied to many relgious and spiritual concepts. Think the 7 deadly sins, The 7 major chakras, the 7 days it took God to create the world, etc.

Pentacles correspond with the element of earth and represent the material world. This means anything related to career, work, monetary resources, the skills we use to gain those resources, and the tangible goods we can buy with those resources.

Upright Interpretation

This card has some "studying for a test" energy. You are working on toward a specific goal and you have (or need) a very clear plan of attack. It's like your to-do list, a detailed spreadsheet, your planner, your calendar and you actually falling each step, all rolled into one.

The lesson in this, though, is that you are taking these steps for a purpose, not just to do it. This card doesn't have a lot of emotion or energy to it, so while you're in this necessary phase of the process, you might get bored or lost heart. But if you want to progress to the mastery in the Eight of Pentacles or the Luxury in the Ninth, you'll have to go through this phase, first.

Reversed Interpretation

Reversed, this card asks you to go back and re-learn in a lesson or re-asses the situation. It may be that you rushed through something that needed more time, and that in order to fully integrate and understand the skills and experiences you're gaining, you'll have to give it another (and maybe another and another) try.

It's possible you may also have lost sight of the "Why?" that kickstarted this project or effort to begin within. This could be a moment to go back to the drawing board and find the passion for the project once more.


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