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The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Interpretation Database: Six of Pentacles

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Use this resource as a guide to interpreting the Six of Pentacles tarot card as drawn by Kim Krans in The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card
Six of Pentacles

Visual Description

Six pentacles are ripe blossoms or berries on a thriving plant. They are bursting with warmth, color and life, ready to be plucked. They are heavy with juice and goodness, weighing down the steams of the plant that is growing upward, reaching for a sun we can't see but know must be there.

Numerology + Suits

6 is a number of harmony and celebration. It corresponds to Virgo, which is a sign of the many small things we do to make ourselves and our world well. It also represents the transition from the personal to the transpersonal, that moment when we must begin to look outside ourself for the next steps in our path, and thus, when we must begin to communicate with care and intelligence.

Pentacles correspond with the element of earth and represent the material world. This means anything related to career, work, monetary resources, the skills we use to gain those resources, and the tangible goods we can buy with those resources.

Upright Interpretation

The six of pentacles is a moment of harvest and celebration. You've reached a big milestone in your quest to master a skill or achieve a material goal. Celebrate this achievement, even if it feels like small potatoes right now! Every win makes a difference. You're allowed to pat yourself on the back before moving on.

Celebrations are also best with others. Share in your success and abundance. Don't hoard it. Leaving berries ripe on the branch for too long can also lead them to go sour and bad.

Embrace this moment or achievement and community, knowing there is still more work to be done soon.

Reversed Interpretation

Reversed, you might be questioning your success and feeling unworthy of it. You may feel like you didn't earn it, that it was handed to you, or that whatever you've achieved isn't that big of a deal. You may be averse to being noticed or made the center of attention. So even if you do know you achieved something, you're uncomfortable with letting others know you've achieved it.

Investigate your discomfort with success. You'll have to get past it should you wish to reach the ultimate achievement that lies at the end of this journey.


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